When you have attained Emmanuel, which is the same thing as attaining that mind which was also in Christ Jesus, when you have attained that, It then comes out of your mouth and does the work. It may flow through your fingers and do the work. Really, it makes no difference. You can just as well sit here, and It will do the work in Hawaii ten thousand miles away because, there again, to God there is no such thing as time and space. There is only here and now. 

Anyone who’s in my consciousness right now is here where I am. Therefore, they are receiving the benefit of every bit of truth that is flowing through me. Because there again, to God there is no such thing as time and space, and there is only here and now. Anyone who is in my consciousness right now is here where I am. And therefore they are receiving the benefit of every bit of truth that is flowing through me. 

And they may be scattered half way around the world, and we are benefiting by the fact that some of our students, at this very moment, are keeping track of the time wherever they are, and they know that we are in class, and they are in meditation so that they may receive this impulse of the realization of God and they have us enfolded in their consciousness, so we are receiving a treatment or the benefit of prayer from those of our students who are taught this work. Do you see that? 

Eventually, that will happen here too. There will have to be one, two, three, ten or twenty who will become so much a part of The Infinite Way that they too will feel that every student everywhere around the globe is as important to them as their own family, then they will learn to pray daily for everybody who is a part of this work and for those who have not yet become a part of it, and enclose them in their consciousness of God and truth, and therefore we find that there is this band of love, of truth around the whole globe, and every time anyone knows enough to reach out to the God consciousness, they are reaching out to the consciousness of an Infinite Way student who at that moment is in meditation or prayer, and you never know which practitioner it is you are receiving your healing through. But if you lift up your consciousness to this spiritual reality and realize that around this globe twenty-four hours a day there are Infinite Way students praying, which means realizing the omnipresence of God, the very moment you touch their consciousness you’ve touched God consciousness. 

And so it is that if in our class here tonight if the presence of God is consciously felt, then you may be assured of this that some of our students in far places are receiving a healing from it, because wherever the presence of God is there is a healing, and there is no such thing as time or space in God, so a God realized here is God realized wherever anyone’s consciousness is open to God. Do you follow that? 

Now, first let us take these things to show how they work in with this subject. And Jesus Christ taught us:

Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. 

Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. 

Give us this day our daily bread. 

And forgive us our trespasses as we forgive them that trespass against us. 

And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

And the question is: Is God to give us our bread, to forgive us, to deliver us from evil? That is my question. The answer is yes to all of those things. Now let us see what it means, however.

What did Jesus mean when he used the word bread? Was he talking about a bake shop or anything in a bake shop? No. Because He said, “I am the bread,” and he wasn’t talking about baker’s bread, so when he said, “Give us this day our daily bread,” what did he mean? He could just as well have said give me meat, wine, water. Do you see? Because He also said, “I am the bread. I am the wine. I am the meat. I am the water.” So he could just as well have said, “God is the substance of all being, so this day God give me the realization of that substance.” In other words, as a human being, and I’m only a human being in the degree that I have sense of separation from God. So if I have a sense of separation from God, which is my own inner being, I may turn therein and say, 

Father, let’s connect up. Give me this day my wisdom, my guidance, my direction. Give me this day the substance of whatever I need—a rock as a foundation, a fortress to hide in, a high tower to watch out in. Give me this day every bit of the real substance of life which I need for my unfoldment.

 Do you see that? So the word “bread” means substance of life. I am the substance of life. I is God. God is the substance of life; therefore, “Give us, O Lord, this substance of life. Give us Thy grace for today. Thy grace includes: bread, meat, wine, water, safety, security, direction with love…love? Yes. Give us this day love. Give us the ability to love and be loved. Do you see?

Now, “Forgive us our trespasses.” Yes. As human beings, we are trespassing every day of the week. There isn’t a day that we are not sinning. It may not be a mortal concept of sin, but it’s a spiritual sin because we use the word “I” every day and that’s a sin. There is only one I and that is God, and yet we say, “Oh, I, Joel, must go someplace.” No. If, I, Joel must go someplace, I, God will see that he gets there. So, I, Joel better keep silent. You see? Now in the degree, then, that there is an “I” called Joel, he is trespassing. Now those trespasses aren’t always conscious sins or deliberate, willful sins, but they come to us as part of race consciousness. 

I suppose it’s a very difficult thing for any man on the face of the globe to make a statement that he doesn’t sometimes have sensual thoughts that don’t belong to him and that he has no right to indulge in; that if he could control it wouldn’t be there, and yet that’s a sin. But it isn’t a conscious sin because once you’ve come to some measure of this life no one would ever have an actual obscene thought or a consciously evil thought, or an envious one, or a jealous one, or a fearful one. Do you see that? But is there any one of us who has attained so high that once in a while a sense of fear doesn’t come in, either for ourselves or for our loved ones, or a sense of doubt or a sense of envy or greed or jealousy, or whatever it may be. Do you see that? 

Now, in that sense, then, that we are to some extent living the material life, we can turn to the Father within and say, “Father, keep me on the beam. Forgive me these lapses from true spirituality and be my guide. Be with me every step of the way. Yes, we can talk to God as if God were really a human mother or father. Jesus did: Our Father, which art in heaven…Give us this day our daily bread. He was talking to a Father that he knew very intimately. My Father within me, he doeth the works…I watch the Father. What he doeth I do afterward. You see, to him “The Father” was a very real thing. Not like a human father, of course, but nevertheless it was something that was divine, protective, supplying, strong. Do you see that?