Now, that really and truly brings to light this secret of the Sermon on the Mount.  The Sermon on the Mount takes us out of the pairs of opposites. It takes us away from the health and no health, the supply and no supply and takes us into that world of the Spirit where we relax and judge not after appearances.  Judge not at all as to whether it’s health or un-health but whether we stand in that Spirit. And that, of course, is going to lead us to the place that makes it, well I was going to say simple but that’s not quite true, but more simple to demonstrate the Sermon on the Mount.  And, that is when we come to this subject of neither good nor evil. Those of you who have studied the writings well know that all the way through the writings we are based on that particular premise of neither good nor evil, that our attempt never has been to change evil into good in any way.  And now, in order to make that live and come alive in our experience, we are going to have, and we’ll take this up tomorrow night, the beginning of this subject of good and evil.

Meanwhile, let us take these questions.  “How does one give God all the honor and power and glory?”  Well, right there, if you look behind the scene, the visible scene, and acknowledge always that there is an Invisible producing the visible, you will be giving all honor and glory to God.  The very moment that we believe you and I are responsible for something we are taking from that. But, when you, for instance, look out at the growing crops, the trees, fruits, and realize that there is an unseen Presence and Power responsible for that, then you’re giving all honor and glory unto God.  When you look at a monumental piece of work, like the Golden Gate Bridge, or the Empire State Building, or something of that nature, and realize what lies back of that creation, realize the spiritual laws that existed before Abraham was that men have merely brought to light in order to bring these creations to us.

Every time you fly in a plane and just think of yourself sitting up four or five miles above the earth as comfortably as if you were in your own home.  Think of that miracle and then remember this. That it wasn’t men who created this. There were spiritual laws that men discovered, spiritual laws that existed before the Wright brothers, spiritual laws that existed before Leonardo da Vinci, spiritual laws that existed before Abraham was ever on earth or before the Aryan race began; and it is those spiritual laws that are holding us up in the air in those planes.  Always remember this as you read of this coming Atomic Age, and I’m thinking, of course, of its constructive side. Remember this that these laws have existed since before there was a man on earth to realize them. That’s how to give glory and honor to God by recognizing that nothing has been achieved on this earth that what wasn’t achieved through the recognition of something that God created in the beginning.

The very automobiles that we drive around with, with gasoline, if you stop to think of the fact of the thousands of years that that oil was in formation and of how it got into the earth and how the transformation took place on the earth you’ll know that there was an invisible Law operating to produce all of that.  And, it is by recognizing that it is the Invisible, the Infinite Invisible, that is responsible for everything that’s visible that you are giving all honor and credit where it belongs. It’s perfectly right to be thankful to Jesus Christ for what he revealed to us of spiritual law. It is just as right to be grateful to Moses for having given us that which was necessary first—the moral law.  It certainly is right to be grateful to Benjamin Franklin, and to the Wright brothers, and to Kettering, and all of those who have made life comfortable. But, how can we be grateful to them at all without realizing that they are but the instruments through which divine law has been brought into our experience?

There is no other way on earth that is the same in this work, if through a spiritual teaching your life is made better.  It is certainly right and just that you be grateful to every spiritual teacher who has ever been responsible for bringing that into our experience.  I’ve tried to make this clear to many classes that a person who is along on this spiritual path who doesn’t recognize the work of people like Mrs. Eddy, or Mrs. Somawa, or Emily Cady, or any of those early workers on this path, they are just overlooking the entire secret of their harmony in today’s experience, for everyone of those was a pioneer passing onto us that which had been revealed to them in which we have the privilege of using.  And, if we dedicate our lives to it carrying on even to higher measure, for there never will be a time when the grace of God will be completely realized by man.

God’s grace is Infinite, and we have only the capacity to understand and demonstrate in proportion to our developed consciousness.  But, remember this that the more we develop our consciousness, the more we lay the foundation for the next generation to develop theirs to even a greater extent.  We have developed ours with these principles that have been given to us by Jesus, and John, and Paul, and Mrs. Eddy, and all the rest of these people; but the next generation and the one after that will have in addition to it all that we can pass on to them.  And, so it must be recognition can be given to everybody on the spiritual plane of discovery or the material one of invention and discovery in science. But, to give complete honor and glory to God, bear witness to the fact that none of these people could have achieved anything if there hadn’t been some spiritual truth for them to bring forth in human form.

And now this is:  “If there is no such thing as time or space in reality, how is it that an individual state of consciousness seems to get so much more of an unfoldment during attendance at a class when it is possible to get help from Hawaii to New York or Timbuktu?”  Well, of course, the answer is this that there’s no such thing as time or space in reality and to receive this help from a far-off it becomes necessary for an individual themselves to rise above time and space. While they themselves are limiting themselves by time and space, they have no way of receiving the help that is not only available from Hawaii, or New Your, or Timbuktu, but may I go further and say the help that is available from Jesus Christ or from any of the great masters who have ever lived and who are still living, those who have never died.  There is no reason why we can’t reach back in time and space, as well as forward, but it requires a consciousness that in some way….