Now, here is one of the first great principles of the mystical, or spiritual, way of life; that you do not have to reach out to God. You do not have to tell It anything. You do not have to attempt to influence it. And it won’t do you any good anyhow. You can’t. But you will quickly see that whatever God is, God eternally is. And that man can not influence God to be other than God is. And so, you’ll quickly learn that prayer means coming into agreement with that. A form, a high form of prayer, is coming into agreement; “Why, God is.” God is. That’s enough. God is. Why do I take responsibility for myself or another? Is this my child, or God’s child? Is this my world, or God’s world? And this whole sense of personal responsibility drops away. Not all at once, unless it comes to you through revelation, and even then, even if it comes in a blinding flash, as it did to Saul of Tarsus, it may take you, as it took him, nine years before you come into the full realization of what it means. And I can bare witness to you, that no matter how many revelations I have had, I have not been able immediately to demonstrate them. It has taken time for it to settle into my consciousness and become a demonstrable principle. I see the principle. I catch it. But it is so contrary to everything that I’ve ever humanly learned, that it takes time to assimilate it. And takes even a little more time before it begins to flow naturally.

And so you must see this. We’re still now with that sermon on the mount, remember, and we’re with the two forms of life. And, right now we’re on the “I say unto you.” Now, when the Master says unto you; “I say unto you, resist not evil,” he is saying to you; “The Father created this universe, and maintains it, and sustains it. Relax, and rest.” When he says unto you; “I say unto you, that if they sue you, let them.” It is because, he is saying that we do not live on yesterday’s manna. Day by day, the manna falls. It makes no difference what you do with the treasure you have laid up in your storehouse. It makes no difference how that gets wrecked. This is the day the Lord hath made. And this is the day that the Lord is maintaining and sustaining Its own universe. And just as there is no provisions for birds, or fish, to store up supply, or animals. Neither is there a necessity for us. That’s no encouragement to waste it. But it is encouragement to stop fearing about this thing called supply, or tomorrow, or the future, and rest in this “I say”. I say unto you.

Now, this “I say unto you,” is a complete assurance that God is the creative and maintaining and sustaining principle, and therefor, we are to abide in that word, let that word abide in us. “In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength.” “Be still, and know.” All of these things point to why the Master could say “I say unto you, don’t live by the weapons of this world, whether the physical weapons or the mental weapons, but stand still, be still.” Oh be active, certainly. Each one of us has a work to do. Whether it’s housekeeping or business, healing or whatever it may be. And we have to be active as many hours as we can demonstrate our oneness with God. That is, our restfulness, and there strength. But let us do it without any anxiety, as if the responsibility were on our shoulder, or as if there were something that we have to think in order to make this thing come true. The proof of all this, in my experience, is the years of healing work in which I have been able to witness, from my own work and that of other students, that the healings took place not by what we knew, and not by how much effort we made, but by what degree of inner peace we could attain. In other words, our struggle was not to think something, or do something. Our struggle was in attaining the ability to overcome thinking and doing, and learn to be still inside. I remember, in the very first months of my healing work, that on one of the occasions when I was having a little talk with God, I agreed that I would never refuse any call for help that came to me, regardless of where it came from or who from, or what the circumstances were, or what amount of work or labour or anything else that was involved in it, that I would consider every call made upon me as if it were a call coming from God. And so, it wasn’t long before I was being called out to visit the homes of patients who could not leave their beds or homes. And you know that within a very few years, it took one whole day in the week of driving with a car, and then it took very nearly a second day. And in those two days, I was driving over two hundred and fifty miles every week, just calling on patients who couldn’t leave their homes. And one day, it dawned on me; why should that be necessary? What would you be doing there in the flesh that you couldn’t be doing there in the spirit? Is there really a demand on you for that? What would be the end of all this, if you started making calls and found that it took seven days a week, and then got more calls, and there were no more days? I thought; “Aha that’s it. I am taking on myself unnecessary human tasks. I can still assume the spiritual activity, not the human.” And gradually, I cut down on those calls, until I imagine that in the last ten years I haven’t made ten calls. Not in ten years have I made ten calls. And the reason is, there is very little reason for making a call. There might be one, if for instance one of our very earnest students found themselves in some kind of a difficulty and needed the assurance that we were all standing by and carrying through with them. That might be, as you might say, a matter of love. Not that it would be necessary for bringing out the healing. But it might be a “suffer it to be so now”. But ordinarily speaking, there is very little call for those calls. Because, the body that we go around in doesn’t do any healing work. And the mind that carries the body around doesn’t do any healing work. And the Spirit is wherever we may be at any given moment. And I have learned this; if I will sit – and it makes no difference what part of the world I’m in – if I will sit until I achieve that inner peace, that inner Grace, and wait, just wait for an inner assurance that God is on the field, the cases are met. And that’s all it takes. 

I am not a healer, and you never will be. Even God isn’t a healer, in the sense of really healing anyone. But, the principle is this; where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. You cannot have the presence of God, and a discord. They won’t go together. There’s no room for it. Now, we talk about the omnipresence of God, and God fills all space. And that makes a lot of nice emotional poetry, and religious fanaticism. But as a matter of fact, God is where God is realized. That’s where God is. And that is why you could go to Jesus and, with the depth of his realization of God’s presence, you could have an instantaneous healing. And, that’s why you come to us today. And it might take a day, or it might take a month, or it might take a year. The difference is in the degree of God realization. That’s where the difference comes in, in the healing work. That’s why it is, that some are very fine healers. It is because they live and move and have their being in God consciousness, and they do not allow themselves to be brought down from that high level of spiritual awareness. There are others who, as we do in this activity; in order to bring some of this light to students, we have to come down into the world, and we are not always on the mountaintop, where we should be for the very best results in healing work. Those who have less to do with teaching, less to do with lecturing, less to do with traveling, should be the better healers because they can abide at home, and live, and move and have their being in spiritual consciousness. They can rest in their books, in their scripture, in their meditation. They can abide in the secret place of the most high, and not be pulled out. And, for the rest of us, who must travel, and teach, it becomes a double duty on our shoulder to find hours, and hours, and hours, when we can be alone, and establishing ourselves and maintaining ourselves in that state of consciousness. Because, where the Spirit of the Lord is, where the consciousness of God’s presence is, there are no discords, there are no other powers. No powers. No powers of heredity, no powers of sin, no powers of disease, no powers of lack, no powers of war. You could be right on the front battle lines and no evil would come nigh thy dwelling place, if so be you were abiding in the Spirit of God. And, you are only abiding in the Spirit of God when you have one power. Look back again, in that sermon on the mount. Why could the Master say; “Resist not evil.” Because there is but one power. And you are never going to be called upon to refute or fight another power. If you will abide in spiritual wisdom, you will never be troubled by truth over error, or God over Satan, or the immortal over the mortal. Never. Because these things will not come night your dwelling place. You will be living in the oneness of One. God is. And because God is, nothing else is.