Now, we have a few questions here. And the first is; “Are there many spiritual beings, or one?” And that’s just been answered. There is only one infinite spiritual being, appearing individually as you or me. “

“Is the primal cause mind?” No the primal cause is not mind. No, mind is an instrument, like the body is an instrument. We say that the primal cause is mind, merely, I should say, merely to avoid creating another metaphysical dictionary. It has so long been accepted that when you put a capital M on mind, that you mean God, that we really go along with that. But it doesn’t really mean that. There is not a capital “M” mind, and a small “m” mind, and surely you know that. There can’t be two minds. There’s only one mind, and that’s not God. God is the soul of man, the spirit of man. And just as spirit and soul has what we call embodiment, or body, so it has the mind through which it functions. And if you learn to become receptive in your mind, use your mind as an instrument of yours, you will find that through your mind you will receive the impartations from your soul, just as a musician will receive impartations of music, and the poet will receive his ideas of poetry, and the sculptor, and the painter will receive ideas. The mind will bring them into his focus, and then the hands will carry out the work. But the soul is the source. Mind is just an instrument through which we go back to the soul. 

And then; “Is it your conviction that smoking and alcohol, in whatever moderate usage, constitute a barrier to receptivity or spiritual progress?” Well, my actual experience has been this; that spiritual progress eliminates the drinking and the smoking. Whereas, repressing that moderate use of alcohol doesn’t act in any way to enhance spiritual power. If it did, then all the good people in the world who don’t smoke and don’t drink, would all be very instantly candidates to be spiritual beings. But that isn’t true. There are loads of people in the world who never saw or heard of smoke or drink, and there isn’t a trace of spirituality about them. No, it is the other way around. The question could be extended further. Will it help to give up meat, to make you more spiritual? And so forth and so on. No, of course not. As you become spiritual, you will eat less of meat until the day comes when you will eat no meat. But it is your spirituality that brings that about. Giving up the eating of meat won’t make you spiritual. There have been too many people try that way, and it hasn’t worked. You might just as well say, if you sit in prayer all day will that make you spiritual? No. But as you become spiritual, you will find yourself sitting more and more in prayer. There’s only one thing we really can do toward developing our spirituality. Acknowledge, first of all, that if you’re on the spiritual path you’re not there because of any quality of yourself. It is because a little of God has touched us, and put us on this beam. And we can’t do other than we’re doing. That’s number one. Then number two; up to the capacity that is given us, let us give our time to the reading, the studying, and meditating. Don’t try to force it by saying; “I’m determined to spend four hours to day at it.” But gradually increase your capacity until you’re at four or eight. That is an individual thing that only you can determine. On the other hand, do not let this world mesmerism, which sometimes appears as laziness, indifference, get to you and keep you from that which you know is your function. Fortunately you have been given a conscience, and you’ll know right well when you’re not doing all that you should be doing to enhance your spirituality. 

And the last is; “What is your definition of soul?” And, there is no such thing as a “definition of soul”. If you could define soul, you would define God. If you could define God, you would find that an effect was God instead of cause. Remember that anything you could know with your mind is an effect. That’s why you can never know God with your mind. God is not an effect. God is cause. And therefor, God can reveal Itself through you. But you never will be able to live it, God, to the extent of being able to define it, or analyze it, or project it in any way. We can, through a silent communion, attain a degree of conscious oneness with God, so that those who are meditating with us can become aware of God, some in a minor degree, and some in greater degree. But, if we are to try to project it with our minds, it would fail. It is the ability — There again; I say unto you, don’t try to project thought to anybody. But sit still, and let God flow out through. 

Now, when anybody is in meditation, and any conscious thought is in their mind, especially any conscious thought of imparting Truth to you, they must inevitably fail.