That’s why in the beginning you will give treatments, and you’ll give them earnestly, and they’ll be very complete ones, but surely within a year or two you should be able to look at any situation and just say, “Thank you Father. That doesn’t fool me anymore.” And in that you’ll find you’ve given the best treatment ever realized on earth because the minute you no longer fear a condition or hate it, that’s when it begins to disappear. When you want to fight it and battle it, that is when you are still giving power to it, so you are trying to overcome it. Once you know it has no power, that is when you are its master. Never forget that. In the stages when you are battling some condition, you still are believing there is a power in it and that is why you are battling it. When the day comes that you can be indifferent to it, you are indifferent to it only for one reason: You have learned that in and of itself it has no power. 

Now, it is in this way that we build up the fabric of our consciousness, our spiritual consciousness. It is in this way, one thread at a time, one principle like one power, that’s a thread of truth, or He that is within me is greater than whatever it is I have to take care of. That is another thread, or Love is the only relationship, is another thread. And so you will find…Well, let us take these books. Each one of these books, except The Infinite Way, is written around one sentence. The Infinite Way, itself, is a book of principles. Almost every sentence or paragraph is a principle in The Infinite Way message. It is our text book. It is a book that in ten years we will not fully understand or achieve for the simple reason that every time we read it over it will have new meanings for us. It is the depth of our work. Seems simple when we read it, but that’s because we don’t understand it in its spiritual sense. 

All of the other books are written around—while they all contain the message they usually have a central theme of one statement. For instance, Metaphysical Notes is entirely built around the statement: My conscious oneness with God constitutes my oneness with all spiritual being and idea. Now, you’d be surprised what that sentence means. It means that when I am consciously one with God that I am instantly one—at one with—everything that concerns my whole life whether it is person, place, thing or condition. 

In other words, I could never in the world be one with God and have a single thing missing out of my life, because oneness with God is oneness with all that God is God to, and that’s God itself in infinite form. You’d be surprised that if you needed transportation, if you needed health, if you needed capital, if you needed sales, if you needed a home, the moment you have made your conscious oneness with God those things begin to appear in the outer world, and that was a discovery that I made early in the work: that I did not ever have to seek for food or clothing or housing or money or transportation or automobiles. All I ever had to seek was this conscious union with God and whatever I needed appeared the next day, or quickly, as the need arose. 

In the same way Consciousness Unfolding is built around this: God is forever unfolding and disclosing Itself as individual consciousness. In other words, God, the infinite Mind or Soul or Consciousness, is appearing as your individual Soul or Mind or Consciousness and appearing outwardly as our daily experience. So you will find then that whereas you may believe that tomorrow may be made up of a dozen different things, I say to you that once you catch this principle, tomorrow, your tomorrow, will be God revealing Itself. Every hour of your day God will be showing Itself to you as health, harmony, guidance, direction, supply, whatever it may be. The moment you take unto yourself the realization: God is unfolding and disclosing Itself as my individual experience. God is unfolding and disclosing Itself as my individual experience. Then nothing can come through my daily thing except God appearing. Do you see? 

So it is, God the Substance of All Form is another unfoldment based on the fact that we cannot find a form separate from God. God is the substance of all form. Now, let us illustrate that. This looks like a book, and a very inexpensive book; can be bought for seven and cents. But do you really believe that that’s what it is, or do you not know that this was truth in consciousness appearing outwardly as a book? Could there have been a book here without the truth that unfolded as the book? Could a book come up out of air, out of nothingness? No. Truth—spiritual truth—appearing in my consciousness and externalizing itself as a book. So if you were to try to separate this book from God consciousness or Truth consciousness what would you have left? Blank paper. Do you see that? The contents of this book is God, Truth formed, Truth revealed and externalized as a book. 

Alright, let’s look around this room. Do you think for a minute that so far as I’m concerned there are twenty or twenty-one or two people in this room? Now why should anybody travel ten thousand miles to talk to twenty people? That’s fantastic, and don’t you ever believe it. As far as I am concerned, God is revealing Itself as your individual being and mine. God is disclosing Itself as you and as me for some purpose that God has. I don’t know that purpose. I’m a part of it the same as you are, but I don’t know what it is. I haven’t the faintest idea what it is that God is going to accomplish in this group or through this group, not one single bit. 

It could be that it will just be twenty people made more conscious of God’s presence. It may be that out of this group one person will add ten thousand students to The Infinite Way. I don’t know what God’s purpose is. I only know that God has unfolded and disclosed and revealed Itself as this class for some purpose that God has in mind. Do you see that? 

Now I’m perfectly satisfied not to get too inquisitive. God’s business is God’s business and that’s alright with me. I am an instrument, a tool, in God’s hand just like a pen is in my hand, so am I a tongue in God’s mouth, and he wags it. Now what the result is, is in God’s hands; it’s not mine. I am not responsible for what comes out of this class. That’s God’s responsibility. I am responsible only for having obeyed the call, and readied myself and made myself clear, truly empty so that the message could come through, and that’s the end of my responsibility. When I leave here, I’ll leave here without looking back, with no concern. My only concern now is for the next city or the next town or the next nation where, again, I must hold myself clear for whatever is to come through, but God’s work through me has been done. Now the result rests with God not with me. And God, how is God to do that work? It has to be as you. It has to be through you, in you. It has to be your life that shows forth God. Otherwise, God’s work has failed; because the miracle isn’t going to happen out in the air. The miracle is going to happen in your individual experience, and the miracle will be God revealing itself, God closer to you than breathing, God as your better experience, God as bringing another section of the world into a worship of one power.