The reason must be clear to you. The Master gave it to us in these words “I of my own self can do nothing.” Then, if I of my own self can do nothing, there must be something that does the work; there must be something that functions in my experience that is responsible for my life and its demonstration. And that is this. First of all the realized Presence of the Spirit within; and secondly abiding constantly and consciously, in the realization that I am being presented with pictures all of the time, pictures sometimes good and sometimes evil. And these pictures I must not be attached to. I must not gloat over the good, and I must not fear the evil, but I must realize the unreal nature of both!

This comes about because the function of the Christ is to break our attachment to this world—to the pictures of this world. It acts to stop our love of the good things of this world, and to stop our fears and hates of the bad things of this world in the realization, that both the good and the evil appearances are but appearances; are but the human dream if you like.

Awake thou that sleepest.

Why is it said to us that we must awaken? Because we are asleep, and in our sleep as humans, we are dreaming, and we are dreaming of good and we are dreaming of evil.

Now, at no stage of our unfoldment, from the very first day that we undertake the study of The Infinite Way, until the last day of our stay on this earth plane, must we ever permit ourselves to forget these two major principles. So that, when we sit down to meditate, when we sit down to do our preparatory work of the day, or our protective work of the day, or our world work of the day, or our work for our families, that we at least know the goal of that work, we know what we’re going to do when we sit down.

We’re going to sit down and consciously remember that “closer to me than breathing” is the Spirit of God; “closer to me than breathing” within my own consciousness is the fullness of the Godhead bodily; that God is fulfilling Himself as my individual experience; God is fulfilling Himself in an individual way. In one of us it is as an artist, and one as a merchant, and one as a lawyer, one in government; and one in…any and every form is God fulfilling Himself; God fulfilling Himself at our particular level of consciousness, at our particular state of receptivity. And this must be consciously remembered.

And then, as we think individually of the members of our families, of our patients, of our students—again we are remembering God is fulfilling Himself as the individual experience of this one. Therefore this one is at the point of fulfillment, at the point of transparency in which, through which, as which God is appearing on earth.

Then, we deal with the laws, the appearances of everyday human living: national conflicts, international conflicts, family conflicts, individual conflicts. And realize that we are beholding only the activity of a universal belief in two powers. We never will know harmony, until we recognize that we are dealing with a belief in two powers and then when we establish ourselves in the realization, but, “I and my Father are one.” And in this oneness, the infinite All-power which is spiritual is the only Presence and only Power functioning in my experience.

You see, we do not choose the good over the evil; we leave both the good and the evil, and exchange these for the spiritual. We don’t have to give a quality to the spiritual and call it good, and we know it can’t be evil. But we abide in this! Not that we are concerned with a good material law or mental law, and not that we prefer the good to the bad, but that we renounce both for the spiritual. And realize consciously then, that since God constitutes the law of my being, I am governed by spiritual being, spiritual law, spiritual life, spiritual truth.

If we engage in this daily practice, and we must, we will soon find that we have received in our inner being the secret of the universe, the secret of life, the secret of harmony, the secret of the Holy Grail. You will find that you have the secret of life once you know that the consciousness of the presence of God is the only reality unto you; and that there is no two-law-universe; there is only the spiritual-law-universe of God. When you have that you will watch the discords and inharmonies melt—certainly gradually, certainly completely.

Now…when we have encompassed these two major principles of The Infinite Way, we have occasion to deal specifically with the problems of the world as they come to us. And here we have another principle. It’s really a shame to divide these into major principles and minor principles, because, I believe they are equally important. But, still I cannot put this in the same classification as the first two.

In this world we have centered our attention on the things of this world in the way of attaining or achieving, to the point that even when we have come to prayer that we have prayed for specific things. Now of course the world hasn’t advanced much in thousands of years through that manner of praying, and hasn’t overcome the discords of the world with that manner of praying. And, in our work we have found it more efficacious, not to pray for any thing, but to pray only for the attainment of the realization of God and stop there.

When the realization of God is attained or felt, those things necessary to our experience have a way of being added unto us. And, I can illustrate that for you, as I have in the past. I have brought this same point to your attention in the past, that when I am meditating, praying, about this work of giving a talk or lecture or class, that I never sit down to get a message to deliver; I never ask for a message for today; I never seek a subject for a class. When I am doing my work, I am doing it only for the realization of God’s presence. And then I find that when I’m seated or standing on the platform, that the message comes, and usually of a nature that meets some specific needs.

And let me illustrate how wonderfully this works out…Would it make any difference at all what message I gave you this morning if the presence of God weren’t here? Would any message be of any importance to you; could it do anything for you, could it function for you, if the presence of God weren’t here along with the message? And on the other hand, would it make any difference at all if there were no message, or what form the message would take if the presence of God were here?

And you will quickly see that if you had to choose, between having the presence of God here and having a good message that you would really choose the presence of God, even if you had to take a poor message. Even if you had to take a message that at the moment meant nothing to you, even if you had to take a message that you didn’t understand—what difference would that make to you, if in the message you felt an actual experience of God’s Presence, of something touching your consciousness, or giving you a moment of inner freedom or peace?

And soon you will agree with me, that it isn’t of importance what I say on the platform. It is not of importance what form the message takes, but it is important that the presence of God be realized, before I go on the platform, and that that realization continue during my stay on the platform. And then the message will do its work, regardless of its name or nature or form; the message will do its work, regardless of what particular words come forth.

And so you are going to find that whether you have an article of merchandise to sell, or a service, or whether you have some work of physical nature or mental nature to perform, you are going to discover that it will only be perfectly accomplished if you have attained the conscious awareness of the presence of God. You will find that the attainment of the awareness, the attainment of the realization of the Presence actually goes before you, to establish the relationships with those whom you need to contact; whether buying, or selling, or in any form of relationship.