Now, healing work in The Infinite Way is based on that very principle.  If we cannot reach our Source, the healing does not take place for the simple reason that healing in our work does not take place because of some truth that we know.  The truth that we learn, the letter of truth that we study, is merely to give us a foundation on which we can rest when we go into the Spirit, so that we do not go off on long tangents, or on emotional experiences, or on psychic experiences, but that we’re able to maintain ourselves in the Spirit while It takes over and performs the work.

Now, it is for this reason that you’ll find in the writings that it says we do not use the words “you,” “he,” or “she,” or “it” in a treatment.  In other words, at no time is thought ever directed to the patient. At no time is it necessary to know their name or to know what ails them. At no time is it necessary to know where they are or why, and at no time is it necessary to tell them that they must be more loving, or more grateful, or more generous, or more moral, or more sober, or anything else.  In this work, you can take the patient when they’re at death’s door and probably if you rise high enough even after they’ve passed through. In this work, you can take your patient when they are in the deepest red or black of sin. You can take them wherever they are, whenever they are and never tell them that they must be better before they can get the benefit of the work, because it isn’t true.

They don’t have to do anything to achieve God’s kingdom, except find someone that can bring to them the spirit of God, the Spirit that is that which quickens your mortal bodies or your mortal lives.  After they have received a measure of healing, after they have been lifted up out of the depth of their sin, or their disease, or their poverty, then it rests with them to pick up from that point on and make their own way into heaven, guided or otherwise.  But, for the immediate demonstration, if it were necessary for them to get good first, the chances are they’d be hopeless, because nobody ever can be better than they are. And, there isn’t any way that anyone can make themselves better than they are by conscious will, except the few individuals who are gifted with a great willpower, which they can use, to transform conditions, and in the end destroy themselves with it; because when the repercussion sets in, when the explosion comes from repression and suppression, they’re worse off than they were before.

And, so it is that this is not a teaching, a psychological teaching, which shows a bad man how to get good, or a sick man how to get well, or a poor man how to get abundance.  It is an unfoldment, which says that if you attain that Spirit or that mind, which was in Christ Jesus, that Spirit that raised up Jesus Christ from the dead that it will quicken also your mortal bodies, but the secret is get that Spirit.

Now, your practitioner or teacher is supposed to do that for you in your earliest experience.  That is the example that the Master set for us. He did it for his followers, and he taught the disciples to go out and do likewise but, of course, with the understanding that that was not a permanent dispensation.  In other words, after he fed them once, he was shocked that they would come back the next day and want to be fed again. And, he called their attention to the fact that whereas they saw the loaves and fishes, they hadn’t seen the miracle.  That is, the principle that produced it and what he was trying to show them wasn’t loaves and fishes but a principle. And, in the same way with healing, had he believed that it was necessary for them to go on forever being healed he would not have said, “If I go not away, the Comforter cannot come to you.”  But, he recognized this fact that if you receive a healing it is not because the Master merely wants you to be a healthy human being instead of a sick one. If you receive a healing through the Christ, it is that you learn about a principle of life, which maintains and sustains us in our spiritual identity.

And, so it is today we will take up just for a minute this subject of gratitude, because there is no subject that makes it clearer what our purpose is than the subject of gratitude.  I presume that if someone not knowing the whole secret were to be healed of a simple headache and received a bill from a practitioner for five dollars, they would consider it exorbitant.  On the other hand, if they were healed of a cancer or consumption and received a bill for a hundred dollars, they would think it was very reasonable.

Now, in the light of the message of The Infinite Way, both of these are entirely wrong.  The healing is not of headache, and the healing is not of cancer. When you come to this work, you don’t receive a healing.  You receive the demonstration of God’s presence in your experience; and that is the thing to be grateful for, because if you have a headache, it will remove it; but if have a cancer, it will remove it.  It makes no distinctions between a simple corn on the toe or a decayed lung, and that is what you must watch for in this work. Don’t be grateful for a demonstration of a hundred dollars or a thousand dollars.  Don’t ever be grateful for the healing of a physical, mental, or moral condition, because those are only the effects of what you received. What you received was the demonstration of God’s presence in the midst of you.  And, if you understand that, it is just as easy for one treatment to heal you from head to foot as it is to go over your body piecemeal, a little here and a little there.

But, that can’t happen while you restrict it.  In accordance with your faith, be it unto you, and so if you ask for help for a headache, the chances are you’re going to have enough faith to receive help for a headache; and that’s probably the way it’ll be.  If you understand that you are not asking for physical, mental, moral, or financial healing, you are saying to the worker in The Infinite Way, “Bring to me the realization of God’s presence. Bring God to my soul, to my mind, to my body.  Bring the spirit of God to my conscious awareness.” And, then when it’s achieved, you will have had one of the grandest experiences that ever took place on earth and are very unusual in this age, because there are so few who believe that the presence of God is as available today in our individual experience as it was 2,000 years ago with Jesus, or 3,000 years ago with Moses, and in between with Elijah and Elisha.  But, be assured of this. Every purely spiritual healing that has ever taken place has been the direct result of God realized, God consciously realized.

That is why when you meditate in our work with one of our students who have attained conscious realization of God you will know that it’s not an experience of just closing your eyes and waiting for two or three minutes to pass.  You will know that you have lived a thousand years in those few seconds the very moment that Spirit touches you, because that is the object of our meditation. Our meditations are not meant to make demonstrations. They are meant to make God live in our experience, so that we can say we live and move and have our being in God.  God in us and we in God, the word in us and we in the word and all of that word a conscious experience. Now, there is a God, and no one here doubts it. But, if there’s anyone here who hasn’t experienced God, they’ve been cheated. They have been cheated out of the greatest experience that anyone on earth can ever know and not only that but unless they attain some measure of God realization, they are not living the God life.  You must remember that we are told over by Paul in Romans and I know that metaphysicians especially have never had this called to their attention. Our students have, but it’s very rarely spoken of.