God constitutes this universe. And good is the nature of this universe, and you can’t change that. But, you can come into the spiritual awareness of it. You can’t make bad (into) good. You can’t make sickness into health. You can’t make lack into abundance. But you can, by standing fast in this truth;

“God constitutes this universe.”

God constitutes every individual in this universe. Christhood is the nature of individual being, and there is nothing good or bad, there is just Christhood; spirituality, infinity, eternality, perfection. It’s neither good nor bad. It’s just infinite being. Immortal being. It has no quality, anymore than God has qualities. God has no qualities, and God has no time. Nor has man; the image and likeness of God. For all that God is, man is. All that the Father hath is thine. All that constitutes God, constitutes individual you and me. For I and the Father are one. And that means, then, that Christhood is our identity. Divine sonship is our true identity. And what separates us from that? The belief that there is good and evil. And there is neither good nor evil. There is only God being; spiritual being. Perfection.

Now, all appearances deny this. I know that as well as you do. We have the appearance of good, and we have the appearance of evil. Very fortunately, I have had three experiences in prison work, in which I have had the opportunity to witness the actual demonstration of harmony, through the realization that there are no sinners; not looking to see what made them sinners and trying to correct it, but through knowing that God constitutes the soul, and the mind, and the body of individual being, and that whatever there is of a negative nature, about anyone, any place, any time, is this universal hypnotism which is made up of our belief of good and evil. That has freed more men in prison than I can tell you about. It has freed more people of disease, not only in my work, but in the work of those of my students who have been able to see through this principle and practice it. Now, as you know, we don’t give testimonies in this work, for the simple reason, that to us it makes very little difference whether one is healed of a cancer, or one is healed of a simple cold or a headache. All those things are unimportant. The important thing is, that the principle worked. And if the principle works, with the tiniest headache, indigestion, or cold, or pimple, it’s going to work for the biggest cancer, or consumption, that ever was. For, the nature of all of them is just the same; the nature of the belief of good and evil. And, I’ve seen one removed just as well as another removed. I’ve seen all forms of discord changed, remedied, improved, and often healed completely. Whole lives regenerated through the ability to stand in this realization; “I’m not here as my brother’s keeper, to make him better than he is, or richer than he is, or healthier than he is, but to know his true identity and give him what he lost thousands of years ago; his divine sonship.” Restore to man that which was originally his; immortal selfhood. Not make a sick human being a well human being, and then find next year that he’s sick again, but to restore to individual being that which was originally lost; his Christhood, the truth about himself, his spiritual identity, his immortality and eternality, and that can only be done in one way. Stop praising and stop condemning. Stop looking for good and stop looking for evil, and stand fast in the realization of Christhood, divinity. The divinity of individual being. 

We’ve all had the experience of unpleasant night dreams. And we will, just for a moment, imagine that we’re in one of those night dreams. We’re in the ocean, we’re swimming, we have gotten too far out, we look back toward shore, and there’s very little possibility of rescue. Even though we shout our lungs out, they can’t hear us. And so comes a fear, that old self-preservation goes to work, and we struggle, and we strive, to get through that ocean. And of course the harder we fight, the more mad we make the ocean. And so the harder it fights us. And really, only one thing is going to happen; we’re going to drown. Except for one wonderful thing; in our fight we shouted and someone heard us, and came over, shook us, and woke us up. And the drowning self disappeared, and the ocean disappeared, and the struggle disappeared, and we found that we never had left our comfortable homes. And we breathed a sigh of relief; “Oh, so good to be home.” This is the nature of spiritual healing.

