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Cosmic Law

1954 Honolulu Closed Class

Tape 84A  

Joel S. Goldsmith 84A COSMIC LAW PDF

Good evening. 

I would like to carry the idea of this meditation right into your own experience. In this meditation, there was the complete silence which inwardly is working as receptivity. In other words, the mind here isn’t thinking any thoughts, is not declaring any truths. It is as if it were listening. Listening to what? The silence. In back of us is the silence; the deep deep silence; an ocean of silence; a world of silence. But out of that silence, which scripture calls “the void”. Out of that void, the entire Earth is formed. Now remember, that the earth, or any form of manifestation, any form of demonstration, any form of harmony, must appear out of a void. 

The void, or darkness, really is “the silence”. There’s actually no such thing as “a void”. That is taking liberty with language, to call it “a void”, because it isn’t a void. It’s filled with the divine energy of Spirit. But it is a void so far as human thought or human words are concerned. There is nothing of a human nature going on in that void, out of which appears our experience. And so, in order to bring forth from the Divine, from the Cosmic, it is necessary to get back into that void, with a listening ear. Then comes a message. It is not your message or mine. 

There are no words that you could declare, and no thoughts that you could think that would cause anything to happen in the outer plane. It has to be something that comes through as a message to you, not given out as a message from you. Then comes, through this listening, this attunement to the void; there comes a message. And if you are meditating or treating or communing, that message comes to you, and is the law unto the situation. It makes no difference if you never voice it, it would still be the law unto the situation. But for our purposes, when working with a student or patient or class, some message comes and it’s voiced. And you know, then, what it was that came to the one in meditation. Or it may be that you are meditating for some member of your family, or friend, or patient, or student, and you may want them to know what came through. And so, as that message comes through, you voice it. 

Now, your voicing it is not the power of healing. The power of healing took place when it was voiced to you. If you never voiced it, the healing would still take place. Or if your patient were ten thousand miles away, the healing would still take place. But for purposes of instruction, of enlightenment, you can voice that which comes to you. Then again, you retire into that, and the next one comes. And again, if you have a patient with you, or student, or group, you voice it. But remember this, the healing does not take place when you voice it. It took place when you heard it. 

Now that is the same when you ask for help. You may write to a practitioner or teacher, but do not count the days and hours until they get the letter, because the healing actually should take place when you write the letter, long before it’s in the mail box. Because in the very writing of the letter, you have made contact. And if you tear the letter up and throw it in the wastebasket, you still should have your healing, since the practitioner reading that message with the eye has nothing to do with the healing. In the same way, the letter that comes back from the practitioner is not the healing. I have had people say that the moment they received my letter and opened it and read it, they had the healing. Oh no no, the healing took place when they asked for it, but they just refused to accept it until they had some outer proof that something was being done, probably like the blind man who had to have spittle rubbed on his eyes to convince him that something was being done.

Now, in the same way, the Cosmic works through silence. If you do not know it now, you will someday, that it is possible to commune and have actual conversation with animals, back and forth. They can know what you are saying, and you can get their answer. But only if you have trained yourself to the silence. Because they do not speak through the intellect. They know nothing of reasoning a thing out. They receive an impression from the Cosmic, from the Universal, and they impart that. And so, they will not understand what you say ordinarily, in speech, or even if they do, they understood it before you said it. The mere fact of it being in your consciousness they are aware of it. And so, most animal training is done through silence. And, those who really know animals, get along beautifully with them with the very least of speech. There is a communion between men and women and animals. Just as there is a communion between children and animals; sometimes more so with children than with adults. The children seem instinctively to know the animal, and the animal instinctively knows… And that is for the same reason, that the child doesn’t have to think it, reason it out; it receives the impulse and so does the animal. 

Now, that is true in our work. If you have a problem, the very finest way of meeting it is to agree, first of all, that no action of the human mind can solve it. That you can not bring it about by taking thought or by thought transference. Or even if you could, you would not want it that way. It is not a very good way. But, there is a spiritual way of doing it. And that is to attain this inner silence with God, the Universal; let the word come to you, and remember it may not be a word, it may be a feeling, a sensing, a feeling of alrightness, or a feeling of release. Let it come. And when it does, the so-called demonstration is made. 

Now, I have no idea of how metaphysicians work that work with statements of truth or thoughts of truth, because I’ve never known it and I’ve never been able to understand how it can operate. Evidently, in many cases, it does. But I wouldn’t even know how to explain it or account for it or teach it, since I know nothing about it. Always, and this has been from the beginning, the moment I attained that split second of inner silence, that universal thing in someway manifested itself either in a deep sigh, or a release as if a weight was falling off my shoulders, or a sense of peace, sometimes even a sense of a song of joy in here. It has to be in here; you oughta hear it when it comes out. No, you oughtn’t hear it when it comes out. But it does happen in here, and it is a great song of joy sometimes. And then all of a sudden, the experience takes place in the outer realm, whether it’s physical, mental, moral, financial, it makes no difference. But it happens. 

Now, this is what came to me in my work this afternoon: You can not work out any problem. In silence, by listening, God can work out any problem through you. Does this make God, and you, two? No, no. Understand this; it means that God is your inner Self. And spell that word “Self” with a capital “S”. God is the Self of you. It’s your inner, infinite silent Being, while you are God’s outer self. You are God’s visible form. This body is the temple of the living God. God is your inner self, but you are God’s outer self. And the inner part of Self does the work through the visible you. Does that sound – does it make sense at all? That, there is an inner of us, which is invisible, and so far as physicality is concerned, it’s intangible; it has no physical form outlined. It is an absolute silence. It is an absolute invisible Spiritual Being. It is the Christ, or Son of God, of you, always there within you. That’s why we are told to “knock, and it will be opened unto you”. Once you learn to knock at the door of your own consciousness, once you learn to turn within in the realization that deep, deep down here, there is a something, not physical, not mental, it is a Spiritual essence to which you may give any name; the Father within, the Christ, Emmanuel. It makes no difference what you call it; Brahman, Tao. It is that which can not be defined, but it is that which is the creative principle of your entire experience.