Download PDF Spiritual Healing I – World Wide Interest

1957 Chicago Open Class

Spiritual Healing ~ World Wide Interest

By Joel S. Goldsmith

Tape 183B

Good morning.

An idea came to me this morning, and I’m going to mention it, and I hope that it will find favor with you. These visits are not as frequent as I would like them to be, nor are they as long a duration. And so, the thought came to me that it would be better if we devoted as much of our time as we can to taking up those things that concern all of us most vitally. In other words, instead of sitting here and talking to you for an hour or so, why can’t we do as we would if you were in my home. Let’s sit here quietly and comfortably, relax a bit, and let’s talk about healing and healing work. There isn’t anything more important to us individually than the subject of healing work, unless it is the subject of God as we took it up last night. But, even the subject of God is one that must become practical in our experience otherwise God is not a very realistic experience. 

And, so it is that healing; physical, mental, moral, financial, is vital to everyone on the spiritual path, not only to us in this work, not only to Christian Scientists, but to everyone in the world the subject of healing is an important one. Now, up to the last few years, the subject of healing, outside of the metaphysical world, has been relegated to materia medica in one form or another. But, in these last few years, the churches and the universities, I mean the orthodox churches and the universities, have turned their attention more and more to the subject of healing. So that the healing of mind, of body, and business, is considered of as much importance in the church now as in the doctor’s office; as much a part of one’s religious experience as of one’s daily life. Watching the literature of the world, in this country and in foreign countries, you will notice that spiritual healing and psychological healing is being more and more talked of, and more and more practiced. You’ll find more and more churches opening their doors to the subject of spiritual healing, and to practicing it in whatever measure they understand it. Also, you will find now that there are many universities in the United States that not only teach, but hold clinics in what they call “spiritual healing”, and “psychological healing”, or a combination of these. There are other organizations forming, some have already been formed, devoting themselves to the study; to research work in the study and the practice of various forms of healing, called “spiritual healing”, “psychological healing”, “psychic”.

At the present stage of their experience, the results are not too good. I have never yet met anyone in those fields satisfied with the results that they are achieving. And, their search goes on, their practice goes on, and inevitably they will accomplish what they’re seeking. The day will come when there will be more healings done in churches than in hospitals. The day will come when all healing, of mind, body, and business, will be considered more a function of the church than it will be of hospitals and doctors. They will succeed in what they have undertaken. To begin with, they have a divine authority for what they’re doing. They have the words and the works of the Master Christ Jesus. If they search further, they will find that there was spiritual healing before the Master’s day, in India, even as there is some of it done there today. What they’ve already discovered is this; that they do not know the principle of healing. And that is where their groping, and their research work comes in. They do not yet know the principle of healing. That doesn’t mean that the principle of healing isn’t known. It is known. And it has been practiced for a long time. But those that are searching for it in the churches, and in the universities, have not yet come upon it. They have not discovered where they can find the principle of healing. And the one place they know it is, they won’t go. Because of prejudices. 

Now, spiritual healing is not accomplished by faith. Not the kind of faith that the world knows about. That is why, in what we know to be the out and out “faith healing” methods (that is; such as is practiced in Lourdes, and in Catholic shrines), the percentage of healings is small. I believe the last published figures were 15 persons out of each 100 000. That’s hardly a healing principle, and it’s really not much to have one’s faith in. It might do as a last desperate resource, if one were facing death. But it really isn’t much to count on; just 15 chances out of 100 000 of being healed. And so, we can eliminate that entirely as a spiritual, or psychological healing method, that is very apt to succeed. That won’t succeed. Spiritual healing, then, is not accomplished through faith. It is true that when the Master is asked for healing, he says; “Do you believe that I can do this?” And the answer must be “yes”, or you are not to expect much in the way of healing. And perhaps, in that understanding of the word “faith”, we will say that faith plays a part. If you say to us, in our work; “Will you help me?” And we say; “Do you believe that we can do this?” And you say; “Of course, I’m taking all the medications the doctor recommends, and I’m going to have surgery next week, but I would like your help along with it.” I can say to you, that such lack of faith would be a barrier to your healing. On the other hand, a blind faith in some unknown power, is not a healing agency. In between those two extremes, is this degree of faith; when something within you turns you toward spiritual healing, and says this is the way I should go, there is a measure of faith that will lead you step-by-step to the full realization of that which you are seeking. 

The faith that believes God will help you, is a time wasting faith. There is no need to sit around believing that God will help you. This world is in a very sorry mess from pole to pole, and God hasn’t done a thing about it. And people of all religions, and of all faiths, of all creeds, of all manner of teachings, are sitting around hoping and believing that God will do something about it. And each year the world seems to deteriorate a little bit more while they wait in blind, ignorant, superstitious faith for God to do something about it. That kind of faith is of no avail. The secret must inevitably be learned. First; that God is. And second; that the nature of God is good. The nature of God is love. The nature of God is wisdom. And the function of God is not only to create an image in its own image and likeness, but to maintain and to sustain that universe, including all men, in that divine embrace of harmony, wholeness, completeness and perfection. That’s the truth about God. But, that truth does not necessarily mean that you or I are going to benefit by God’s infinite creative, maintaining and sustaining being and nature. Because, there is yet something for us to do. And that something is this;

Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

See, it has nothing to do with God. God’s work is done. God’s work was done in the beginning. 2 x 2 are already 4, but it becomes your function and mine to become aware of that “4-ness”. Airplanes, and color television, and radio, and telephones, and telegraph, were invented billions and billions of years ago, it just waited for an Edison, or a Kettering, or a Wright Brothers, or Alexander Graham Bell to come along and know the truth about those things, which had already been evolved, created, billions and billions of years ago. There was oil in the ground, has been for thousands of years, of no avail until a use was found for it. But the oil was there, awaiting our recognition, awaiting our knowing of the truth about it and its uses. The principles of automotive engineering have always existed, awaiting an individual’s coming along and discovering the truth about it. All of the music, all of the art, of the literature exists already. All that has ever been known, all that is known now, and all that will be composed and written for the next million years, already exists. God can do nothing about it. It existed from the beginning. It becomes necessary for us to become composers, or authors, or poets, and learn how to turn to that spiritual realm within, and let God’s creation, that which has always existed, come forth. And so it is, to sit around believing that there is a God somewhere just waiting for you to find the right words, or the right book, or the right practitioner, or the right teaching, in order to give you your health, or your happiness, or supply, is a waste of time. The right book, the right teaching, the right teacher, the right practitioner, may bring these into your conscious experience, but don’t believe for a minute, never believe for a single minute, that God’s work is going to be done tomorrow, or next year, or that God is going to do something for you tomorrow, or next year, which God has not been doing for you since before Abraham was. So, God’s work is done, finished and complete, but it is unfolding to our conscious awareness in proportion as we learn the truth, and how to bring ourselves into harmony with that truth.