In fitting ourselves for the entrance of the Christ into our consciousness, we always turn to the Master for guidance, for instruction.  And this we learn first of all: when you open your consciousness and you may do that in this moment, since we are never dealing with the future tense in Truth; we are never dealing with what you should do tomorrow, we are always dealing with the immediate ‘NOW’.  And so there is no need to put off until late tonight or until tomorrow, the opening of Consciousness for the entrance of the Christ. Or, if we have already experienced the Christ, we need not delay in opening ourselves to a deeper realization of the Presence. So that, we can act in the NOW, by opening our Consciousness to the entrance of the Christ.  

But, in doing so, be sure, be very sure, that you do not have something in mind that you hope to attain by virtue of the Christ.  In other words, be sure that you want the Christ, but only for the sake of the Christ, not for some purpose, not for some benefit or some gain, because this is the surest way to set up a barrier to Its entrance.  In other words, we must have no goal beyond the attaining of the Christ. This is the meaning of the Master’s passage, “Take no thought what you shall eat, nor what you shall drink, nor what you shall put on.  Seek ye the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. All of these things will be added unto you.”  Therefore, take no thought for the added things or the things that you want added, but be very sure to drop all thought, and desire the Christ only for the sake of the Christ, that It may make your life new.  

In what way, who knows?  Sometimes it takes a business man or a housewife right out of their business and right out of their home and sets them out in a spiritual ministry.  Sometimes, it brings forth art, literature, music from an individual who had no knowledge at all that these were buried within him. Again, the Spiritual path reveals a great secret that material living has never discovered, and of course, never will.  In material living, we are always seeking to add something to ourselves. We are always seeking happiness, seeking prosperity, seeking success, seeking love, seeking companionship. Dr. Jung said lately or rather it was published lately, that he said, “that what is wrong with the world is that it is seeking happiness, and happiness is not to be found.  In the moment that we stop the search for happiness, it finds us.” And I had a beautiful experience in my mail this morning when a student sent me a newspaper clipping from the Midwest, telling this story of Robert Frost, our great American poet.  As a boy, he was a bobbin-boy in a cotton mill and in New England. And he had gone to Boston, 25 miles away, on some errand or other, and that day crossed the corner bookshop, a very well known one there and went into browse.  And he found a copy of Francis Thompson’s The Hound of Heaven.  He read this poem and somewhere along the line of this poem, he read how Francis Thompson continuously ran away from God, always evaded God, always managed to be out somewhere until eventually, God overtook Francis Thompson.  Actually, God was only able to overtake him when he fell in a gutter and slept. Then God could catch up to him, overtake him and rebuild his life – make his life anew. But this passage so affected Mr. Frost, that soon at the moment, the desire came to him to own this book.  And he realized, that if he bought this book, he would not have fare to get back home, and home was 25 miles away. But Robert Frost bought that book – bought it and walked 25 miles home. And the continued reading of it, resulted in the focusing within himself of the great poetry that eventually began to flow forth from him; and this proved to be a turning point in his life.  

Now I tell you this for this reason.  The spiritual life reveals that the Kingdom of God is within you.  The material life says that you must go out here and get, achieve, attain, do.  The spiritual life says that Truth, all Truth, life, truth, love, harmony, peace, divine grace is within you.  And you must open out a way for the imprisoned splendor to escape. Now, in Mr. Frost’s case, he found that poetry was entombed within him.  And this particular experience enabled to him to open his consciousness so that the poetry that stored up in him, the beauty, the harmony, the grace, that was stored up in him, the love, the joy and the peace that was stored up in him, could flow out in the form of poetry.  

So it has been the experience on the spiritual path that you must begin by understanding that the Kingdom of God is within you.  You are not going to gain your desire by chasing it in the outer world or searching for it or seeking for it. You are not even going to find God by searching for Him.  You are going to find God by resting in the assurance that the Kingdom of God is already within you and that all you have to do is open out a way for the imprisoned splendor to escape.  There is no greater splendor, no greater Light than the Christ. And therefore, we can accept now, that the Christ is within and that it becomes our function to open our consciousness that the Christ may escape, may flow out from us in the form of harmony, healing, love, joy, beauty; that the form of these may be the spiritual life itself, or ministry.  Or it may be some form of art, beauty, music. It may come forth in some greater invention, discovery, but one thing is certain – that in opening your consciousness, that you must do so only for the realization of the Christ, with no thought in mind as to the form of harmony the Christ will reveal in you.  

The Christ is the Light of the world, and therefore, the Christ will reveal through light these divine faculties and graces, abilities which are already established within you in the beginning, and will bring these into outer form and expression.  

But to attain this, let us forget this world.  Let us forget the peace that could come to us with better health or more money or a better home.  Let us forget anything and everything that pertains to this world and let us center our attention on My Kingdom; the peace that can come from My Kingdom, the joy that can come from My Kingdom, the beauty.  When we speak of health and of harmony, when we speak of abundance, let us not translate this into terms of physical health or financial abundance. Let us keep our vision pointed toward the abundance of the beauties of Christ, the divine harmonies of Christ, the spiritual graces, the spiritual faculties and qualities.  It is true that in turn, they will manifest outwardly in human good. Only we must be in the position of not seeking these, but seeking only the realization of this Christ, or Spirit of God that is within us.  

In the spiritual life, there is only one Time.  There is no past and there is no future. The past can never live again under any circumstance except as an activity of memory and if you will refuse to bring it up in your memory, you will find that the past is dead, your past glories as well as your past failures,  your past sins, as your past purity. In this Now of which we speak it would be as wrong to glory in your past virtues as it would be to regret your past sins.  Both the glories and the sins are gone and done. And there can be no return to them except as an activity of memory; and in the spiritual life, you will soon lose that.  The future will never come because the only future that can ever come to us is an extension of NOW. It is what is transpiring in your consciousness NOW that will appear to you in the future that you call tomorrow.  In other words, we are creating tomorrow NOW.  There is no tomorrow that is going to come to us from outside somewhere.  There is no tomorrow that can sneak up on us. The tomorrow that we experience is an extension of NOW, of this moment.  If you open your consciousness in this moment to the realization of the Christ, tomorrow will be a continued activity of the Christ.  If you persist in dwelling in memory on your virtues or your vices, tomorrow you will only be met by your past virtues and vices, and I can assure you, you can’t live on them.  You won’t be able to buy food or clothing with your past virtues or your past vices.