Now, when a composer turns to God, God comes forth as compositions. When an author turns to God, It comes forth as literature. When a bridge builder turns to God, It comes forth as a new style of bridge. When a house builder turns to God, It comes forth as a house. Does God know that? No. God only knows Itself as fulfillment. You, then, mold it by your life consciousness, not by saying what you want, but by the very fact of what you are. If you’re a musician, It flows as music. If you’re a builder, It flows as buildings, If you’re a salesman, It flows as sales. Do you see that? 

But don’t ever think about these things out in the world because you will defeat the purpose of prayer. Now that is what has wrecked the world of prayer of churches, and as a matter of fact, in the States we now have a famous religious light, Father Sheehan, or Monsignor Sheehan of the Roman Catholic Church, and he is probably the biggest religious figure in America because he has his television show, which carries him to ten million people every time he’s on television. He’s writing books as fast as I am it seems. They just pour out of him, and the world is getting to know them, and he seems to be a very loving, very loving sort of a man, so he just takes everybody into his arms when he opens them. 

Last year before I left Hawaii, I heard him one night and was shocked that he ended up his program with: “And now friends, remember when you pray to God, never pray for any material thing because God knows nothing of such prayers. When you pray to God, pray for spiritual things.” Do you see? And so it is. 

Now we are commencing to learn that, and because we have learned it, others are learning it, and others are agreeing that they have been praying for peace and not getting it, and they prayed for food and didn’t get it, and they prayed for this and didn’t get it; that probably there’s something wrong with our prayer. 

Now in our work I have discovered what is wrong. The moment we have a desire we separate ourselves from our good. You may say, “Oh, but it’s a good desire. I only want my child to be healthy.” Yes, that’s good from the human standpoint, but evidently God isn’t concerned whether your child is healthy or not, so evidently that’s a wrong way to pray. 

This I have learned and this constitutes the whole basis of our work: Become consciously one with God. Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, with all thy soul, and with all thy mind and desire nothing else than to know God, to feel God, to be in God’s presence, to be God governed, God guided, God sustained, God maintained. Have nothing but the life of God the soul of God. Never, never say, “I am good.” or “I am spiritual.” or “I am nothing.” Let God be the spirit and let God be good and let God be mind and let God be intelligence. Do you see that? 

Never I or me or mine or yours or his or hers—always God—God is the intelligence of this universe. God is the only ‘be-er’. God is the only doer. God is the only actor. God is the only activity. God is the only law. Do you see how all treatment begins with the word God and it ends with the word God because you have to learn to keep the conversation in heaven. 

Never believe you can know truth about a human being because there isn’t any truth except they ought to die. That’s all. They ought to die—die daily to the humanhood so that they can be reborn of the Spirit, not die the death of the mortal race, but die, die to the personal selfhood, die to a sense of selfhood apart from God, die to a limited sense of intelligence, and so forth, die humanly so that we can be reborn of the Spirit, and we are only reborn of the Spirit if we understand: God is the health of my countenance. God is my supply. God is my ability. God is my will. Do you see?

When we acknowledge God to be the allness of our being and then [pauses and takes a deep breath] have that, that impulse, that feeling in there, that realization in there, then that’s the secret of life. Then you’ll find it really makes no difference whether you have your little picnic out under the trees with sandwiches and a bottle of water or whether you’re at the finest hotel with a banquet, it tastes all the same. It makes no difference then whether you are with one person in life or with a whole city full of people. It’s all the same. Or whether life takes you where you have to be completely alone, it’s still the same because God is there, and God comes there as fulfillment. And while God is there as fulfillment, God becomes friend, companion, husband, wife, whatever is necessary at the moment, God fulfills itself in that way. 

Now, does this give us a different idea of prayer to carry away with us, an object of prayer, why we pray, how we pray, why we meditate, how we meditate, and what the purpose is? The purpose always is realization of God. The purpose isn’t to heal somebody. The purpose isn’t to get something. The purpose is attaining a realization of God, then let that realization do the work. Ye shall know the Truth; then let the Truth do the work. All right? 

Now do you see how you come to a place where you relax? No matter what it is, now, of your life or another’s, the benefit that you bring to them you bring through that part of your meditation that we just had: the part where the speaking is all through, the thinking is all through and you settle down now for that response: 

I seek only to know Thee whom to know aright is life eternal. To know Thee aright is life eternal, and we just sit there to know Thee aright, to know, to feel, to be aware of Thy presence. 

We don’t have to think of this person that’s sick in bed. We don’t have to think of this person who is out unemployed. It’s enough that they are in the back of our mind. Our function now is only to know Thee aright, to have that feeling, that divine love, that warmth. Whatever it is that just came to us. To have That, then That does the work. 

