Therefore, we are brethren; we are brothers and sisters to our enemy nations as well as our friendly nations. And then find that, thereby, enmity has dropped from our consciousness. Ah yes, enmity must drop from your consciousness before you can come into peace; enmity must drop from the world consciousness before the world can come into peace. You individually may find your peace on earth; that will not prevent the thousand falling at your left, and the ten thousand at your right. It may be that through your realization, that you are a branch of the tree that is one with the tree, that you bear fruit richly. But this will not prevent the person in ignorance of this, who is thereby living as a branch cutoff from the tree, and that is withering—it will not prevent him withering. So you see, that what determines the sanctity, the security of your life, isn’t what is taking place out here in the world, it is what is taking place within your own consciousness.

Now, in our work in The Infinite Way, certain principles have been revealed that are not generally accepted in the world. But our acceptance of them has produced tremendous fruitage in our experience. And one of these is the one power. Universally, mankind accepts two powers: the power of good and the power of evil, just as it accepts material power, mental power, and spiritual power. But truth reveals that only that which emanates from God is real, true. Therefore, only that which emanates from God is power.

Now then, if there is such a thing as law at all, it must be of God, and therefore it must be spiritual, and it must be the only power. Ah, but yes, we as humans are suffering from the belief in two powers, so is all mankind. Therefore, if you and I would be free, and through our freedom, ultimately give the world its freedom from these discords, it becomes necessary to consciously know, abide, live, dwell in the truth: there is but one power, and that is spiritual; there is but one law, and that is spiritual. I am standing fast in the truth of one law, one life, one power, one mind—that which emanates from God.

As we consciously abide—consciously, consciously, consciously abide in that truth—you will gradually witness how this claim of two powers recedes from your experience, and less and less of it appears to disturb you. But no one can do this for you. The Master Christ Jesus could reveal it, when he says, “What did hinder you, pick up your bed and walk.” In other words, there is no power in your disease. It can be revealed in scripture, and it can be re-taught in this age, and to some extent it can even be demonstrated for you by those who are a step ahead of you on the path, but that would only be from one ill to another ill. The actual freedom from the belief in two powers or two laws can only be brought about by you. You are the one who must consciously know the truth; you are the one who must abide in this word, and let this word abide in you.

Now you know that we are functioning twenty-four hours a day—awake or asleep. And you already know that this mental miasma is taking place, this mental malpractice; you already know that there are people well this morning who will be sick tonight; there are people alive today who won’t be tomorrow—to human sense. And you know the reason for it. You know that they are not responsible for it; you know that it is only that there is this mental activity going on operating in their consciousness to bring about these conditions. And, you know one thing now more than they do: you know that it can be prevented, and you know that you are the one who can prevent it, and you know the way you can do it is by knowing the truth that makes you free.

In the same way, every one of us is faced with problems absolutely beyond our capacity to meet. There isn’t anyone on the face of the globe. Don’t think that the President of the United States is alone in having problems that are unsolvable. You have them—they come to my desk every single day of the week, problems for which there are no human answers. And if we were limited to my understanding or my powers, God help me, and God help you, and God help the world.

But we are not limited. We have capacities beyond the human: we have the mind of God to draw upon; we have the will of God to draw upon, the power of God, and the law of God. How do we do this? Through our humility, through a conscious act of humility. That is, realizing that within me and without me, closer to me than breathing, as low down as hell, and as high up as heaven: wherever I go, there is a Spirit—the Spirit of God. And if I open my consciousness to It, It will enlighten me; It will heal me; It will protect me; It will save me. He performeth that which is given me to do, His wisdom is infinite.

All of this is of no avail, except in proportion as I consciously make those truths live in me. So that, instead of my mind being acted upon by these unseen mental forces, subliminal perception forces, I consciously am the captain of my own ship and the master of my own fate in proportion as I realize the kingdom of God is within me, and this power is universal, spiritual, available to all men everywhere. There are those out now, this minute, lost in the desert; there are some out in the sea somewhere not able to make their way back to shore, but our conscious remembrance of this provides them with the necessary guidance to reach safety and security. We have not only a responsibility for our personal lives, but our studies enable us first of all to prove this truth in our individual experience.

However, once I have proven, even in a measure, that there is a Presence within me to enlighten, to strengthen, to guide, govern, direct, protect, and by my conscious awareness of this, have in a measure demonstrated it—I am now called upon to take the next step. And that is, to realize how universal this truth is: that everywhere this same Spirit pervades, penetrates human consciousness, and it is available now. This Spirit that dwelleth in me, is now available to any person lost on the desert or at sea or up in the air or beneath the sea. Wherever I am, God is. And this Spirit within me is present where you are. Whether you are in Russia or China or India or whether you are on the desert or at sea or in the air—where I am Thou art. And I am here and I am there and I am everywhere.