It might deflate our ego a little bit to remember one of the pet sayings of the metaphysical world. “A  practitioner is only as good as his last healing.” And so you’ll see how ridiculous it is to continue giving testimonies about the healings we performed last year or 10 years ago, when no one is interested in anything except the healings of this moment.  So it is, you will find that while there are some gossipers who would love to hash over some of our former sins, that the world in general, has no interest in our past, but a very great interest in what we are NOW. We especially, should be interested only in this second of time in which I am speaking and you are hearing, because it is this second of time that is going to determine your tomorrow.  Tomorrow is an extension of your consciousness of this moment. And, a divine grace or truth received in your consciousness now will externalize itself in some moment of what you might call the future, but which isn’t the future. It is but an extension of NOW. In the spiritual life, therefore, we do not dwell on the past if there are sins of omission or commission of the past, we repent of them. We repent of them in some moment of NOW, regret that they ever had to be, regret that we were ever an instrument for their expression.  And then dismiss them.  “Neither do I condemn thee.  Thy sins be forgiven thee. Only go and sin no more.”  Let the past drop.  But he could have gone on and said, “forget also your good deeds, of the past, because they cannot be relived.”  As a matter of fact, the good we do lives on forever. In effect, therefore, we need not dwell on it. We need dwell on NOW.  “NOW are ye the sons of God”, and to abide in this truth makes it a continuing experience into all of the future.  

The Master revealed clearly in His lessons on spiritual healing, that we are to abide in the Word and let the Word abide in us.  This is the pattern of spiritual living: Abiding in the Word NOW. Be careful. Do not put off until tonight to think truth. Do not wait until you’re ready to retire to think truth.  This is the moment, the moment in which it enters your consciousness. Now! Here! You are in the temple of God to tabernacle with the sons and daughters of God, and therefore, it is in this instant that your consciousness must accept this truth.  What truth? ” Ye are the temple of God.”  Ye are the temple of God. The place whereon thou standest is holy ground.  Here where I am, God IS” and the Voice of God whispers, “Son, thou art ever with me and all that I have is thine.” Accept this truth in your consciousness now and it becomes a continuing manifestation and expression.  Abide in this truth that “I and my Father are One.  Thou seest me, thou seest the Father that sent me.”  Abide in this truth and this becomes the continuing experience because it is what you are entertaining in Consciousness now that constitutes your tomorrow and tomorrow’s tomorrow.  

Always in the Now, you are building what the world calls the future, but which you will understand to be but an extension of Now.  Since the Christ dwelleth in you, remember, Infinity dwelleth in you. But let me give you one other word: The word, Power.  Do you realize that it was the Christ Power that healed the sick?  It wasn’t a man, it was the Christ Power that healed the sick. It wasn’t a man who forgave the sinner, it was the Christ Power that forgave the sinner.  It was the Christ Power that multiplied the loaves and fishes. It was the Christ Power that walked over the waves of mortal error, mortal discords. It was the Christ Power that brought about resurrection and ascension.  And just think of this, this Christ is embodied in you. This Christ is the Son of God in you, the Spirit of God that dwelleth in you. And it begins to come into manifestation upon your recognition of it, upon your acknowledgment of it.  “Acknowledge Him in all thy ways.”  

Acknowledge the presence of the Christ within you and then a miracle takes place.  In your material life, power was outside of you: the power of climate, the power of weather, the power of infection. the power of boom times, the power of panic times, the power of peace times, the power of war times, the power of sin, the power of disease; all of these were out here acting upon you.  And all of this ceases in the moment that you acknowledge “Christ dwelleth in me,” because now, all power is given unto you.  

God gave man dominion over everything: in the earth, above the earth, and beneath.  God gave man dominion through the Son of God which is in you. Why has the world been bereft of this power?  Well, of course, the Hebrews have never acknowledged that the Messiah has come – the Christ. The Christians have acknowledged that Christ came for three years and went away.  And they’re waiting for the Second Coming. And therefore, both the Hebrews and the Christians are without a Christ; one waiting for the Christ, the other waiting for the return of the Christ, but both acknowledging an absence of the Christ.  And here and now, in this very temple where it has been presented to you over and over and over again, let us repeat it and you acknowledge it: The Christ dwelleth in me.  

God did not send us to earth without an indwelling Christ; or else it would be equivalent to turning us loose on earth, a world of howling lions.  We have abandoned the Christ within us. The Christ has not abandoned us. We have abandoned the God of our Fathers. But God has not abandoned us.  And, since nothing can happen to us except through our own consciousness, you cannot benefit by the presence of the Christ except by an acknowledgment within you, that Christ dwelleth in me.