Now, we have nothing, of course, beyond the scriptures to use as authority in that direction, and so we have to accept that.  It does seem a strange thing to us in this day, because he himself brought to light the fact that you may have eyes and see not.  You may have ears and hear not. In other words, if you haven’t spiritual discernment, you cannot know the truth. That’s why he didn’t give this truth to the scribes and the Pharisees.  That’s why he only gave his message to those of his own household. That is why he did not send his disciplines out to the Gentiles, to the pagans. He didn’t believe the world could be saved.  He thought only those of his own household, that is, those sufficiently in human spiritually could receive the message. So evidently he believed that the Hebrews who were following him, more especially those who had been taught in the Essenes, would be able to apprehend this resurrection and thereby bring to the entire world the knowledge that “I and the Father are one;” and there’s no use now of taking thought for our lives, what we shall eat, what we shall drink, wherewithal we shall be clothed but rest in this realization of the Invisible.

Well, of course, you know how badly mistaken he was if that was his idea, because we are told that only about 500 witnessed the resurrection; and all the rest of those multitudes who had been healed, and who had been fed, and who had been preached to evidently their eyes were too gross.  Their ears were stopped up. They could not behold what they witnessed. It is for that reason that you do not find us in The Infinite Way taking large places for our meetings and hoping to convince the world that it doesn’t need law courts, or armies, or navies, or medicines, for we recognize that this must come first to those who have enough spiritual light to be able to bring it into their experience and demonstrate it; and then through their experience let it spread out far into the world as sort of a spiritual underground.  You know as well as I do that if many of the things that we have said in our class, classes here and around the rest of the world, had been said to the public by now it wouldn’t be the teacher alone who’d be crucified. I’m afraid he’d have a few thousand people along in jails and compounds with him or locked up in madhouses.

But, the point is this.  At some period of your experience, you must come to an actual, demonstrable experience of the fact that there is a Presence within you that he called “the Father within.”  Once you have that you have the answer to this whole Sermon on the Mount, and you have the whole answer to the spiritual life, because now there is no more need to seek good health than to get rid of bad health.  There is no more need to seek supply than to run away from lack, because in this unfoldment you stand still in divine Being, not human being. Remember this. A human being must be healed. A human being must be supplied.  A human being must have their lot improved but not the child of God. The child of God is sustained by the Father within. The only question is who is the child of God, and that we’re told plainly, “If so be the Spirit of God dwell in you.”  If you can pray for your enemies, as well as for your allies, it is very definitely that you must pray for those who despitefully use you. You must pray for the enemy, so that you may become the child of God.

Now, when you have risen above hate and love, risen to the point where your prayer is equally for the just and the unjust, then you have risen above the pairs of opposites.  Then you are at least approaching, at least approaching that state of consciousness in which there is neither abundance nor lack, for the simple reason that you have nothing to do with supply.  It’s a matter of God maintaining and sustaining Its own image and likeness.  You have nothing to do with health, not anymore than the practitioner has to do with your health when you ask for help.  The practitioner has nothing to do with your health. The practitioner has only to do with achieving a conscious realization of God’s presence, and that realization is responsible for whatever of harmony comes into your experience.  Not the practitioner, the demonstrated presence of God does that.

And, so it is the demonstrated presence of God in your experience moves mountains.  The demonstrated presence of God in your experience opens the Red Sea, multiples the loaves and fishes.  The demonstrated presence of God goes before you to make the crooked places straight, and never believe for a moment that you will ever reach a place in spiritual development when you will do those things, for isn’t so.  The Master himself never got there. At every point, he said, “I can of mine own self do nothing. If I speak of myself, I bear witness to a lie. It is this Father within that doeth the works.” And Paul that exact same thing, “I can do all things but through Christ, which strengthenth me.

And, so it is the goal of our experience in The Infinite Way is the attainment of the realization of God, is the attainment of that moment of God contact within.  Now, it is not a contact that once made will remain forever, unless one continues to live in that consciousness. In other words, many people have attained, some consciously and some without any volition on their part, have attained a moment of God realization and then not knowing how to bring it back, not knowing how to resume that relationship have lost it.  We brought out here in the March class the story of Felicitous who had this wonderful God experience, which lasted for three days, three days and nights, and it was of such intensity that he never again could return to his ordinary way of life. So, although he was a Protestant, he became a Catholic, so that he could take up his home in a monastery and withdraw from the human way of living.  And, for the rest of his days he was in the monastery, and he wrote this beautiful, little volume that is available today of his experience. But, he was never able to recapture the experience. He was never able again to get back inside of that God consciousness, and so he lived probably on the fringe of it all of the time but never getting back into the depth and never knowing another deep experience.

Now then, I for one am convinced that had he known about meditation and had he ever achieved it, he would have been able to go in and out by will, because it has been demonstrated to us that those who achieve the conscious experience of realization can go in and out at will.  And, if they go deep enough, they can live and die at will, as the Master said, “lay down their life or pick it up.” They can give away or lose every possession they have and begin all over today from a fresh start without a penny and in a very short time have all they had before and more, and all of this comes because of an access to the Source.