The First Commandment is there’s no power but God.  Now, how do you really give power to a thought or to a thing?  How are you going to give power to alcohol or to medicine, once you’ve said there is no power but God—neither power for good nor power for evil.  Only watch this carefully. Don’t make the metaphysical mistake of saying, “Evil isn’t power, but thinking good is.” No. Be quick. There is no power but God.  There’s no good power. There’s no evil power. There’s only God power and nothing that is made, you remember Paul’s statement about worshipping the creature more than the Creator.  Don’t do that. Don’t make a mistake and worship or fear any creature, whether the creature is in physical form or thought form. Don’t fear it, and don’t glorify it. Glorify the Creator of all form, whether it’s thought form or thing form.  And then, you have neither good nor evil, neither good power nor evil power. You have only God power, and then you’ll find one day that for a brief second you’ll be right back in the Garden of Eden where there isn’t a problem, where there isn’t a force or a power acting on you for either good or evil.  You’re just sort of suspended in an atmosphere of peace.

Now, that’s our natural estate, and that’s the one to which we must all return in which we are in a natural state of peace with no good powers to help us and no bad powers to harm us but God power always maintaining and sustaining Its own image and likeness and God power recognized as I in the midst of you.  I in the midst of you maintain you and sustain you.  “I do not give my power to another,” says God, “I do not give my power to thoughts or things.  I alone am power. God alone is power. I don’t impart that power to thoughts or things. I am the power in the midst of you.  Surrender yourself to me. Give yourselves up and let the I at the center of your being be the all power and the only power and look out at everything in life and everybody in life and say, ‘Thou couldst have no power over me unless it came from the Father within me.  Thou couldst have no power over me unless it came from the Father within me.’”

[Question]  “Can you answer why Jesus said all power is given unto me?”  Yes. All power is given unto the I at the center of your being.  You don’t have find God at the center of your practitioner’s being or your teacher’s being.  You have to find it at the center of your being. While you are in the student stage, while you are at that stage where you’re not yet fully demonstrating it, you certainly have the right to turn to the I of your practitioner or your teacher to help you in this present experience.  But, I like to remind our students once in awhile of a Christian Science lecturer who used to quote the first sentence in Mrs. Eddy textbook “to those leaning on the sustaining infinite,” and he used to say, “but be sure you don’t lean too long.”  And so, I would say to you be very grateful if you have a practitioner or teacher to help you across, to be a bridge for you across on your journey from sense to Soul, but don’t lean too long on the practitioner or teacher or too hard. Be sure you make a few steps of your own in between leaning, and then gradually you’ll be led from the constant need of a human help.  And, that doesn’t mean that anyone of us should become so conceited or egotistical as to believe that they can get along by themselves. First of all, they can’t, unless they’ve made the contact with the Father within. And then secondly, even after that once in awhile at least in my experience, it’s been very nice to have someone around me that I could reach out to once in awhile and say, “Give me a lift.”  Because the more of this contact we have, the more demands are made upon us to help others, and so once in awhile the going may get a little rough, and we need help.

[Question]  Now, “if in a very close personal relationship, that of husband and wife, for example, only one is drawn to The Infinite Way, is this couple a house divided against itself and will separation inevitably result?”  No, listen to me. A house divided against itself means a consciousness divided against itself. It means you yourself riding two horses in the same race, you yourself trying to rely on Spirit and also on matter at the same time, you yourself trying to follow one teaching and probably mix it with a little of some other teaching, you yourself trying to take a spiritual teaching and then mix it up with a little mental teaching, or taking a mental teaching and then trying to mix it with a spiritual one.  When you yourself are divided in allegiance, when you yourself are placing what you think is all power in God and then just lean a little bit on a piece of matter, that’s a house divided against itself.

When it comes to these relationships, human relationships, like husband and wife, it does not mean that they will inevitably be separated if they do not follow the same path.  It can happen. It certainly can happen where one of them is forcefully and specifically going in a certain direction and the other one drags or refuses to go along or cannot understand it or follow it.  It may very well happen that in that case there will ultimately be a separation of some kind, or one or the other will have to give up the path they’re following. But, it does not mean that this is inevitably so, for loads of people have learned to live their individual lives without infringing the rights of another.  In other words, as long as each one feels free to follow their own, as long as one isn’t forbidding the other to follow their own, I don’t see that there’s any particular reason for them separating. It is only when it gets to a point of one definitely interfering with another or one impeding the progress of another that I can see the possibility of ultimate separation.  But, I certainly will go on record as saying that it does not necessarily follow that a couple must follow the same teaching or the same way of life, if they are each broad enough to let the other follow their own bent. I will also say that, of course, the greatest degree of happiness and harmony is when two are on the same path.