Ye are the Light of the world, tape 8801B Free PDF Download

1955 Holland Class

Joel S. Goldsmith

8801B – Ye Are the Light of the World

I am here without looking back—with no concerns. My only concern now is for the next city, or the next town, or the next nation; where again, I must hold myself clear for whatever is to come through, but God’s work through me has been done. Now the result rests with God not with me. 

And God…how is God to do that work? It has to be as you! It has to be through you, in you. It has to be your life that shows forth God; otherwise, God’s work has failed, because the miracle isn’t going to happen out in the air, the miracle is going to happen in your individual experience, and the miracle will be God revealing Itself. God closer to you than breathing; God as your better experience; God as bringing another section of the world into a worship of one power. 

Now, each book, then, has some central theme. In these books are many offshoots of these themes. Each one of them is a thread of truth. As we learn them one by one, practice them, practice them, utilize them in our experience we are developing a spiritual consciousness. When the moment comes that that consciousness has evolved, from then on we do not live our own lives anymore. It functions and lives our lives, and then It determines whether you’re in this place or that place, whether you talk to this group or that group, whether you go healing here or running a business here. It then determines at what level It will function through you, but you find yourself living a life of less responsibility, of less anxiety, less fear, less concern because now you begin to perceive the truth: I live, yet not I, Christ liveth my life. In other words, Christ, the Son of God, is my real life, and now the government is to rest on Its shoulder. 

And so, as we awaken in the morning, we turn to it in that realization: This is Your day. This is Your life. This is Your business. This is Your ministry, and I’m your servant, so let’s get together. Then as you face your day with these different truths, you will find that always this Presence will make itself so clear that you’ll know what to do and when to do it and where to do it. Oh, in the early stages you make mistakes. If you don’t, I did, but as a rule we make lots of mistakes because we do not rightly hear or interpret the Word or the Spirit. But of this you may be assured, no harm will be done. Never fear to make a mistake, never. Never be afraid to make a mistake because It will correct it before any great harm is done, never. Obey your highest impulse and then if for any reason it turns out that you have misinterpreted It, It will correct it before any damage can be done. 

Well, that is the part that concerns the letter of truth. That is one half of our message. The other half of our message concerns the spirit of truth or the consciousness of truth, and it is this second half which accounts for whatever measure of success comes into our life through this message. The first half only leads to the second half. It’s the second half that really brings the success. In other words, now that we know—I’m assuming now. I’m going ahead a year from now—and I’m assuming that we now know that there is only one power, and so that there is no use of going to God to get him to do something for us. Whatever God is going to do, he’s already doing, and we just leave him do it. 

We know now that there is only one power, and we know also that there is only one law, so we’ve lost all fear now of material law, mental law, even legal law; because we have complete confidence now in Spirit, God as the lawgiver and the law. We have learned, too, in this year that Christ is individual identity—yours and mine, his and hers, saint and sinner. So that we have learned in this year to consciously look about us in our families, in our marketing, in our shopping, in our business life, in our professional life and learn not to judge people by what they appear to be outwardly, but to have a secret place within us wherein we look at each other and realize, “Just think. There is Divinity. There is the very Christ of God. Sitting behind those eyes is the very Christ of God. The soul of God looks right out from those eyes.” Now that was part of our lesson last night of the ninth commandment: Never bear false witness against thy neighbor. And any time you say your neighbor is a human being, even a good one or a healthy one or a wealthy one, you are bearing false witness. You are only bearing witness to truth when you say of your neighbor, “He is the Son of God or she is daughter of God, the child of God, and we are of the household of God—all one—heirs, joint heirs with Christ in God.” Then are you bearing witness to spiritual truth, and you’ll find that it will take less than one week for the people of this world to change their attitude toward you.   

The very moment that you stop seeing people as human beings and have a feeling inside of you, “Oh, this one is hasty and temperamental,” or “Oh, this one is never polite or considerate,” and “Oh, this one is always this or that.” The moment you give that up and abide in the realization that the soul of God looks out of every pair of eyes, it will be less than a week until you will find people responding to you in a different way. The trades people in the stores, the customers you do business with, the people that you contact in your profession or art or home, all of this will be different when you are not seeing them as male or female, as good or bad, as rich or poor, high or low. 

When you are witnessing each as the Christ of God, even animals will respond to it, and the minute you appear they’ll come running right up to you knowing you’re going to pat them. They know that right away because they have felt that in you. Animals and children feel it more quickly than adults because adults as a rule have a mental guard up, and it’s hard to get behind that. Everyone has a mental wall up saying, “This is mine. Don’t come too close.” But children and animals do not have that. So the moment you look at them and see the soul of God shining through they feel it, and they come running right up to you for the petting they know they are going to get. Do you see?