Download pdf tape 175A “I”say unto you

1956 New York Laurelton Hotel Closed Class

“I” Say Unto You 

Tape 175A

Joel S. Goldsmith 

Good evening.

Let us return to last night, and recall that I said that we are responsible for our demonstration or lack of demonstration. In other words, we are responsible for our lives as we find them at this moment. Now, so as not to be misunderstood, I do not mean that in the sense that it is necessarily the mistakes you have consciously made, or deliberate faults or errors on your part or mine, so much as I mean ignorance, our ignorance of life. Our ignorance of life principles. Our acceptance, which we couldn’t help, of world beliefs. At any time that the knowledge of spiritual life, or spiritual law would come to us, we ourselves could make the change. Or, had we been properly taught in the beginning, we would have known how to avoid most of the discords of our experience. But regardless of the fact that most of our troubles have been due to our ignorance of life; and even some of our good fortune has been due to our ignorance; in other words, we haven’t come into it through consciously bringing it about as much as we have through what the world calls luck or good fortune, circumstances and so forth. The reason for all of this, is that we were brought into a world with a material standard of life. And that is where the error began. 

From the very beginning, we have been taught that the secret to harmony is getting; getting, achieving, accomplishing, being a go getter, having a strong personality, being dynamic, and knowing what we want and going after it. Where as that — Those very traits in some of us are responsible for our troubles, because through them we have violated spiritual law. We have not only brought in the bread that we cast upon the waters, but we’ve managed to capture some that belonged to the other fellow. And in doing this, we violated a spiritual law that had to react upon us. In the same way, at any time that we have pushed someone aside, elbowed someone, mentally or physically; at any time that we have reached out for that which was another’s; in that degree, we have violated spiritual law. And we could even go a step further, and say that those things for which we legally and legitimately struggled, sometimes were the very things that destroyed us. And the reason is this; the spiritual truth is that we are infinite, and that all that the Father hath is already within ourselves. And therefor, any attempt to add to that, any attempt to get, any attempt to push, was itself a violation of that law. 

The Master says; “I have meat that ye know not of; that the world knows not of.” He says; “I can give you living waters; waters that spring up into life eternal.” He says; “I am the bread. I am the wine. I am the water.” All of this indicating that at this very moment, and at any time past, present or future, we are Infinite Being. Not by virtue of ourselves, but by virtue of the great truth, that “thou seest me, thou seest the father that sent me. For I and the father are one.” “The place whereon thou standest is holy ground.” “Son, thou art ever with me. All that I have is thine.”

And so you see, in order to be spiritually attuned; in order to be living in accord with the laws of God, we would have to start with the realization, that all that the Father hath is embodied within us. The bread of life. The staff of life. The wine of inspiration. The water of life eternal. The whole kingdom of God is established within us. Then, you see, instead of starting out in life with the idea of gaining, getting, achieving, we would reverse that, and we would start out in life with the idea of serving, giving, bestowing, sharing, cooperating. We would be living out from our within-ness, always able to assure anyone and everyone that our joy is in giving, sharing, serving, bestowing, cooperating. And then our good, on the human plane, would be the reflex action of our giving. In other words, it would be the normal reaction to our giving. The bread that we cast on the water would come back to us. 

So you see, that every time that we believe there is something or somebody to be achieved or gained or won, some name, some fame, some fortune, we are at that very moment in violation with the spiritual principle of life, which is givingness. Just as God; we can’t be anything that God isn’t, if we are the offspring of God, the child of God, the spirit of God made flesh. If we are all that, then all that God is, I am. All that the Father hath is mine. And so you see, you would be breaking that relationship, as the prodigal son did. When the prodigal son had that which he called his own, even though in the first place the Father gave it to him, but then he considered that it was his own, and then he went out into life and spent it, wasted it. So with us, even if we acknowledge that God is our wisdom, and God is our supply, and God is our this, that and the other thing, and then forget it, claim it for our own, and begin to use it, what we do is use it up. Because, in calling it our own we have cut ourselves off from the source, or the supply. And then, we only have so much, and that’s why it is said that we have only so much strength, and we must conserve it. We have only so much intelligence, and we mustn’t draw on it too heavily or first thing you know we use it up. We only have so many ideas, and so by the time composers and authors and artist and sculptors get to be forty or fifty, they’re all used up, and washed up too. All because of the belief that what is pouring through them is really pouring from them. And it isn’t true. It isn’t true. In that sense, they are like the prodigal, who has so much to begin with, and so many years in which to use it up. 

But, to go back to our true relationship, and understand that God is the source, and that there’s nothing that we’re spending; we’re not spending strength, years, wisdom, substance, life force. We’re not using up anything. Because we haven’t anything stored up. It is all pouring through us, as we call upon it, from an infinite source. It is very much like gauging your water supply by how much is in the pipes in your home, or in the tank on your roof, forgetting the reservoir just out of town, and forgetting that even that reservoir is filled from the never failing source of the rains and snows that come down from the mountains. And so it is, that when we believe that we are using up our intelligence, our wisdom, our strength, our vitality, our years, it is all due to that ignorant belief that we are something of ourselves, and that we must date our possessions from the date called a birth date. And, using that standard, figure how close we are to three score years and ten, when it must all be used up. 

Now you see, living that type of life is not a deliberate wickedness on our part. It is the result of ignorance. Because, we should have been taught from the beginning the lesson that the Master has given us of our relationship to God, and the fact that it is not our life that is being lived, it is God’s life. It is not our strength that is being used, it is His strength. It isn’t our understanding that is infinite, but His understanding is infinite. It is not that our supply is infinite, but His supply is infinite, and we are but the instruments through which God pours that to glorify Himself. “God has no pleasure in your dying. Turn ye and live.” Why? A corpse can’t glorify God. That must be clear to you. And so it is, that it is our function to live. But not to live as ailing, aging human beings. But to live in the image and likeness of God, drawing upon God for daily wisdom. Daily strength, daily supply, so forth and so on.