Whether you are struggling with some form of sin, false appetite, disease, poverty, unemployment, unhappiness in the home; stop struggling, and wake up. Wake up to your true identity. You are not a swimmer in a deep ocean. And you are not a sufferer in sin and disease. You are the Christ of God, the child of God, and the very error that you are fighting, you are perpetuating by your fighting, and you’re perpetuating it in the degree of your fighting, making it incurable eventually, by the very degree of your fighting it; where as, relaxing in the realization, that in all this universe God never placed good or evil, but only his own indivisible spiritual selfhood, which is you and me. God’s own undivided selfhood is individual you and me. No need to struggle. Rest. And rest in the realization that you have been hypnotized by two words; good and evil. And in desiring the good, and wanting to get rid of the evil, you have perpetuated the little good in your life and a lot of evil. Where as, divine harmony is our ultimate fate. Divine harmony is the fate of every individual, whether they are living in good health or bad, whether they’re living in saintliness or sinfulness. Our ultimate harmony — Our ultimate destiny is divine harmony, when we awaken. For when we awaken, we will see Him as He is, and we will be satisfied with that likeness, when we see each other as we really are, inside and underneath, when we really see each other as we really are, divine sons and daughters of God, and when we begin to understand that the only thing preventing our demonstration of our Christhood are those nasty little words “good and evil”. And we begin to look out, and realize; no longer will I judge good and evil. No longer will I see good and evil. No longer will I believe in the appearances of good and evil. But inwardly, in spite of all appearances, I will hold to this; God created man in His own image and likeness. And perfect he is. God created this universe in Its own image and likeness, and looked upon it and found it very good. Not meaning good in our sense of good, but finding it very spiritual, harmonious, whole, complete, eternal and immortal.

Certainly, we will demonstrate our Christhood by degrees. None of us can fully embrace the full measure of Christhood merely because we now know this truth. But as we daily know this truth, consciously know this truth, remember it, repeat it, think of it, judge only by its standards, gradually the measure of Christhood will begin to unfold in us, and we will find in a month or two or three that our ways have changed, our thoughts have changed, and the things that we see out here have changed, and just as students have said to me sometimes, or about me; “You know, I think Joel is growing.”[laughter] Well, perhaps he is. But, the fact that they saw it is the definite proof that they are growing. It is true that nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it seem so to us. Nothing is good or bad, but thinking it good makes it good to us. Thinking it bad makes it bad to us. And, it is for this reason that as we lift this condemnation from the world… And we can’t do it unless we’re able to do it for ourselves. I said last night; “We must come to a place where we learn how to forgive ourselves, before we understand how to forgive the other fellow.”

So, in this same way, we have to lift condemnation from ourselves. We have to lift from ourselves the belief that we’re good, that we deserve praise, that we deserve reward, that we deserve consideration, that we deserve co-operation, that we deserve good. We have to stop that. The Master showed us how 2000 years ago, when he said;

Why callest thou me good? There’s but one good; the Father in Heaven.

And if there’s any good flowing out through me, it isn’t me that is good, it is that good which is God that is just being given the opportunity to flow. So don’t look for praise, and don’t look for gratitude, and don’t look for recognition, because it’s not due you. It’s due God. And, when you can lift from yourself all desire to be praised, to be thanked, to be rewarded, you will then understand how simple it is to lift from yourself the condemnation of blame. All criticism and judgement will be lifted from us, as we ourselves are willing that praise, and gratitude, and reward, be lifted from us. We hold ourselves in bondage to our errors by believing that we are entitled to good, that we are entitled to somebody’s gratitude, to reward, to compensation. We’re not entitled to anything like that at all. Whatever we’re entitled, due, we’re entitled to receive from God, not from man. And we have no right to look to any man for praise, or reward, or compensation. We have no right to look to any man for recognition for what we do. We always must learn to look to God, and to God alone. It is true that in proportion that I recognize the good that comes through you, in that degree am I increasing my own awareness of good, but then that’s my demonstration, not yours.

In other words, you have no right to expect any good from me, and I have no right to expect any good from you. But, in proportion as I recognize the good that’s coming through you, I raise myself and receive more of God’s grace. And so, in the same way, the more that you recognize the good in others, the more that you are grateful for that good in others, the more that you are willing to bestow – whether it’s relatives, or friends, or tradesmen – willing to recognize the good that flows through them, the greater is your own increase of good.