To have That alone, to know Thee aright is life eternal. Thy grace is my sufficiency. Thy presence is my sufficiency. Just to have that Presence, that’s all; then It goes before us and performs everything that is given to us to do. It perfecteth that which concerneth us, but it isn’t the words that do it. It’s that actual happening that does it. There has to be that actual contact; then it goes before us.

Remember, that if it weren’t for that, that all these people who go to church would have heaven on earth by now because they say these things; they voice these things; they read these same words, remember. We are not adding anything to the literature of the world. Remember, everything that is said in this message can be found in the scriptures of the world, but the one point they have failed to see is that it’s all nothing until the Presence is felt or realized. Then is when the miracles of grace take place. Then it is that the Red Sea opens and the manna falls from the sky. Then it is that the loaves and fishes are multiplied. Then it is when that Presence has become a reality, when it is felt here, we call it the realized Christ, the realized Presence. When that comes, then everything out here in our world becomes perfect. A thousand may fall at our left and ten-thousand at our right, it will not come nigh our dwelling place. And sometimes there’s a little unhappiness about that because very often we cannot take the members of our own family into this heaven with us and we have to see them stay outside in their misery just because they are not yet spiritually developed to be able to perceive this and receive it. And that sometimes gives us grief. 

People want to know, “Do you ever have problems?” Yes. Therein lies most of our problems, that those who are nearest and dearest to us whom we’d love to see come along on this wonderful ride, cannot even perceive what we are talking about, and so we have to leave mother and brother and sister and father, or husband and wife or child outside the door while we go into heaven. Sometimes we think, “Why, it isn’t worth going into heaven to be without them.” But eventually the time comes when we make the choice, and we decide on heaven. But, you see, there is the thing that separates The Infinite Way teaching from all the religious teachings on this earth that it gives you the same spiritual truths that are included in all the scripture, and then says to you, “But it doesn’t amount to anything. It means nothing. It won’t do anything for you until, through it, you take the next step and come into the realization, the feeling, the presence of God.” 

You will find that each time that you hear this tape that you will return to this same atmosphere, the same peace. You sink right into it just the same as you have here tonight, and your meditations will be just as powerful and the presence of God will be just as much felt, and the outer experience will come again. You just watch it as you hear it again that each time it will reestablish this consciousness, this peace, and then you’ll go away again uplifted and with the Presence going before you. 

Now there’s one more question to answer: How must be our spiritual attitude in the dying of a loved one, passing on of a loved one?

Well, of course, the first thing we must realize is this: Actually there is no death. There is no such thing as extinction. If God is our life then if our life were extinct there would be no more God because there is only one God and only one life, and so that one life can never be extinct. Like ourselves it can be in states and stages of consciousness. And for its own purpose it may decide that it wants to live in the United States or Canada or England or Holland or move out to China, but then it may also come to a place in consciousness where it decides it doesn’t want to be in any of these places on earth, but in as much as my Father has many mansions, that I will move out into another one. 

Sometimes people pass on as an escape. They want to escape some particular condition here and find greener pastures somewhere else, and probably, they have to still work out the problem they left behind them. Or in some cases they may move right on into a higher spiritual awareness. 

But the point is that their life is continuous, their consciousness is continuous and they make their bed wherever it may be, wherever their desire has led them, and they go forward from there just as we, if we were in dire, mortal sin this minute, we would be on our way to heaven. That’s just one of the side alleys that we take to get there, and some people have to have that before they can get on the path that takes them there. 

And so it is that is makes no difference where we seem to be today physically, mentally, morally, financially. We are actually on the way to heaven. It is only that some of us have to go by a round about way in order to learn a lesson. Some of us really have to be sick. Some of us really have to get down with sin. Some of us have to be disowned and disinherited by our best beloved ones before we are able to wake up, come to our senses, and decide to go back to the Father’s house. 

And so it is that passing—death—is one of those states and stages of consciousness that some people must go through in order to take the next step which leads them on into the realization of life eternal. The attitude that we have to take is this: that in this realization that no one ever escapes from the presence of God. Yea, though I make my bed in hell, Thou art there. Even in the valley of the shadow of death, Thou art there. Our attitude then is: I leave you in God, with God, whether you are visible to me or invisible, I still know that in life or in death, in heaven or in hell, you still are in the presence of God, and that must be our attitude. Never, never must we accept an appearance as indicating that somebody isn’t in the presence of God even if they are lying drunk in the gutter. Don’t believe for a minute that they’ve escaped from God’s kingdom because they haven’t. Yea, though I make my bed in hell, Thou art there, and all that is necessary is an awakening for them to realize it. 

There are some people like the prodigal son who will not wake up until they’re down to eating husks with the swine, but they too will wake up. Do you see? They too will wake up. 

And so it is. Thank you.