Whatever it is to take place in your life must take place through the activity of your consciousness.  The Master said, “ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”  We say again today, you must know the Truth, that Christ dwelleth in you and that the function of the Christ in you is still to heal the sick, raise the dead, feed the hungry, forgive the sinner.  Acknowledge Christ dwelleth in me. I can do all things through this indwelling Christ. There is no power outside of me to act upon me. Ah! Do not misunderstand. There is lots of power in the world to act on human beings, on those who have not acknowledged that Christ dwelleth in me.  The moment that you have accepted the indwelling Christ, in that moment, the Christ liveth your life. You then find it to be a Presence that goes before you to make the crooked places straight. You now find that you are not living your own life exclusively, but that you have a partner, an invisible Partner, a senior Partner, a Partner of Power; not the power that goes out to destroy your enemies, not a power that goes out with the sword, not a power that acts as a general or a king.  Ah, no. The power of the Christ that is within you is the still small Voice. This was the mistake of the Hebrews.  They expected their Messiah to be a General and a King and to go out with an army and set them free.  And so, when the Messiah was revealed to them, they did not recognize that “MY Kingdom is not of this world.”  

God is not in the whirlwind.  God is not in the sins of this world, or the diseases of this world.  God is not out there in bombs. God is in the still small Voice. The activity of the Christ is made manifest on earth through the still small Voice which you hear.  Whether or not you hear it audibly, this is of no importance. The point is, that at the moment of your acceptance of the Christ, your attention is turned inward, in here.  Speak, Lord, thy servant heareth. And you begin to function as of this moment and in a continuing experience, always to turn within even if for a brief moment, just as an acknowledgment, that the Christ is within you.  

And let it speak through its gentle Voice.  Remember, when It speaks, the earth melteth.  The enemies, the armies of the aliens, destroy themselves.  The Christ doesn’t go out to destroy armies. The Christ utters Its still small Voice and the enemy destroys itself.  Whether the enemy is a person or a condition, it destroys itself – not by might, nor by power, but by this still small Voice.  

So the spiritual life entails first the acknowledgment.  Christ dwelleth in me. God has planted His Son within my consciousness.  And, as of old, Its function is to go before and make the crooked places straight.  It’s function is to enlighten me, to teach me, to preach the Gospel to me. Its function is to be my bread, meat, wine and water.  The source of my inspiration. And how is It to function? Through the still small Voice. This it is that enables us to live the life of ‘Within-ness’.  We acknowledge now that the Kingdom of All-ness is within me, and now I am not to be so busy out here in this world, although performing everything that is right for me to do.  But not with concern, because now I know that the fruitage will come because of this inner Grace, this inner Stillness, this inner Peace.  

As of now, so that it may be a continuing experience, realize that Life, your life, is to be lived by Grace, not by might, nor by power.  You will still perform every function in your home, or business, or art or profession, but you will perform it with the understanding that there is a ‘He’ within you that performeth everything that is given you to do.  Always you will live from the within to the without.  Always you will live in a continued remembrance, Christ dwelleth in me.  Let It perform its work. Let It go before me. Do not try to empower It.  Do not try and make It work. You can’t use the Christ. The Christ can use you.  In those moments when you relax, when you rest in the assurance. Assurance? Assurance?  Can’t you hear It? “I will never leave thee or forsake thee.  I will be with thee unto the end of the world.”  I am thy meat and wine and water.  I am the resurrection.  

Do you not realize that this I that you read in scripture is this Christ which was revealed to human consciousness 2000 years ago and has never left the earth and has always been available to every individual who could open his conscious to this and not believe this – that the Messiah hasn’t come, or that we’re waiting for the 2nd Coming.  

God doesn’t work in the past or in the future.  God works only in the Now. Just think 

of – I was just trying to think what month of the year this was – I guess we’re in April….just think now of what is being prepared in your bushes, in your trees, in your gardens; think of what is being prepared now that will only appear in May or June.  April showers bring May flowers. The activity of God in the Now, functioning in the Now and continuing in the Now, brings forth now in May and June, the flowers and the fruits. Think only that the activity of God must be working in the Now. The activity of God is not going to bring us any fruits yesterday.  God does not function in the past. The Christ does not function in the past or in the future. It is functioning now. And whatever appears in your garden or on your trees in the future is because of the activity of the Christ now.  

Therefore, accept this as part of your life of spiritual living, that your recognition of the activity of the Christ now in you is that which will appear as the fruitage in your life next week, next month, next season, next year.  You must at some particular moment of life, acknowledge the indwelling Christ and then continue to abide in that word; and you will find that if your particular life is barren at this moment, physically, mentally, morally, financially, it makes no difference.  If your life has any barren spots, your recognition of the activity of the Christ NOW, will in this moment start your new crop in motion. And then it is only a matter of abiding in the Word and letting the word abide in you until the fruitage appears.