This Spirit of God that indwells me is not personal, and it does not indwell me as if it were finitized or channelized in me—this indwelling Spirit is universal. And even though in my first infant steps in truth, I may know this truth about myself, I will quickly find that I lose it, unless I begin to perceive its universal nature, and begin to apply it. So that men and women and children everywhere on the face of the globe, and even those who have passed beyond our sight, may in their reaching out, for even though they know not what—they may discover this Spirit present within them, to guide them to their particular home, safety, security, and peace.

The question most frequently asked in my mail has to do with the subject of prayer. And I may say to you, that it is the most difficult question to answer, because I have already discovered that I cannot write a book on that subject. It has so many connotations that it can only be written in little bits, and then has to appear in articles and books here, there, and the other place, and the student gradually acquires a consciousness of it. The reason is that prayer, which is the word of God, cannot be localized. There is no way to place it between the covers of a book.

Now, whereas in our infant days, we are knowing the truth or praying for ourselves, we must quickly outgrow that. There is no way to channel God’s good to you or to me; there is no way to make God function for you or for me. That has been the fault of prayer throughout the centuries: that it is always a prayer to do something for me or for mine, even going as far sometimes as being a prayer for my nation or even for my allies. And you see this is one of the greatest barriers to prayer there is. It profiteth you nothing to pray for yourself or for your friends, and all such prayer is profitless.

If prayer can be summed up at all, it would have to be summed up in this: that prayer is an awareness of the universal nature of God, prayer is an awareness of the universal nature of good, prayer is an understanding of the universal nature of life. In other words, the moment I would try to know that your life is eternal, I’d be blocking out God from this world. I can only know that your life is eternal by virtue of knowing that God is universal life, and therefore it must be your life.

But if I haven’t taken that first step to know that God is life, I have choked off the value of prayer, by saying, “God is your life.” That certainly would indicate that it may not be the life of the man in prison or the man in the hospital. How foolish such prayer would be. Prayer is an acknowledgment of God; prayer is an awareness of the nature of God. But God is universal; there is neither Greek nor Jew; there’s neither bond nor free as far as God is concerned. The Declaration of Independence is true when it says all men are created equal. They are in the image and likeness of God—they don’t remain equal in human experience. But they are equal in their original creation; in that God is just as much the life of the slave as of the free. What makes him a slave? He doesn’t know this truth.

What makes anyone a victim of limitation—physical, mental, moral, or financial? They do not know the truth. The moment we can forget self and realize the universal nature of God, of law, the universal nature of spirit, of power, we will stop trying to channelize it, and try to make it work over here for this person, or over here for this group. Ah, no. To know the truth means to set yourself free from personality.

God? Do I believe in God at all? Of course I do. I’d have to be spiritually deaf, dumb, and blind, not to know that God is. Am I stupid enough to believe that God is functioning for me or for my benefit? I hope not. I hope I know that God is universal being; your being as well as mine; the being of my enemy, as well as the being of my friend. I hope I know that God is spiritual power, but not only for students of The Infinite Way. God is spiritual power, and that’s that.

Then as my thought rests on those who are not Infinite Way students, I am praying for them in the moment that I am realizing this same principle, the same law, the same power that I have found functioning in my life and in the life of our students—this is your life: in the hospitals, in the enemy countries, in the prisons. There is but one God, and that God is “closer to you than breathing.” Not only you truth students. God is closer to you.

I told you many times about the mistake the Hebrews made in believing that Jesus was speaking only to them—that only they were children of God, that only they had God-power. And that mistake was perpetuated until Paul came along to reveal that the words spoken by the Master were not meant only for Hebrews, they were universal truths. And every truth about which you read, every truth you study in The Infinite Way—please be sure that you do not make the mistake of believing that these apply only, and operate only, in The Infinite Way. They operate wherever they are known: ye shall know the truth.

And those of you who know the truth can make them operate for those who do not yet know the truth, but only in a limited way, until they themselves awaken. The Master asked, “Do you believe that I can do this?” And I have to ask many times in my mail, “Do you want just this healing, or are you seeking spiritual awareness?” because until a person makes up their mind, they will not make too much progress on this path.

What makes this then a lesson for the advanced student? This: It has been imparted to you, and you have accepted, that in the human picture, there is a universal mesmerism producing good and evil in human experience. And it has been imparted to you that you have the capacity to nullify, eventually all, but for the time being, most of these negative laws that operate in human experience, and that the way to it is consciously knowing the truth, consciously knowing specific truth.

And that for twenty-four hours a day you are functioning, even when you’re asleep; and awake or asleep, you are either receptive and responsive to these mental subliminal forces, or you have removed yourself from them. You have made yourself come apart and be separate, and have subjected yourself to the activity of divine grace that works from within you.

You have consciously denied that the laws of this world operate in My kingdom; and you have acknowledged that you are subject only unto My kingdom—the kingdom of God which is within you. And that you recognize this as universal life, universal law, universal being, available to all those who open themselves to something greater than human power.

It makes no difference if they are opening themselves to a paganistic god; it makes no difference if they’re opening themselves to a Hebrew god, or a Catholic god. The point is, are they opening themselves to something beyond human? Because if they are, they’re opening themselves to the same God that we have. There is no such thing as a Hebrew god or Jewish god or a Catholic god or Protestant god, there are merely those concepts of God. But the God Itself is one. And so anyone reaching out, beyond the confines of human help, is really reaching out to the Omnipresence that I am.

Now, after this, we’re going to meditate again, and see what is given to us. 

God is not in the whirlwind, but in the still small voice, and in applying that, remember that every problem that presents itself to you is the whirlwind, the storm, and the power isn’t out there in it; the power is within you.And so, as you remember throughout the day: God is not in the whirlwind, God is in the still small voice, this will make you stop for a second, as if you were listening for that voice. It only takes one second, to establish that contact. Just the remembrance God is not in the whirlwind, God is in the still small voice, and then go on. And the solution to the problem will come from within. You may not know how it’s solved or why. The Presence goes before you to make the crooked places straight. Don’t give thought to how the problem is to be solved, outside of the natural human steps you’re taking. But remember, God is not in the whirlwind; God is not out there in the problems, in the storm. God is in the still small voice. And then let It solve your problem.