No. It isn’t you who is responsible for your ills except in the degree of your ignorance of truth. When you know this, there rests a responsibility upon you to know the truth consciously, constantly—until your conscious knowing of the truth has, in time, become so embody … or has embodied truth within you to such an extent that the knowing of the truth is automatic and no longer a thought taking procedure. It is therefore necessary that, first of all, we know what the truth is, then, that with every appearance of discord, that we utilize the truth that we know, that we bring it to conscious remembrance—you might say application.

As you know, we have been working with specific Bible passages, and some of our students and teachers have undertaken classes on this activity. And yesterday in my mail, was a letter from the mainland to the effect that after the very first class on this quotation work, a student left the class to drive home and found herself in a heavy wind, with the car jogging back and forth across the road, and other cars doing the same. It took only a few moments for this student to remember the class they had just been in and ask the question, “Why don’t I begin to apply it right here and now? And she did, with the result that within a few moments she found herself embodied in a peace, and the road.…holding steadfastly to the road, whereas, the wind was just the same and the other cars were bobbing around the same as they had been before.

Now, this is the fruitage of a principle that I wish to give you now. Truth embodied in consciousness, must externalize itself. Truth embodied in consciousness, must externalize itself. There cannot be a truth, consciously known, that does not appear as fruit. For instance, to those ignorant that 12 times 12 is 144, 12 times 12 remains a problem, but only until they become aware of the truth, that 12 times 12 is 144; and now it is no longer a problem, but there is an externalized fruitage of that knowledge, and the externalized fruitage is 144, which means harmony.

So it is that, in the absence of specific truth, the storm will continue to be a storm, and it will be a problem. But in the presence of consciously known truth, there are no more storms, because storms do not exist as creations of God. God never made a storm. You will remember that Jesus came to do the will of his father. Well, he stilled storms, therefore storms cannot be a part of God’s kingdom, or the Master never would have stilled one. 

Death cannot be a part of God’s kingdom—not in our young days and not in our oldest days. Death is just no part of God’s kingdom. But death will continue to present itself to us as a problem until we specifically know the truth, and the truth is, death does not have its rise in God; death has no source in God, is not an activity of God, does not represent the will of God, or Jesus would not have overcome it. Disease cannot come forth from God. There cannot be a provision in the kingdom of God, for anyone, anywhere, at any time, suffering a disease. Otherwise, the Master would not have been doing the Father’s will in overcoming disease.

So you see that, if instead of accepting the universal belief about the inevitability of disease, of accident, of death, of lack, of limitation, of depressions; if instead of that, we recognize that all of these have their source in an impersonal mental activity which really has no father, has no principle, has no law, has no divine cause, you at that moment begin to nullify the effects.

Let us turn to another subject. What is the most desired thing on earth today? And the answer is peace—world peace, universal peace. And what seems to be the most difficult thing to attain? Peace. Why? Why? Now mark this well and you’ll have the answer. There can be no externalized peace until there is a consciousness of peace. You cannot add peace to human consciousness; you cannot add peace to a warring nature; you cannot add harmony to a discordant state of consciousness. First there must be the inner attainment of peace, of a will for peace, a desire for peace.

You would say off-hand that that is the greatest desire today. No, it isn’t really, it really isn’t. The desire for peace has with it a price: peace on my terms, peace the way I outline it, peace the way this government says it should be, or peace the way that government says it should be—not just peace. No, no. Peace would mean this: if there were a discord, a lack of peace in this room, among our students, knowing that at heart we desire peace—the question would arise, “What is the disturbing element, and how shall we adjust it?” But that is not the attitude of the world. The attitude of the world is to build up armies, navies, and bombs to enforce what it decrees shall be peace. Not laying them aside and saying, “Come, let us reason together.”

In our consciousness here in this room, there is peace even if there is occasional strife because there is the basic consciousness that desires peace. Therefore, regardless of what problem could come up with us, it could be, and would be, quickly and beautifully adjusted, without anyone walking into the room with revolvers. So it is.

Before peace can come to the world, there must first of all be a consciousness of peace within. This consciousness of peace is attained in the same way that you attain a consciousness of health or prosperity. Do not think for a moment that you can attain health or prosperity without first attaining the inner consciousness of these. You cannot add to a vessel already full of something else. You just cannot add to. There must be a transition within.

How do we attain a consciousness of health, of harmony, of safety, of security, and of prosperity? First of all by consciously knowing the truth that these are the will of God. Not only that these are the will of God; these are the will of God for mankind. And remember, that means all nations, all races, all religions. There is no such thing as a favorite race or a favorite religion or a favorite color or a favorite creed—there is no such thing. You cannot understand the nature of God until you understand the universal nature of God.

Be assured that I was thrilled that Dr. Tillich, the famous theologian, in his lecture a few weeks ago, brought to light that the Spirit of God does not function solely in Christianity, nor does it function solely through the church, but that it functions universally, wherever a consciousness opens itself to it. And it functions outside of the church, as well as inside. That is as close to declaring The Infinite Way principle of the universal nature of God as can be expected.

Now, until you understand that life has no race or religion or nationality, that life is not restricted, you cannot know the nature of God. Therefore, you are not knowing the truth that makes you free. We speak of brotherhood of man— there never can be a brotherhood of man, until it is acknowledged that we are to call no man on earth our father, for one is our Father which is in heaven. In other words, we have only one creator, and it is the same creator, whether we are white or black, whether we are Oriental or Occidental, whether we are Jew or Greek. And until this is recognized and acknowledged we have no consciousness of peace.

Ah, but the moment you consciously acknowledge there is but one Father, and we on earth are brethren, all of one household, you have already established peace within your consciousness. And so far as you are concerned, war and the effects of war begin to end. A thousand may still fall at your left, and ten thousand may fall at your right. It will not come nigh your dwelling place, if you have consciously accepted God as the father of all, and therefore have consciously accepted that we be brethren. And remember this, when we have accepted that, we don’t ask whether a person or a nation deserves our help or our good—we know in advance they do by virtue of relationship. Just as we know, that because

I and the Father are one, and all the Father hath is mine

that I deserve the good of God in spite of my human failings. So do I know then, that you, by virtue of your relationship with God, are heir, joint heir, to health, harmony, safety, security, peace on earth, prosperity, all good. But I could not know this truth about you, unless I am willing to accept that this is a universal truth.