So we find also that conditions of health begin to change, but in such a way really that we do not know that it is happening. The only way we really know that it has happened is one day something may cause us to look back, and we discover that for the last three or four or five years, we haven’t taken a medicine, or been in the need of one; or we may discover that some physical imperfection of which we had been aware is no longer present. It is a gradual process, an evolutionary process, but it leads always to higher and higher states of spiritual awareness, divine Consciousness—peace and harmony on earth.

Now, the attainment of this experience of the Christ is not really sufficient to complete our demonstration of our particular life’s experience. In other words, there have been many in the history of the world who have attained some measure of this realization of divine Presence, and yet have continued to suffer many human discords, many human diseases, injustices, inequalities. And, I’m sure they must have wondered why, why since this Presence is with me—why do these outer conditions continue? I have found an inner peace; I have found an inner joy; and yet, the outer experience does not match the inner harmony that I have attained.

And here is where our work comes in with its second major principle. First of all, the discovery that had its beginning with the early introduction of metaphysics that the discords of this world are not as real as they appear to be. They do not have the substance or law that they appear to have.

And, the final discovery that we are dealing, not with personal sin or personal disease, or personal discord, but that we are dealing with a universal source of individual discords. In other words, that it is not the wrong thinking of an individual, nor the sins of an individual, nor the mistakes of an individual that causes most of his problems. But rather, this universal something that has been termed by many names: mortal mind. Paul called it carnal mind; others have called it hypnotism, mesmerism. But by whatever name you call it, the realization must come that error, evil, sin, disease, death, lack, limitation, or old age—all of these are but products of a universal carnal mind or mortal mind, but which actually is summed up in the belief in two powers.

This belief in two powers, the power of good and the power of evil really is the source; it is actually the substance of what is called the mortal mind or carnal mind. There is no such thing really as a mortal mind or a carnal mind. There is no such entity any more than there is an entity called darkness.

But, there is a universal belief in two powers, and this universal belief in two powers is actually the source of every discord, of every disease, of every sin, of everyone’s unemployment or lack. Never believe for a moment that you can find the solution to these problems in the outer world! They will change forms… just as we have gone from the horse and carriage days to the automobile days, and as we are now progressing so rapidly in the air age. The forms of this world change, but there was unemployment in the horse and carriage days, and there has been unemployment in the automobile age, and there will be unemployment in the airplane age.

In other words, you never will overcome unemployment by any means of economics, or any means of sociology, or any means of any subject that is known to the human mind. Unemployment will only end when it is understood to be the activity of a belief in two powers. And, with that realization begins to end the subject of unemployment.

Strikes, capital and labor problems, all of these are being solved to some extent by changing economic systems. But the last and final overcoming of these problems will only be through the realization that the problems never existed, separate and apart from a belief in two powers. Trace any form of sin that you like, and you will find that it has its belief in either good or evil—some believe it evil, and some temporarily think it’s good. And so the belief of good and evil operates, and as long as it operates in our consciousness, it will either operate as good or evil, as purity or sin.

All disease has its foundation in the belief of two powers! It makes no difference what form the disease takes; it has its origin in the belief of two powers. If there weren’t a belief in an evil power, disease wouldn’t be evil; it wouldn’t be deadly; therefore it would not exist. Can we be sure of this? Is there a way of proving this? And the answer is of course. How could any form of sin or disease or any unhappy situation be resolved metaphysically or spiritually if these erroneous conditions had a law of themselves to perpetuate themselves; if there actually were laws of discord, laws of inharmony, laws of disease? They never could be overcome, merely through the realization of this as their basis—that their foundation came from this universal belief in two powers.

Now, you find in the actual practice of The Infinite Way, that whatever measure of success that we may have in bringing harmony into the lives of our students is brought only by treating the discord, not separately as if rheumatism were different than consumption, or a headache were different than a muscle ache. And certainly not by treating unemployment as different from disease, or false appetite as different from disease. But by treating any and all of these as impersonal product of the universal belief in two powers—the mesmeric belief in two powers. And so every single claim of human discord, whatever category it may be in, is treated always from this one basis.

Now, when we as students, and you will see now how we are all students regardless of whether we may be functioning as a practitioner, or a teacher, or a lecturer. Don’t be fooled by the outer activity of our work—inwardly we are all students merely functioning at different levels. And, if we ever accept the belief that we have advanced beyond the state of a student, we have just advanced too far for our own good. Because, and I’d say this to you with all of these years of practice, that if I fail on any single day of the week to re-establish myself in the consciousness of this Presence, and then go further to the realization that whatever I meet this day, whether problems of my own, my family, my friends, my patients, my students, that all of these are appearing to me only as mesmeric suggestions based on the universal belief in two powers. And here and now I recognize them as such, and recognize that they are the arm of flesh and dismiss them. And if I ever would fail, and I haven’t yet, but I know that if I ever would fail, in this recognition, I would not be prepared when the telephone bell rang; I would not be prepared when my mail comes in; I would not be prepared when calls come for help.