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1962 Glendale Open Class  

Tape 456A

By Joel S. Goldsmith

Good evening.  

Spiritual living leads us step by step, for out of the spiritual path through which we enter the life of spiritual living, leads us ultimately to that place described by Paul.  “I live, yet not I. Christ liveth.  Christ liveth my life. The Spirit of God, the Christ of God that dwelleth in me, liveth my life.”  In spiritual living, there are no accidents.  There are no chances. There are no accidental events of any nature.  And therefore, there is nothing accidental about our being here, because your being here and mine is actually the activity of the Christ made manifest.  It could not be otherwise in spiritual living. I might say it this way, that the Spirit that has brought this message of the Infinite Way to human consciousness guides, governs and protects my every footstep.  In finances, every inch of the way. And therefore, wherever I am, it is because the activity of the Christ that dwelleth in me has brought me; but since the activity of the Christ must cover every action of my experience, it means that all those who are brought into the realm of my consciousness must likewise be brought there by the activity of the Christ in their consciousness, because we have but one Consciousness.  There is but one Consciousness. There is but one spiritual awareness, and those who are receptive and responsive to it are one in that Consciousness. 

Now, the activity of the Christ is always fruitful, productive, of harmony, of peace, of joy, of abundance.  Yes, let us accept the words of the Master Who revealed that it was His will, that is, the will of the Christ, or His mission, to do the will of the Father.  And the will of the Father was the healing of the sick, the raising of the dead, the forgiving of the sinner, the feeding of the hungry. Therefore, we may rightly say, that the activity of the Christ, still is healing, still is providing the bread, meat, wine and water of life.  And so it is that the Christ that has brought us here together, has brought us for this purpose: that the will of the Father may be manifest in our experience. We would not be here together in this one place or one Consciousness if it were not that we are already in and of the One Consciousness.  And therefore, the activity of the Christ is functioning in each and every one of us actually as the Consciousness of each and every one of us.  

And this is the goal of spiritual living.  This is the ultimate attainment. “I can do all things through Christ, or I live, yet not I.  Christ liveth my life.”  And so, at this moment, you too must be realizing within yourselves that it was the activity of the Christ that led you to this temple of God.   Remember, we are in an edifice that has been dedicated to the service of God. We are in the presence of a minister who has been ordained of God, ordained to heal the sick, ordained to forgive the sinner, ordained to meet the human needs of mankind.  Therefore, we have been led to this temple of God. We have been led into the presence of ITS minister. We have been led into the very presence of the Christ that has ordained the minister and the temple.  

Ordinarily, we think of going to church or going to a service or a lecture as if it were a human act, even that it might be an act of our own will.  It really isn’t. Certainly not when you are led to a temple of Truth, because, human instinct does not lead one in that direction. It is only when the activity of the Christ has touched an individual’s consciousness, that they are led to Truth.  The reason is that Truth is not an easy path to walk. Many still believe that in coming to Truth, they are going to find their human problems quickly met and then perhaps dangle on some kind of a 9th cloud. The heart has been eliminated, but I do not know quite what has taken its place.  But this isn’t really true, because, entering the spiritual path does and usually very quickly, eliminate the major problems, the major discords and inharmonies of our lives. But since this is not the goal of Truth, we have merely entered the spiritual path at this stage because now we must look forward to the overcoming of our human pleasures and human profits and human harmonies.  All of this is based on the Master’s revelation, that “MY kingdom is not of this world.”  

Think, as you study.  Think as you enter this temple, not only the balance of this week, but for the years to come.  Think when you enter any temple of Truth, on this statement:  “My Kingdom, the Christ Kingdom, the spiritual Kingdom, is not of this world.”  And let this cause you to ponder what is the spiritual Kingdom, what is the Christ kingdom, what kind of life will I find there?  On this point, the Master said, “My peace give I unto you, but not as the world giveth.”  This is another way of saying, My kingdom is not of this world.  My peace I give you. My Peace! Christ peace. Spiritual peace, I give you, but this is not the peace of merely improved health or a doubled income or a better home.  Oh, no. There is something else.  

The title of one of the new books announced to you tonight is The World is New.  This title was taken from the walls of the chapel at Stanford University.  It is part of a verse selected by Mrs. Stanford personally. The author of it is unknown, but the full passage is this:  “The world is new to every soul when Christ has entered in.” Now the spiritual path of life is a life into which the Christ has entered.  The spiritual life is a life which the Christ is living. The Christ that has entered the soul of an individual. So, when we ponder the idea of the spiritual life and then remember that a spiritual life is one into which the Christ has entered, the question arises, how may I receive this Christ?  How may I fit myself for the entrance of this Christ into my consciousness, which is to make my world new? Be assured of this. The Christ does make our world new. It does operate in the beginning to improve our humanhood. It gives us better health, a better sense of Supply, a greater love, a greater love for God, a much greater love for our neighbor, our far neighbor, as well as our near neighbor.  More than this, when the Christ enters our consciousness, It reveals to us that our greatest function in prayer is to pray for our enemies, to learn how to forgive 70 times 7, how to resist not evil. Indeed, the Christ does create a new world for us, but first in the overcoming of our discords, secondly in the overcoming of even the things that we call ‘good’. Not that there is any evil in our pleasures, our theatres, our dances.  Not that there is any evil in our sports, but that with the entrance of the Christ into Consciousness, we are elevated above the need for these baubles, for these outer amusements, at least to such an extent that we are unable to enjoy the fruits of the Spirit. And here again, since My kingdom is not of this world and My kingdom is a very wonderful place to be, you realize at once that there must be a mode of life in My Kingdom worthy of our attainment.  A mode of life that enables us gladly, not only to give up the pains of sense, but many of the pleasures of sense.