Whenever and wherever there is a God, there is no quarrel, none whatsoever, because there is no such thing as competition. It makes no difference whether you’re in the business world or whether you’re in the religious life there can be no competition once there is God. Why? Because with the understanding that God is your supply, you’re not sitting around watching whether somebody takes your customers away, or if you are in the religious world you wouldn’t be worrying whether somebody was taking your students away. Why? What difference does it make? Each one must go where they find that which they are seeking—whether it’s a business article or a religious article. But is my fate or yours dependent on where somebody else goes, or on whether or not we go to God? Do you see what it means when you really and truly have a God? You look to this God as the source of everything. 

And there you come to another one of our favorite Bible passages: Lean not unto your own understanding. Acknowledge Him in all thy ways, and He will give thee peace, rest—whatever it is, prosperity, harmony, joy, but Acknowledge Him. That means, then, that you have to acknowledge God as the source of your health, as the source of your supply, as the source of your happiness, as the source of your joy. Now, it is for this reason that we give one half of our work to the study and realization of the correct letter of truth. In other words, we must know what our principle is. Otherwise, we would be in blind faith. 

Again, let me illustrate that: In the religious world and in most of the metaphysical world there are two powers, and there is always this negative power which causes our sins or diseases or lacks. Then there is the power of God that we are trying to reach so as to overcome these negative powers or forces or destructive powers or forces. Now that is the rule in religious teaching that the power of God will overcome the enemies of our lives, whether of our health or any other function of our being, but we in The Infinite Way do not accept that at all. We do not accept a God that heals disease. We don’t accept a God that overcomes lack. We don’t accept a God that reforms sinners. We don’t accept a God that you turn to for anything at all. Why? Because we have accepted God as infinite—the one power, the only power; therefore, we do not give recognition to any other powers that have to be overcome. So that, instead of turning to God and saying, “Oh God! Will you heal this disease?” We turn to the disease and say, “You have no power. You have no jurisdiction. You have no law. Therefore, we need not fear what you can do. Do you see the difference in that approach?

We are not using God! Why? Because God is always about Its own business maintaining the harmony of this universe, and what are we suffering from? We are suffering from the belief that there is a power, or a dozen powers, opposed to God. And so we’re running around looking for a God to overcome for us, and there is no such God. Otherwise, the world would have had Him and overcome the errors long before this. They’ve all been trying; in both wars they’ve been going to church and praying this God to please give us peace, and the peace doesn’t come until the enemy is all out of ammunition. Do you know that? Do you know that the churches are praying, “Oh God! Heal my parishioner, or help me heal my…” and then they send for the doctor to do the job?

Now, God, as we have discovered, is not a power that you can pray to to have It do something to some other power. God is an infinite power of good, an all power, an almighty power, and beside God there is no power! And so when we are faced with sin, disease, death, lack, limitation, we sit very quietly by and look it right in the face and say as Jesus did to Pilate, “Thou couldst have no power over me unless it were given thee from the God in heaven. You have no power! None…Infection, contagion, heredity…you have no power! The only reason you’re bothering me and annoying me and paining me is that there is a universal belief in the world that you are a power and that you can destroy life, but you can’t. I don’t acknowledge power in you. I acknowledge all power in God.” Do you see the difference in that approach? That is with us a part of the correct letter of truth. 

Now, if you do not adopt this principle of God as one power and consciously maintain it day in and day out, you’ll find yourself fluctuating, and one day you’ll be saying God is all power and the next day you’ll be saying, “Oh God, won’t you do something to help my poor cat or my poor dog or my poor child or my poor mother.” Do you see what I’m getting at? In this work it is work, consecration, devotion until you are so thoroughly imbued with the correct letter that you do not waver when you see evidences of discord in the world, but rather, you learn to stand fast there and say, “No, I cannot accept appearances nor world beliefs. I will not give honor to any power but God, so I will not fear what mortal man can to do to me. I will not fear what mortal conditions can do to me. I will not fear what mortal germs can do to me. I will not fear what a calendar on the wall can do to me.” 

Oh, every day that we change the date on a calendar, it’s claiming to make us older and a day nearer the grave. That’s what that calendar is for—to encourage us to die. That’s its main function to hypnotize us with the idea that time is passing and the grave is opening wider and sooner, and if we are not careful we’ll be looking up at that calendar and saying, “Oh why are you going so fast?” And in that you will be honoring a calendar and giving it power over your mind and body. 

Does a printed calendar have such a power? And you know it hasn’t. Is there anything in the movement of the sun the stars the earth that carries with them an aging process? Why no, they’ve been turning around that way for thousands of years and they haven’t aged, but they age us every time they go round twenty-four hours. Who said so? We do. We have accepted the fact that each twenty-four hours has added a weight to our shoulder, and we get a little more stooped carrying it around. 

Carrying what around? Why the earth is renewed every spring and every fall and the plants and the flowers. Only we aren’t renewed, and yet we are the ones who are given dominion over time and space and stars and sun and moon and seas, but we have relinquished our dominion to a calendar, to a germ. Any little germ can come along and we say, “Oh, what terrible things you’re doing to me. Yes, we who were given dominion over everything in the heavens, the skies, the air, the earth, and the waters beneath the earth. We have surrendered our dominion. 

Now, in this work we take back our dominion, not as a personal thing, as if I personally had power, but we take it back because it is a God given dominion which we must never surrender. And we must hold on to it and we can only do it consciously by every time that a negative appearance would touch us, whether it is a calendar or a germ or a wrong season, by looking at it and saying, “You have no power. I have God given dominion over everything between the skies and the waters beneath the seas. All dominion is vested in me as the child of God and you have no power.”

Now, you will witness very quickly if you can accept this principle of The Infinite Way, which wasn’t invented by The Infinite Way, incidentally. It’s as old as time itself, and the Master gave it as one of his major principles: Thou shalt have no other Gods. Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul. There is no power on earth except God power. That was one of his major themes, The first commandment. Now, when you accept the first commandment, you are accepting God as the only power, but now in order to avail yourself of it, at every suggestion of inharmony or discord, whether in your experience or somebody that you pass on the street, you must bring this to conscious remembrance until sometime, a year or two years, it has become so much a part of your consciousness that never again do you have to think of it because now when you see a discord around, you just smile at it and sort of mentally flick your finger.