Now, if you can perceive this point, that the next step isn’t up to God, it’s up to you or me, it’s up to our practitioners and our teachers, then we would be able to more readily turn to the next step in developing within ourselves an understanding of the nature of spiritual healing. One of the things that is acting as a barrier to these men and women who are devoting so much of their time and effort to research on the subject of spiritual healing, is that they are still trying to heal people and heal disease. They have not yet come to what we call “the first rung of the ladder”, in the understanding of spiritual healing. They have not yet reached the very first principle that has to be known before healing works can be accomplished. They are still taking cancer as if it were something different from consumption. They are taking rheumatism as if it was something different from headaches. They are taking poverty, lack, limitation, unhappiness in family life, as if they were something different than corns and bunions. And, as a matter of fact, they never will reach true spiritual healing until they stop trying to make unhappy people happy, until they stop trying to find a cause for cancer or consumption, and really until they stop trying to find a cure for it. For, there is no cure for these things spiritually. There is no way of treating one of these as if they were different than another one. In other words, to treat a person for unhappiness in their marital life, and another person for cancer, and another one for consumption, you would have to learn to treat them all with the same treatment. And then, you would begin to perceive the nature of spiritual healing. 

All of this attempt to find a mental cause for a physical effect, is a tremendous waste of time. These people won’t accept it at the present time, but they will eventually. They will have to. They’ll have to. Because, their very failures will drive them to it. They probably do not know that sixty years ago there were people in this very country practicing a form of mental healing based on a mental cause for physical disease. And they probably don’t know that those people failed so miserably that they had to give it up, and change their mode and method of healing. And they probably don’t know that those are the only good healers there are on earth today. At least, they’re the best that have evolved up to this present moment.

There was a time when Mary Baker Eddy issued lists of certain mental causes that produced physical diseases; a list that showed that if one had cancer, it came because they were indulging too much hate or jealousy; if they had consumption, it was because they were too sensual; and if they had rheumatism, it was some other reason. But, it took Mrs. Eddy about ten years to discover that she was all wrong. And she recalled all of those lists. One man, one student, refused to give his up. He was going to cling to those until he died. And he died a few years later. Not because he clung to it, necessarily. But whatever the quality of thought there was that couldn’t grow, had to deteriorate. You either have to go forward in this life, or backward. You can’t stand still. And you have to go forward in spiritual healing and living. Because, there is no point at which you can say; I have arrived. There is no point ever, at which you can say; now I know it; now I understand it; now I have it. There is no such point. God is infinite. And that infinity of God is unfolding, and we are receptive and responsive to it in proportion as we are willing to say; “Regardless of what I knew yesterday, I learned something new today. And I am not satisfied to live on yesterday’s manna. I am not satisfied with the truth that I knew yesterday.” Never forget this; God is infinite, and God is unfolding and disclosing, revealing Itself infinitely. And the person who stands still, believing they’ve received it all, is already dead. There is no limit to God’s goodness, and there is no limit to our ability to receive and experience that good, except in the degree in which we believe we know it all. Now, Mrs. Eddy, who knew when she didn’t know it all, and who was big enough, and brave enough, to acknowledge when she was wrong; and she acknowledged her wrong by withdrawing those lists. 

Those are the same lists which form most of the New Thought teaching of today. They also haven’t yet been able to acknowledge their wrong. In spite of the fact that they’re doing such poor healing work, and so little of it, they still will not acknowledge that they have overlooked the one important thing that must be known in order to bring forth greater healings. Individuals now are doing it. Individuals are finding, through the Infinite Way, the points that they have missed here-to-for, and are beginning to accept some of them. Individuals are. And those individuals are showing forth, by their healing works, what they are gaining. There is a mental cause for a physical effect. Yes indeed. But it is not you who are responsible for your wrong thinking, or for your wrong physical condition. And, those who are working from the standpoint that you are in error, and that it is your wrong thinking that is causing your trouble, are the very ones who will have to keep searching and seeking until they get beyond that stage.

You are no more responsible for your diseases, than you are responsible for the wrong thinking that produced them. And you are no more responsible for the wrong thinking that produced them, than you are for the effects of wrong thinking. For in both cases, you are but a victim of a universal belief, a universal hypnotism, a universal something that has been projected, and which you and I have accepted. In other words, if you are jealous, if you are envious, if you are sensual, if you are dishonest, there’s no use of blaming you for it, or looking to you for it, because you can’t help us. And you never are going to be able to help us, until someone comes into your experience, or some understanding comes into your experience, to show you how to correct it. And you won’t correct it by trying to be a better human being. You won’t be able to correct it by deciding; I’m jealous and I’m going to stop being jealous, or I’m dishonest, and I’m going to stop it. You can’t do it that way. You never will. It’s been tried for three generations. It hasn’t succeeded. It won’t succeed.

Something must be introduced into your consciousness which will enable you to be free of wrong thinking; which will make wrong thinking an impossibility in your experience. And the first step in that, is to stop blaming yourself for your sins. Stop blaming yourself for your shortcomings. Stop blaming yourself for your errors. Stop condemning yourself. You will get nowhere with it. You will get nowhere condemning yourself or your neighbor. Remove this condemnation from yourself, and realize that to whatever degree you are expressing negative qualities, of mind and body, that you have just been allowing yourself to be imposed upon by world beliefs. Begin to understand that the nature of your being is God.

The nature of your being is Christhood.

The nature of your being is Spiritual Being. The nature of your soul is God. The nature of your life is God. The nature of your mind is God. The nature of your body is the temple of God. You very body is the temple of the living God. Stop condemning it. Stop hating it, and stop fearing it. Your mind is an instrument through which God, Truth, can flow. Don’t condemn your mind. And don’t call it a bad mind, or a mortal mind, or a material mind. There are no such minds. There is only one mind, and that mind is an instrument of God. When you stop condemning your mind, you will find that your mind will open and be to you what it should be. If you have had any experience at all with pets, or with children, you must certainly know that there is no way to bring out obedience and goodness in them by condemning them, and punishing them, and telling them how bad they are, or how naughty, or how wicked. That is no way to bring good out of anything. The way to bring good out of a child, or an animal, or a flower, or a fruit, of growing things, is to love them, to bless them, to realize that God is the very essence of their being, that God constitutes their nature. Stop condemning. Stop criticizing. Stop judging. Judge not after appearances. Who made me a judge over you?