But, if you depend on your human personality, or your human sales ability, or your human talents, somewhere, sometime, you will fail. If however, you give less concern to what you shall say, and more concern to the attaining of the realization of the Presence, you will find that the right words for the right occasion will be in your mouth.

Now, in the same way; never be tempted to believe that you know what to pray for; never be tempted to believe that you know what is for your good. Because regardless of what you may believe at the moment, you only believe it is for your good, from the limited state of your present awareness. If you had the gift of God to see your life in its wholeness and completeness, you would then discover that what you at this moment think is for your ultimate good, may not be so.

Many have believed that a college education was a must, an absolute necessity, and others have proven they could do equally well without it. You have no way of knowing which of these experiences is yours, unless you are guided by a wisdom higher than your own. Many have thought that their field of activity was in one direction, and would have found out entirely differently, had they had divine wisdom to guide them, instead of their limited finite human wisdom.

So it is then, when you enter prayer, do not believe that you know what to pray for. And be especially sure that you know that you do not know how to pray. Sad is the lot of the person, who believes they know how to pray. Because, every prayer is unique; every prayer and meditation is different than all other prayers and meditations. And heaven help the person who goes into prayer and meditation with a memory of how they prayed or meditated yesterday—for they blot out for themselves the possibility of receiving fresh manna today. 

The safest for an Infinite Way student is: “I know not how to pray. I know not how to go out or come in. I know not what to pray for.” And open yourselves in receptivity to that still small Voice which is within you, “closer to you than breathing” and let It pray through you, let It utter Its voice, let It have Its way; let It inform you.

And, if you’re praying for someone else, let It inform your patient or your student. Do not try to be Omniscience yourself in your praying, because you can only be Omniscience, when you are completely absent from the personal self of self, the personal sense of self; when you are absent from any knowledge; when you have attained really that place of unknowing, in which you definitely know that you do not know and do not want to know, but are open to receive spiritual wisdom, spiritual guidance, spiritual strength.

And, when you are praying for someone else or meditating, do not try to transfer thoughts to them, do not try to know what’s right for them or best for them—sit in a state of complete receptivity, and let the Father function as your consciousness. You may not receive any message for your patient or student, but you don’t need any. They will receive it. And they will receive it not from you, but from the source of you. Your consciousness will only be the instrument of contact.

You yourself may never know what…and actually in life’s practice I may say to you, that I…it is never given to me to know what message is given to my students, or patients, and I never concern myself with it. Many times when they ask, “Did you receive anything for me?” No I have received nothing for you. I have merely meditated and whatever is to be known or experienced must come to you from the Father.

I do not enter the picture of your life, except as a transparency—nothing more, nothing less. Whatever it is that you feel, as the result of Infinite Way work, or in these meetings, or in my work for you—whatever you feel, you are feeling from the source itself. For nothing is being directed to you, and I am not concerning myself with your problem, but the solution to your problem. And the only solution that I know of is the actual realization of God’s presence; and the understanding that this problem whatever its name or nature, is a state of universal hypnotism—without a person, without a law, without a power. (Pause)

So it is then that I would truly say to every Infinite Way student, never lose these basic points, and never advance beyond them, because it isn’t really possible. Whatever measure of harmony is to come into our experience, through the message of The Infinite Way, must come through the understanding and practice of these major principles.

As you go further into the mystical side of the message of The Infinite Way, you come into an ultimate awareness, in the actual experience of your true identity. But this never, never does away with the necessity for these basic points! (Pause)

Probably there is one final point that I should touch on in this; and that is meditation itself. Those who experience difficulty in meditation are actually neglecting these three points that I have covered this morning, or they may be neglecting one of them. Or they may be attempting to meditate, without first having some minutes of contemplative meditation to prepare consciousness for the final moments of listening.

For instance, all that has taken place here this morning has been a contemplative meditation. In this meditation we have contemplated the presence of God; we have contemplated the unreal nature of the appearances; we have contemplated the truth that we are not seeking any thing in this world, or any condition, or any person; that we’re seeking only the realization of divine Presence and Power—the Spirit Itself.

Now, with this contemplative meditation, and having lasted nearly an hour, we could now settle down. And if you like we will for a few moments, when I have finished speaking. And you will find how much easier it is to actually attain the experience of meditation—an inner stillness, an inner peace, an inner calm. But we have been preparing for it for these 50 odd minutes, by this contemplative form of meditation, which really prepares our own consciousness to be still, because, we have handled about every problem that could be disturbing. And as we settle down into this meditation, we will not be faced with problems, but with the remembrance of what we have been declaring.

And then we will be able to take the attitude: 

Speak Lord, Thy servant heareth; I am prepared to be still, and hear Thy Voice; I’m inwardly prepared in quietness, in confidence to receive Thy grace

So those who still find difficulty with meditation, see if you cannot give more time than you are giving to this contemplative form of meditation, and embody these three principal points until you actually experience a release. And then settle down into an inner listening attitude, and receive God’s grace.

Now God’s grace is not something you need to earn or deserve; God’s grace is not going to be withheld because of some sin of omission or commission. God’s grace is not going to be withheld for any reason for there is no withholding God. God’s grace is going to be experienced, if regardless of your past sins or present sins of omission or commission, if you now can open yourself wholeheartedly to receiving the Presence and receiving the grace, it will be given to you. It was given to the woman taken in adultery when she asked for it; it was given to the thief on the cross when he asked for it. Not after some years of torture and penalty and punishment for there is no such thing in the Kingdom of God.

And even if there exists in us, the potentiality of sin and disease, remember that these too will be taken from us by this grace of God that we receive.

Thank you.