So God must be realized, and therefore, meditation is our major secret because in meditation, in that inner quietness is when this realization of God’s presence comes to you, and once that’s felt, then you go out in life and live your regular life the way it is meant for you to live it, only now you have this assurance: I am with thee, and I will never leave thee nor forsake thee. Whithersoever thou goest, I will go, and I will be all things unto thee. Do you see that? There are the two parts of our message. 

It is essential that every student know these points thoroughly. That is why we have so many books (there are over twenty books) because it presents this principle in every book and in a thousand different ways, so that if we are faithful in our study and devotion we will grasp it. Then in grasping it, It prepares the way for the inner realization of it and that is the full living of it. So there are two parts. We must have this correct letter of truth so that we lean on it in every emergency of our experience, and then we must have our meditation in which we realize the divine, inner presence, and that carries on our work for us. 

Supposing you cut this now for our little rest. 

Every time you meditate and make contact with God, you are decreasing the world’s troubles, because that presence realized by you is helping someone who has tuned into God, and your realization of God makes it there available for them. It may be a member of your family. It may be a member of your community, or it may be some stranger that you’ll never hear about, but you couldn’t have God here without God benefiting you. So every time I realize the presence of God you benefit by it because where the presence of God is there is light and if you have any darkness it will disappear in that light. And so, you couldn’t possibly have a realization of God there without it blessing me and each other because the presence of God there has just as much blessing for me as the presence of God here has a blessing for you. Do you see that?

The secret is: realize God’s presence, then you bring light wherever there is darkness. Ye are the light of the world—of the world, remember—the light of the world. It is possible for you to have a God realization and change the history of your nation. Someday, I’ll tell you a story of just that very thing that happened—God realization that changed the history of nations. 

Now, we never know the widespread effect of a God realization. We never know it; we never will—we never will, any more than when I began to have my first realizations of God, little did I know that it was going to benefit people in South Africa and Germany and Sweden and Holland and England. I little realized that. So far as I was concerned, I was seeking the realization of God for my own happiness, success, peace, joy, and health. That’s what I was seeking it for, and I found it. Now, look what it’s done. That realization of God’s presence has virtually gone half around the world, and many, many people can testify to healings and comfortings and supply that have come to them through contact with this message. 

Now then, the presence of God is no respecter of persons. It knows nothing about anyone called Joel Goldsmith—not a thing. When anyone realizes the presence of God, they become the light of the world, and they have no idea how far reaching that light may be. It may not always come forth as another religious teaching, but it can come forth as a piece of art or music or literature that will lift the consciousness of the world. You see, the world needs more things than just physical healings. It needs more things than just a little extra supply. This world needs the highest sense, you know? If you have two pennies, two loaves of bread, sell one and with the penny that you get for that one buy a hyacinth for the soul. 

And so it is. We need more than bread. We need hyacinths for the soul. And those hyacinths can appear as flower gardens or pieces of literature or music or art. And so it is, to each one is given some spiritual capacity made evident in human terms to lighten the burdens of the world, take away the troubles of the world and comfort the world. The Christ is a comforter as well as a multiplier of loaves and fishes. It is a comforter as well as a healer. 

And so it is, that we have no idea what happens in the world when we have a conscious realization of God’s presence. We do not know who is benefited, who is drawn to us, or who is drawn to God. Do you see? Because in the last analysis, they don’t stay with us very long, but they do go off and find their life in God and their way in God.