Free transcript as PDF tape 8802B

1955 Holland Class

Joel S. Goldsmith

8802B – The Purpose Is Attaining the Realization of God

Oh, you may try it tomorrow and say it doesn’t work because in our present state, which is a sense of separation, it may take us a month or two of practice before we really get into the rhythm of giving this treatment thoroughly, completely and then waiting for that spirit to move.

And then there is a question here that says, “How can I get contact during meditation?” Well, that’s a matter of practice. As you practice this contemplative meditation, this way of prayer and treatment and wait two or three minutes only or four minutes, but do it frequently; if necessary ten times a day until [breathes in a deep breath] it begins, until the spirit begins to fill you, then after that it will be simple, but at first it requires practice. It requires sometimes a lot of practice. In my own case it took eight months of practicing twenty times a day before I accomplished it the first time, but I was desperate. I had already found out that no truth is true, and you can’t depend on any of it because I knew it all. I read all the books and recited it all and that wasn’t it.

So I knew there was another step, and then it came to me: It must be God. God must be the answer. I have got to have God, not talk about God, not affirm about God, not think about God. I must have God if God can be achieved, and the Master gave us the secret when he said the kingdom of God is within you. Well, if the kingdom of God is within me, brother, I’m going to bring it out! I have to for my salvation. I’m unhappy in life. Nothing satisfies me. Therefore, if there is a God I’m going to reach Him. 

And so it was that I began the meditations that led to all of my work, but it did take me eight months and I did it every single hour of the day and all through the night because I was going to achieve it. It could be done. I knew it could be done. Others have done it. It could be done, but, if just because I’m an ornery human being and so thick or dumb or something that I can’t reach it, I’m just going to keep on practicing. I’ll get there, and eight months and the first little [deep breath]—It came and went so fast that it was here and gone before I could catch it, and then it took me two or three days before I caught it again, but gradually, I could catch it once a day out of all those times and then twice a day, and eventually, almost every time at will that I would sit down for it, and then ultimately I didn’t have to sit down anymore. It was just a matter to just look up like that and it would come. Because you see, once you’ve made the contact, it’s flowing all the time unless you deliberately cut yourself off from it. 

Go back to what Jesus said very frequently: Sin no more, lest a worse thing come upon you. Once you’ve made your contact with God don’t break away from it because then you’ll be unhappier than ever before. Having tasted of the meat, wine, bread and water, you can never live without it again. You can sooner live without physical food than without that. So it is that once it happens to you, then go back for it often, but in your beginning meditations don’t try to meditate more than three for four minutes at a time because if you do you’ll bring it up into a mental process and you’ll cut yourself off from it because you can’t find God through the mind. It is when the mind is still and quiet and peaceful that God flows through: My thoughts are not your thoughts. Your thoughts are not my thoughts, so get yours out of the way and let mine come in.

It’s alright to do your thinking and your voicing of truth until you lift yourself up to a point of readiness, then realize you’re half way home, then sit back and let the other half come to you, not from you, to you from within you. 

Q.  Can you explain that when I’ve experienced the Presence, that pain or disease do not disappear immediately, but it takes some time?

A.  Well, yes. If, if God could be realized in its absoluteness, we would be transformed in that blink of an eye into pure spiritual being, but it very seldom happens that way. One of the outstanding experiences of illumination, that is, the realization of the Presence came to Saul of Tarsus on the road to Damascus, and from the description of it in scripture, you’ll admit that it was a pretty complete illumination. But do you know that he could do nothing with it for nine years. Nine years he went down to Arabia, lived there, and just contemplated and meditated and lived waiting for the fulfillment before the word came to go out on the missionary platform. Nine years he waited. 

And so it is that we may have this realization of the Presence, but don’t forget that we are pretty thick human beings when it comes. We aren’t a bit spiritual or transparent. We are very, very opaque and it’s a miracle that in our present state it can even come to us. But it does come to us in little glimpses, little flashes, but that’s just a promise—just a promise. If we keep on abiding in It, It will grow on us and grow on us and grow on us until finally It gives us our freedom. It may be a physical, mental, moral, financial freedom. It may be freedom from this world. Jesus, very late in his ministry said, “I have overcome the world.” That probably meant that nothing of this world could touch his body or health. That is, you could shoot him in the heart with a machine gun and couldn’t kill him because he was no longer subject to physical force. 

You could turn him loose with a whole circus full of venomous snakes and they could all take a bite out of him, but they couldn’t harm him. Why? He was no longer subject to the laws of this world.

Now, you can see that in a measure we have attained that because most of us are able to go through our lives now with very little of the world’s colds or grip or flue or infection or contagion. If you really become serious as a student, you’ll find that at least eighty percent of the world’s diseases never touch you, and the other twenty percent really represents the fact that we haven’t yet attained complete power over this world, dominion over this world. 

We do. We do. We have power over loads of things in this world. I have witnessed so, so often that people have eaten poison food and ordinarily would have ptomaine or they might even have the beginning of ptomaine and in just five minutes be free of it because the laws of matter aren’t governing. They have been overcome. And I have witnessed people who have taken poison, sometimes accidentally and sometimes with the idea of suicide and been lifted out of it, completely lifted out of it. Whatever the effects should have been of the poison, it didn’t operate. 

So it is that, well, I may say this to you: Every spiritual healing is an overcoming of material law and medical law—every single one. Every time that cancer or tuberculosis or paralysis or deafness or blindness have been overcome spiritually, remember that this world has been overcome, that is, a law of this world. Now the question is, you have had these experiences through your practitioner or teacher’s consciousness of truth, but you haven’t overcome the world. They have overcome some measure of it for you.  You still have to overcome it. Do you see that?