Now, you are in the “I say unto you”. When you recognize God as the one presence, and the one power, and abide it It, and every time that error comes to your awareness you are alert, and say; “You can’t fool me. There are not two powers. I won’t fight you. I won’t rebel against you. I won’t refute you. I won’t punish you. I won’t even pray to get rid of you. I stand fast.” Resist not evil. Why? God is the creative principle. God is the maintaining and sustaining principle. But since God is infinite, there is no other principle. Now, in the sermon on the mount you are given your human life, as you’ve heretofore known it. And you are given the spiritual life as you may attain it, if you follow the Christ, if you follow the teachings of spiritual living. And do not, above all things, do not say; “It isn’t practical in this modern age.” Because, it is the most practical thing there is. Not only that. Not only the most practical. It’s the only practical thing. Because, it’s coming into a life lived by a spiritual principle, and that spiritual principle is God. Infinite, eternal, universal, omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient God. And when you’re living in God, you are living safely. Where no evil can come nigh thy dwelling place. Well, don’t think you’re living in God if you’re thinking of God as a great power that’s going to do something for you. Or, that God is going to do something to error. God isn’t going to do a thing to error. Error is going right on for the rest of all time, until individual being makes the transition from having two powers to having one power; until every individual comes to that place in consciousness where they understand beyond question of doubt that God is the only power. 

We can see the signs of the times coming around to that right now in our world affairs. It isn’t too many years ago that the only way of settling national questions was by war. There was no other known way. A few tried it by conference, but it didn’t work because in the background was always; “Well, in the last analysis, we can call out the army and navy.” But you see, since this nuclear fusion, where everybody realizes that there could never be another war which civilization could survive, the way had to come to those in responsible positions; “Is there not some other way than throwing bombs?” And so, we have come to the place where you find us today, where we censure even our own allies, if they resort to anything but the conference table. Where we will not have patience, or will not support, even our allies if they attempt, regardless of how much reason they believe they have, regardless of how much right seems to be with them, it is not to be tolerated that they result to force. Even if temporarily they lose, by virtue of not resorting to force. And, that is the first step toward what we are leading to. We’ve gone beyond that. Because we’ve gone beyond conferences. We’ve gone beyond lawsuits. We have gone to the place of the recognition of; “I say unto you, thou couldst have no power over me, except it were given thee of God.” That is the one power. That is the place of that sermon on the mount. And that is the whole basic structure of the message of the Infinite Way. That is what it was primarily based on. That is what brought the Infinite Way into existence as a teaching, instead of allowing it to rest with one of the other metaphysical teachings; the fact that, in my practice years and years and years ago, before ever the Infinite Way was dreamed of, I saw that the solution of all human problems, physical, mental, moral, financial, human relationship, every single bit of it rested on the ability not to fight back, rested on the ability not to fight error, rested on the ability to rest in “one power”. And, that has been the basis ever since we began, which many people do not grasp, but which they would more readily grasp if they studied more the chapters on the nature of error. The nature of error, in our writings, really tells you this secret. Because, it reveals to you the nature of what you are, if we can use the word, “battling” with. What it is that’s disturbing you. When you see its nature, you will no longer battle it, for you will see it for what it actually is, not what it appears to be or claims to be, but what it actually is. 

Now, that is why in our work, in healing, we never need to know the name of a patient. We never need to know what it is they need help for. We don’t care whether it’s a physical claim, mental, moral, or financial. It makes no difference to us. We don’t care if it’s male or female, or if it’s animal, or a bird. Absolutely no difference to us why. We know the nature of what we’re facing. And we are not facing an erroneous man or woman, and we’re not facing an erroneous condition. We know definitely that we’re facing a state of universal hypnotism that is presenting to us an appearance of humans. Or mortals. And we’ve learned there are no such things. We are Divine Being. 

It is only to our human sight and sense that we appear to be humans, but as soon as you get back inside of yourself, and attain the smallest measure of spiritual understanding, you will know that you never see anybody when you’re looking at them. You are seeing only their body. In order to become aware of those who are in front of you, you have to look right through their eyes. And way way back of their eyes, you’ll see them. Their true identity. The reality of them. And the strange thing is, they all have the same name. Back there, they all lose these names that we use out in front. Like Hamlet, and the Merchant of Venice, and Othello; and now, we go all the way back and we find the name of Shakespeare. But with us, we go back and find the name is God. God is the name of everybody in this world. But each one wears a mask, and it’s called Jones, and Brown, and Smith, and Bill, and James, and Joseph. But if you look back far enough, you’ll find that these are just characters in God consciousness. God consciousness Itself produced out here as form. And so, you will never be fooled into believing that one person has a character difference, or a life difference in another, or a degree of health, or wealth, or finance different than another. 
You will know that God is the central theme of individual being. God is all there is constituting individual you and me. Then, when you see that nothing but a world hypnotism makes this appearance, you will no longer fight it. For you will understand then, that no hypnotist has ever produced anything but a picture, an image. And so it is, this world mesmerism has never yet created man woman or child, has never created sin or disease, only an illusory picture to which we give those names. And so, in our handling of individual problems, we’re not dealing with some specific problem of the earth, because you know if we could meet ninety nine of your problems, that it wouldn’t take you but a week to develop a hundred and ten more. You just about clear out one sin or disease, to make room for seven; the Master saw that, if all you’re doing is removing individual problems. For, what you do is remove that world hypnotism from the individual, and you free them into their true identity. And, you know why then God is one, and God is life, and God is immortal being. And that’s why we’re told; “You have a new name, in that day.” A new name will be written in your forehead. It’s a three letter word. Or you can divide up the three letters into two words, and call it; “I AM.” Which is the truth. I really am. Not “I was,” and not “I will be.” I am, at this very moment. And you can see it. And I can see that you AM also. (laughter) And, as you realize that I AM, that I AM-ing becomes a state of continuity, an eternal IS-ing, or AM-ing. The hypnotism disappears.