Now you see that is our form of prayer. That is our form, but we also use the word “communion,” and we use another word “contemplation,” and we use the term “contemplative meditation,” a meditation in which you contemplate a spiritual passage and attempt to gain the spiritual meaning of it. This was a contemplative meditation that we had here with the Lord’s Prayer. Sitting here reading it and then saying, “Yes, but what does it mean.” And then looking at the word “bread” and saying, “Oh yes, yes that’s right Jesus says I am the bread; God is the bread. Oh, so he’s speaking now not about giving us baker’s bread, but giving us God’s substance, God-life, God-intuition, God-wisdom. That is contemplative prayer or contemplative meditation because we are contemplating God and the spiritual things of God, and then in a few minutes we stop it and settle back in that listening attitude like the Hebrew boy, “Speak Lord, thy servant heareth.” Then we just wait, and then that warmth envelops us or the word comes to us or release comes, or something comes that assures us that God is on the field. Then we get up and we go about our business. Do you see?

Now, prayer can take that form; meditation can take that form. Prayer can take the form of the letter of truth followed by the spirit in this way. Supposing you were starting your day and you had a difficult day ahead of you, and you might voice these thoughts just as if you were speaking to your Father, “God, looks like a difficult day ahead and I certainly need your presence. We have the promise Thy grace is my sufficiency, and Father, I surely need your grace today, and so I’m going to sit here and receive it.” 

Now that’s the first half because that is the letter of truth, but now that’s not an answered prayer. So now you sit back and your inner ear is open. You’re listening for that still small voice, and you just sit there a minute or two or three until in some way a smile comes to your face or a weight drops off your shoulder or a beautiful deep breath comes and you say, “Ah, Emmanuel, God is with me. Now I can go into a lion’s den. Now, with that Presence, even the mouths of lions must be stopped. If I were thrown on a flaming pyre, it wouldn’t burn me. If I fell in the ocean, the waters couldn’t drown, because why; because God is there. No harm can come when you’re enveloped, hid with Christ in God. Do you see that?

Now, no matter how you pray or meditate, acknowledge that there are two parts to it. If you don’t, you’ll miss the whole mark of The Infinite Way. The first part is the letter. It is your words or thoughts or statements or affirmations or denials, but that’s not power. The only purpose of that is to prepare you, to release you, to set the stage for you, then when you have done with that first part, now Speak Lord, thy servant heareth, and then open yourself and wait for the inflow. Do you see that?

Now this is true in prayer, and this is true in meditation, and this is true in treatment. And so we’ll come to this: How can one help other people in illness, and so forth, as to The Infinite Way? Now that is the way. You have two parts to your treatment. The first part is when you either voice or think truth, and the second part is when you wait for God to set the seal on it.              

That is, to give you the impulse. For instance, when you wish to help either yourself or another, we will think of that as either prayer or treatment. You can use either word you want. It makes no difference. 

Remember that every treatment begins with the word God, and remember that every treatment is given only to God. You never give a treatment to a human being. A treatment is a voicing of the truth, and there is no truth about a human being except that they better die daily. So there is no truth about a human being. We can’t say, “Oh, you, Mrs. Jones, are spiritual.” If you are you don’t need a treatment. You are already in heaven. So we won’t say, “You are God’s perfect child.” And we won’t say, “You are spiritual.” And we won’t say that you are in the kingdom of heaven because if you were, you wouldn’t be reaching out for any help. So we can give up all that form of treatment because it really isn’t effective. If you want to give a good treatment start with the word God and realize that:

God is life, but God is eternal life. Therefore, God is the life of every individual. 

God is the only intelligence or mind. Therefore, God is an omnipresent intelligence in every individual. 

God is the only substance. Therefore, God is the substance of being and of body, and so God is the substance of everybody and everybody’s body, because God is the only substance, and God is the only law. 

Why is there sickness? Because of a belief in material law, medical law, mental law, but the truth is God is law and God is infinite and God is spirit. Therefore, all law is spiritual and perfect and good. And God is the law unto Its own creation.

Now, if you keep your treatment in and of and about God, and then realize that God is the nature of individual you and me, that all of this truth which you have just voiced about God is the truth about individual you and me. Now you will be giving a perfect treatment so far as the letter of truth is concerned. By the time you have been very thorough in realizing God to be the life of individual being; God to be the soul of individual being; God to be the supply of every individual being; God to be the only law; God to be the only substance; God to be the only cause; God to be the only reality, and also realize at the same time that none of these appearances that you are faced with: infection, contagion, unemployment, sin, disease. None of these have reality because they haven’t got God. 

Now, if you’ve done that thoroughly, you are through the first half of your treatment. Because you have known the truth: Ye shall know the truth, and now the truth is going to make you free. First you must know this truth. Now the truth is going to do the work. You sit back now as you did before and say, “Well, here I am Lord, speak. This is it.” Then you wait, and as you wait you will find yourself being filled with that spirit of God. Oh, you may try it tomorrow and say it doesn’t work because in our present state, which is a sense of separation from God, it may take us a month or two of practice before we really get into the rhythm of giving this treatment thoroughly, completely, and then waiting for that Spirit to move.

And then there is a question here that says: “How can I get contact during meditation?” Well, that’s a matter of practice. As you practice this contemplative meditation, this way of prayer and treatment and wait two or three minutes only, or four minutes, but do it frequently.