We are a little bit afraid of people treating us kindly wondering why they are doing it or what they expect to get, but that is not the normal, natural, spiritual way. The spiritual way is to expect everyone to cooperate with us, to love us, to become one with us, to fraternize with us and not for any purpose, just because we are heirs of God joint heirs with Christ in God, all one. 

Now, when we have gone through a year of that type of consciously knowing the truth—remember, Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free, when you consciously know this truth: that God is the soul looking through every eye, when you consciously know the truth that God is the only power, the only presence, the only law, the only substance, the only reality, when you consciously know the truth that all of these negative things are not powers, are not controllers, then you pass to the next step when, with that as a foundation, you live in and through the Spirit. 

And that takes itself in this form: At this very moment I have not a desire in the world. I do not have a want. I do not have a need of any kind. At this very moment I am completely fulfilled. That is, I have a healthy body and a healthy mind, and I have enough money to last me till tomorrow, and I’m in a comfortable room, and I’m with friends, so at this very moment my life is complete. It is perfect. Nothing could be added to it. I wouldn’t know what even to pray for that could add to the fullness of my life at this minute. Do you see that? That is where I am at this minute. I am completely fulfilled in God. 

Now then, where do I go from here? I’ll tell you where I go from here. Before I leave this room, we will have a meditation, and what will be the object of the meditation since there is nothing that I want, nothing that I need, nothing that I require, nothing that I desire, and nothing that even God could add to me. There is only one thing, then, that I meditate for, and that’s a continuity of that feeling of the presence of God. All I want is that when I leave the room, I leave here, when I leave this house or home, when I leave here that I leave with the feeling that God goes with me. That’s all I ask, nothing more. Give me that and I’ve got all the rest because if God’s going with me, there’ll be no accidents on the highways. God is my protection. God is my safety. God is my security. If God goes with me there’ll be no lack tomorrow because God is the multiplier of loaves and fishes. God is the multiplier of my talents or abilities. God is that which is to draw to me, make the crooked places straight as I travel. God it is that is at this very moment arranging the next class work; not only who’s to be there, but what’s to be said. All that is taking place as long as I have God here with me. Do you see that? And that’s all I need. Give me God and you can have the rest, and that’s no favor to you. 

Believe me, there is only one thing that should ever concern anybody on the face of the globe from infancy to maturity and that is, “Am I sure that God is with me? How can I know?” Meditate. Sooner or later the feeling will come. Oh, it’ll come with a deep breath or it will come with a realization, or it will come with a weight falling of the shoulders, or it will come with a passage of scripture, or it will come with a touch on the shoulder. God will find some way to let you know that He’s closer to you than breathing and nearer than hands and feet, and that’s the only demonstration you want. You don’t want a thing beyond that because with that all things are added unto you. With that, the presence of God goes before you to make the crooked places straight. The presence of God is the wine the meat, the water, the bread unto your experience. The presence of God is the healing Christ. The presence of God is the multiplier of loaves and fishes. Do you see that? If you have God, then you can have manna fall from the sky if there is no other way to get it, or you could get gold out of a fish’s mouth. 

Mr. Rickenbacker was stranded in mid-Pacific in a rubber boat with six companions, and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, and there was no fishing line on the boat and no gun on the boat, yet they had fish, and they had birds, and they had fresh water every day. Sounds impossible, but the fish jumped up out of the sea into their little rubber boat, and the birds came and sat on Mr. Rickenbacker’s head, and he just reached up and said, “Here you are. Here is something to eat.” And they had birds every day. They didn’t have to go out and catch them. They didn’t have to jump in the water and catch fish, just sit there and they jumped. Why? Mr. Rickenbacker has been taught, not through The Infinite Way, but he has been taught the secret: Where I am God is. 

And so Mr. Rickenbacker just has learned to sit back there and let God be God to him, so when he needs healing, he gets healing. When he needs food, he gets food. Of course, Mr. Rickenbacker could afford to buy it but not in the middle of the Pacific because they don’t take money. So you have to have a different currency out there! Do you see that? 

You know it because you’ve had experiences here in recent years where you know that there was a different currency than money. Loads of times when your money wouldn’t have helped you if you’d had it in barrels full. There is a different currency under different circumstances, but God is the substance of that currency. And if it has to be gold it will be gold; if it has to be birds it will be birds; if it has to be fish it will be fish; if it has to be safety or security it will be that, but God is the substance of it. Not saying that…no. 

There is the difference in this message. You can’t go to church on Sunday and hear this given in a sermon and then go out and experience it. You can’t go to a class and hear it said and then think it’s going to happen. No, you still have the demonstration of your own to make, and that is the actual experience. It says here, “We must understand that the message of The Infinite Way is not to give the world a new teaching, but to give the world an experience. The Infinite Way is actually a God experience, a Christ experience. The Infinite Way is not in its writings, lectures or classes. These are but instruments leading us to The Infinite Way, and The Infinite Way itself is the God experience. 

Now, when then, this is the second half of the message, when then, through the first half, you have built up in yourself this confidence in God as omnipresence, this confidence in God as the only power, this confidence of God shining through every pair of eyes, then you are ready in your meditation for an actual experience, and it can come in a hundred different ways. Not only that no two people experience it alike, but even the same person doesn’t experience it twice alike. It can come once with just a deep breath like that. The next time it may come with some passage from scripture. You may actually hear the Master say, “Well, I never left you, and I never will. I’ll be with you till the end of the world.” Then all your troubles will fall away. Or it may be that your shoulders will drop. All the weight goes off of them, and you go back and say, “Oh, why didn’t I know that before?” Know what before? “I don’t know just that.”

 It isn’t things you can put in words. It isn’t things that you can describe. They are just experiences that come, and when they come, you know it was God that was there, and then that’s all you have to be convinced of. Now, go out and tend to your business. Now, go out and tend to your housework. Now, do anything you like, because The Father within me, he doeth the works—the consciously realized Father. In one of our lessons we have called this, “realized Christ.” When you have realized Christ, when you have felt that actual presence and power of God as every mystic has, then your whole world is taken care of, and you can say with Paul: I live yet not I, Christ is doing this. Christ brings you together for me to talk to. Christ brings the next group together. Christ goes before me to prepare every step of the way. Christ gives us this in a British addition and then the next year an American publisher says, “We want it, too.” And then God gives us or the Christ gives us a book and then a Dutch translation and a German translation. Last week I had word of an Afrikaans translation down in South Africa among the Dutch people there.

Now, you see, I can’t do it; you can’t do it, but God can. So it is a question of an actual God contact. When that contact takes place then it goes before us, prepares the way, gives us everything necessary to our experience, provides us with scrip or purse or whatever is needed on the journey, and actually, it is our bread, our meat, our wine, our water all of the way along. So you see when you have God realized, when you have Christ experienced, you have wine, water, bread, meat because I am these things, not I give or send them. I am the bread, the wine, the water. Christ is the bread, the wine, the water, so have Christ and you have bread, wine, water. Have God (which means the same thing) and you have your fortress; you have your abiding place; you have your safety—the rock on which you are built. You have everything—everything. A temple not made with hands eternal in the heaven is yours when you have its creator, its substance, God.