Every word of truth is not Truth itself.  Every word of Truth is a seed of Truth. The Master told us of the three states of Consciousness: the barren soil in which these seeds will not bear fruit; the rocky soil which may accept this seed and develop it a little, but as soon as temptation comes, a strong wind or a tough problem, we give up.  But then there is the fertile soil and these seeds of Truth which come to you from this platform; or the seeds of truth which you take from the book tables, from the minister, the practitioners, the teachers; these seeds of Truth, when taken into your consciousness and lived with.  

Here is the proof of whether or not your soil is fertile.  If you don’t hear this word at all, or if it goes in one ear and out the other, your consciousness is barren, so far as truth is concerned.  If, however, you hear this word, if you receive this word in your consciousness, and you find that late tonight, some part of this message returns to your consciousness, tomorrow, some word that has been said, some quotation that has been voiced, returns to you; if in your periods of meditation, you return and I’m speaking not only of the word that you are hearing in this hour from this platform; but I’m speaking actually of every word of truth you have heard from this or any other platform; if this truth abides in you, if you ponder occasionally the truths that you hear; if you take your periods of meditation and remember again and again the truths that have entered your consciousness, then you are fertile soil and you may expect rich fruitage.  

Abide in the word, let the word abide in you and you are on the spiritual path.  And then you will discover that there’s no such thing as a past, but that every moment of your present is a continuing experience into what the calendar calls the future.  

You know, of course, that there is no such thing as one day ending and another day beginning.  Those are just divisions that we make on calendars. But those of you who have been up until midnight some nights, can bear witness to the fact that there is no division at midnight, no division at 12 O’clock noon.  It’s just the same rhythm taking place all of the time and it’s always NOW. It is always NOW in this Kingdom. And therefore, that which we have accepted now is the continuing experience of the Christ and the fruitage appears in its season.  

You see, spiritual living really means living in the Word of God.  We no longer live by bread alone. We no longer live by bread alone!  We on the spiritual path, we eat our bread. We eat all kinds of food, whatever is set before us, for it is nothing that goes into the mouth that defiles.  It is what we are entertaining in Consciousness. We live by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God, and therefore, on the spiritual path, we are living by every seed of Truth, every word of Truth that has been planted in our consciousness and that we permit to dwell there, so that we dwell in it and permit it to dwell in us and their fruit.  The spiritual life is living not by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. Every word of Truth and the spiritual life is not seeking a power to do anything for you in this life. The spiritual life has nothing to do with the using of a power. The spiritual life is an acknowledgment of a life by Grace, not by might and not by power, but by the still small Voice; not using IT, letting IT use us.  

Thank you.