So it is that we may have this presence of God, and yet not receive our full and complete freedom. Sometimes there is a good reason for it in the line of our awakening. For instance, if I were to believe that God gives me my supply, and if I were to believe it with a deep enough faith, for a short while I would receive supply, which I would say came from God or through God, but you see that isn’t really truth, and so the day is bound to come if I really want to know the truth when that’s going to stop. And then I’m going to say, “Why? Why now with all my faith that God is my supply, gives me my supply, why did this stop?” Well, it wasn’t absolute truth. It wasn’t absolute truth. God doesn’t give us our supply. God is omnipresent supply within us. God can’t anymore give us supply then sun can give light and warmth. Sun is light and warmth. Do you see that? God can’t give four to two times two. Two times two already has four. God can’t add anything to this universe. God is a state of infinite, divine being manifest on earth as us: Son, all that I have is thine. So how can God give us anything more than that?

Now, if I persist in believing God is going to send me supply when here it is in here, and here all the time flowing, ready to come out as oranges on the tree or dollars in the bank. Don’t you see that eventually it must fail because it isn’t truth? Now, when I wake up to the truth: “Why, my heavens, I have no right to look to God for supply, God gave me my supply in the beginning before Abraham was. It’s already here. I better start to open out a way and let the imprisoned splendor escape.” Oh, then I’ll say, “Now, Father, how do I go about it?” Well, then He’ll say, “Use what you have today without fear, and instead of thinking supply is only dollars, remember supply is service. Supply is love. Give more love. Give more forgiveness. Give more help to somebody else. Give more kindliness. Give more something.” 

“Oh, it’s a giving process, supply, not getting.” “Yes,” says the Father. “That’s what blocked you. You were waiting for it to come to you, and it has to flow out from you.” Jesus didn’t ask for supply, and he didn’t get supply. He was the instrument through which supply came to all of us. We are all that same Christ once we recognize that Christ within us, the Son of God in us, is the multiplier of loaves and fishes, then we start that same way, not only with dollars but with our service, with our forgiveness, with our love, with our cooperation, so forth and so on.

We give; we give; we give, and then we find that like the cruse of oil, it never runs dry. But do you not see why you may have a problem of supply for a long, long time even while you’re feeling the Presence until you wake up to what it means. And the same way with health: we may feel that Presence but we do not rightly interpret it, and so until we rightly interpret it—you know there are two wonderful passages of scripture: No sign shall be given them. These signs shall follow them that understand the truth. 

Well, you might just as well be studying arithmetic and say, “Well now God, give me the right answers before I learn the principle just as a sign.” Not even God’s going to do that for you. Learn the principle and the answers will come as the added thing. See that? 

So it is with this. If we do not know the absolute truth about a thing, we only have a concept of truth and that concept doesn’t heal anything. It’s when we have the Truth itself, and so it may well be that we have concepts of truth, and that we’re expecting our miracles to come from our concepts of truth and they can’t do it. We have to give up our concepts of truth. Unless you are willing to give up your life, you won’t get God’s life. And that means the same thing: unless you give up your concept of life, you can’t come into the life of God. Unless you give up your concept of supply, you won’t come into the spiritual supply, which is of God. Do you see that?

Now, that brings us then to really it’s the deepest but it’s the most fascinating part of this work. We will read many, many books on this Infinite Way truth and each of them will give us some facet of truth, some phase of truth with which to fill our consciousness, and as we pray or meditate we will think of some of the statements of truth, but please remember this: that in the final analysis that is not what transforms your life, nor is it that which really does the healing and saving work of this spiritual mission and message. The thing that transforms is the actual realization of God’s presence. It isn’t what you know that is the healing grace. What you know merely keeps you from not knowing the truth, from being ignorant of truth, from getting into some blind faith or superstition, but actually when it comes to the demonstration, nothing will take the place of the actual realized Christ, that is, the actual realization or feeling of the presence of God.

So it is, when you meditate, forget the object of your meditation, why you’re meditating. Forget that you want to heal somebody. Forget that you want to be healed. Forget that you want supply. Forget that you want supply or activity for somebody else. Once you get to the serious part of your meditation or prayer, forget everything but one thing, and this is the one thing: “God, actually I don’t want anything but your presence. I don’t care if I never have health or wealth or family. If I have your presence I’ll be satisfied, so let’s forget all the things I think I need. Let’s forget all the things my family thinks I need, and let us be really honest; if I could live in God’s presence, I wouldn’t much care if I lived in a tent by the side of the sea.” Do you follow that?

In other words, if I wanted to write a book I couldn’t because I wouldn’t know what to write in it, and anything I would write would be stilted and strained and academic and something you’ve heard before. But if I have no desire at all in my heart except to know God, when I know God, I’ll all of a sudden know something that some other people want to know too, and then a book comes out. Do you see that? 

God knows nothing about our needing a home or an automobile or a suit of clothes or a dress. God knows nothing about that, but the very minute we are consciously in the presence of God we have all those things added to us. They unfold and they unfold in accord with the need of the moment. I mean, if we were with Rickenbacker out in the Pacific, they would unfold as fish and birds and fresh water, which we may not be interested in if we were near a restaurant where we could get roast chicken, and so forth and so on. 

In other words, our supply—yes, in the same way, if you were in the States and your need was money, it would come in dollars, but if you were over here, it would come in florins. Do you see what I mean? You say, “Does God know the difference in these currencies?”  No. God doesn’t know anything about these currencies. God knows Its own spiritual selfhood, and that is fulfillment at our level of consciousness, so that if we have a headache, it takes away a headache, but if we have a foot ache, it takes away a foot ache. Does God know whether it’s the head or the foot? No. God only knows Its own fulfillment, and it appears on our level of demonstration. Do you see that?