Stop all of this. Lift up this mesmerism from yourself that finds condemnation in you. Oh, I know you have faults. And so have I. And we’re not proud of them. And we don’t want to perpetuate them. But we’re going to, if we keep on criticizing, and judging, and condemning ourselves. If we are going to call ourselves mortal, and material, we never will rise out of that phase of existence. Let us begin our spiritual healing ministry by realizing, first of all, that God is the creative principle of all that is; that God constitutes the very substance and essence of this universe. God is the substance even of the form of this universe. In the beginning; God, and an infinity of God, out of which all else proceeded. God constitutes this world. God constitutes the fibre of its being. God is the soul of every individual. God constitutes the mind of every individual. And God is the substance of the being, and of the body, of every individual. Your very body is the temple of the living God. Your very body is the temple of the Holy Ghost.

Son, thou art ever with me, and all that I have is thine.” “The place whereon thou standest is Holy ground.” “I and the Father are one.” “Thou seest me, thou seest the Father that sent me.”

For I and the Father are one. All that God is, I am. All that the Father hath is mine. For we are one. Not by virtue of me being me, but by virtue of the fact that God constitutes the “me”. God constitutes my being and yours. And you see, in this, you lift this condemnation of mortality, you lift this condemnation of “the fallen man”, and you restore the first chapter of Genesis; man, in the very image and likeness of God. That constitutes your being and mine. That constitutes the being of every saint that ever lived, and of every sinner that ever lived. That constitutes the true being of Judas Iscariot, as well as Jesus of Nazareth. God constitutes individual being. If God hadn’t — If Jesus hadn’t perceived that in Judas, you can rest assured Judas wouldn’t have been his disciple for three years and his treasurer of his band. If Jesus hadn’t perceived in Peter divine Sonship, Peter would never have stayed in that band for three years. And the mere fact that those two men made the horrible errors that they made, didn’t change the situation. No, it was a temporary lapse from their true identity. And, just as Peter was quickly restored when he recognized his error, so you can be assured would Judas have been, had he that quickly perceived it. And let us all be sure of this; that in these years that have passed since then, Judas has perceived it, and been restored to his original place in the Master’s kingdom. No sinner is ever cast out eternally. No sinner is ever without redemption. 

The Master came that sinners might be redeemed, more even than that good people should be made a little better. Never forget that one of the great functions of Christ is to redeem, to restore, to regenerate, that which was lost, whether it is the lost crops, the lost years of the locust, whether it is the lost health, or the lost morals. There is no difference between our morals and our health. When you restore one, you restore the other. They’re all part and parcel of one thing. And there would be no physical healing for us, if there weren’t also spiritual regeneration. So let us know why the Master said; forgive seventy times seven; pray for your enemies; forgive those who despitefully use you. Pray, pray, pray. It profiteth you nothing to pray for your friends, He said, pray for your enemies. Well certainly. If you are going to hold man in condemnation to his own faults, you’re going to push him further down into the ground, where he never will have an opportunity to rise up in the wholeness of spirit, and of mind and of body. And so, if you hope, not only to be healed, but to be a part of a spiritual healing ministry, learn first of all never to condemn those whom you would help. Learn never to look within them for the error that’s holding them. Learn never to look to their mind, to their body, or to their conduct for anything of a negative nature. For, if you find it there, you will only be finding it in your own mind, reflected in them. For it isn’t there, where you’re looking. He isn’t in the tomb. He’s risen. No one is in the tomb. He is risen. 

So don’t look for error in your patients, or in your students; it isn’t there. Look into your patient’s heart and mind, and find God enthroned. And don’t stop looking, and don’t stop searching, and don’t stop declaring it, until it comes out in manifestation. Some of them will give you a hard battle before they yield. But don’t you be ensnared by it, and come to the conclusion that they’re a little too wicked, or a little too materialistic, or a little too unloving. Don’t you be ensnared by appearances, so that you judge after appearances. You prove your position in God’s ministry by being able to look any and every appearance in the face, even if you have to keep looking at it for years. Keep right on declaring it; “Thou art the Christ of God,” and;

Thou art pure spiritual being

Christ sits enthroned in thy being.” And why? Mind is an instrument for God. Your very body is the temple of God. God is the very soul of you. Don’t forget to take into consideration all three parts of your patient and your student; the spirit – the soul, the mind and the body. First of all, understand God to be the soul and spirit and life of all being. And then, realize that the mind of every individual is an instrument through which God functions, and that the body is the temple of the living God. And now, you’ve got a whole man that you’ve built within you. Spirit, mind and body; all one. All parts of that whole. And that whole is God. Then, when you come to the particular error that your patient, or student, or yourself, are facing, then come to this realization; everything was harmony, everything was peace, and everything was love in the Garden of Eden, until something happened. And you probably, many of you, do not know what it was that happened. For, it wasn’t as you have been taught. What actually happened, was that a belief in good and evil entered that Garden of Eden, and threw us out into the world as human beings, to earn our living by the sweat of our brow, and to bring forth children with pain and misery. That’s what did it all. It had nothing to do with apples, and it had nothing to do with sex. It had to do with a belief of good and evil entering our pure spiritual consciousness, so that we, we – you and I – all of a sudden decided that something was good and something was evil, someone was good and someone was evil, some things are good and some things are evil, and thereby we were thrown out of Eden. We were thrown out of that harmony. We were thrown out of that divine state of eternal and immortal health and well-being. And that’s what you and I are suffering from. And that’s what our patients and students are suffering from; the acceptance of two powers, good and evil. 

You will be surprised what happens in your individual experience for the period of a week or two, if you were to faithfully practice the principle that there is no good or evil. You’d find yourself pretty nearly torn apart, if you really caught the awareness of what you were doing. For a week or two, you would not be able to live your normal, natural life. You would be upset, and you would be in conflict with yourself and with every appearance that you meet. Because, at this moment, as you look out, you are very well satisfied with some things, and very much displeased with others. There are some things that you like so well, you wish you had more of them. And some things you dislike so much, you wish you could get rid of. And that’s what’s causing our trouble. And for a week or two, it’ll cause a little more trouble when you try and change that situation, and come to the realization; “There is nothing good or evil. Therefor, there is nothing for me to desire, nothing for me to change, in myself or in another. There is neither good nor evil. The most difficulty comes when we behold those around us, and behold those qualities that we would like to see changed in them, and realize that we have to tighten up our teeth, and grit them a bit, and say; “No, no, it’s neither good nor evil.” Oh, I know how hard it is. I’ve been through it more times than you have. Probably more times than you will, because my sharing this with you will enable you to get over it much more quickly than I was able to get over it. I didn’t know what I was doing when I was doing it. 

Now, do you know what it means, when you have a very sick person in front of you, and here to for you have believed that you knew some truth that was going to make them well, and now you have to come to the realization that that was all nonsense? There isn’t anything you know now, and there never is anything you are ever going to know that’s going to do anything for them, for they are neither sick nor are they well. They are neither bad, nor are they good. You’ll be surprised what happens when you come to that experience, and see that probably their very health, or life, or sanity, is depending on something that you do or know. Well, to a certain extent, it is; to whether you know there is no good or evil. That’s going to determine how much success you have. But, if you are going to persist in trying to find the error in them and change it, physically, mentally, morally or financially, it’s going to be the blind leading the blind. And in the end, not only are they going to be just as sick, but you’re going to tell them to move over, I have to get in with you. *laughter*