Be perfectly willing to see the patients and students come and go.  It isn’t patients and students you want to hold. It is your spiritual practice and church and spiritual edifice, or student body that you wish to hold.  The human personalities may come and go, but your practice, and your student body will go on forever in ever-increasing amounts.

Always be willing to see your patients go to another practitioner if they’re drawn to him, or another teacher, because if someone else represents their state of consciousness, heaven sakes be grateful that they find them, just as you have witnessed in our work here, where I have been careful not to have people from Christian Science, Unity, New Thought encouraged to leave their activities, nor proselyted, nor in any wise influenced to come into this work.

What they do through divine guidance is a different thing, but I, myself, would hesitate to humanly encourage a single soul to step out of their own orbit.  But I’ll let those come who are led of the Spirit. But if, by any chance or for any reason they are led in another direction, certainly that is my greatest joy that they find the state of consciousness that best meets their need, whether inside The Infinite Way work or outside would make no difference to me.

The edifice that I have built is a spiritual one.  It is not material. The work that we are doing is a spiritual work and it has no human entanglements.  Do you see that? Now the reason is this: this is a spiritual activity. It was not inaugurated by man.  It was a divine unfoldment or gift, and it is being carried out in that form with no sense of possession. There is no part of this work that belongs to me or to anyone in this work.  What comes in goes out. It is all used and shared, and I doubt that very much is ever going to be left for anyone else to divide, because it is a spiritual activity that each year maintains and sustains itself by something inherent in its nature.

Now, so it is with your individual activity.  And the reason this is important to you is this:  the moment you fear for your supply, your practice, your student body, you might just as well start to fear for The Infinite Way.  And then you’re going to fear for your patients, and your students, and you’ll accomplish nothing spiritually.

You must start with this:  The Word made flesh.

I am the Word made flesh.  My body is the Word made flesh.  My business is the Word made flesh.  My spiritual activity is the Word made flesh.  My bank accounts are the Word made flesh. My friendships are the Word made flesh.  Everything that concerns me is the Word made flesh, and the Word that made it flesh maintains it and sustains it.  And I have no personal responsibility.

And then, when you come to me as a patient or a student, you are the Word made flesh.  I have no personal responsibility for you. I have only the responsibility of realizing in my consciousness.  I have no fears for you, for you are the Word made flesh.

I have faith in God’s creation, in the first chapter of Genesis.  I have faith that in the beginning was the Word, or divine consciousness, and that all that is emanates and flows from that, and there is no power in any form of creation.  The power always remains in the consciousness that formed it.

Once when some of our students were being very, very forceful about the idea of our organizing, and knew they couldn’t succeed while I was around, but the thought did come to me, What are they going to do when I’m not around?  And I took it into meditation. And very clearly the Father spoke, and He said, The Infinite Way is a spiritual creation, and that which sent it into human consciousness will maintain it and sustain it. And God help those who try to interfere.  And that has been a confidence with me ever since. And I have no fears that anyone now or in the future will ever succeed in putting reins on this particular horse.

All right.  God then constitutes my being.  God constitutes The Infinite Way being.  God constitutes your being. Need I fear for any of these?  Need you fear for any of these as patients or students come to you?  Need you fear for them? No. No, if you ever begin to fear for your own supply, your own health, your own body, your own activity, you will then be in the same position I have told you about.  You’ll have lost your faith in your principle, and you’ll do no good works.

First of all, do not fear for your life, or your body, or your supply, or your religious teaching.  Don’t fear for them, and don’t believe that there is any power in heaven, on earth, or in hell that can do anything against them.  They have only the arm of flesh. We have the Lord God Almighty.

Then when you have that attitude, that is what you take when your patient comes to you, and they speak to you of sin, of disease, of death, of lack, of limitation, of wars, of rumors of wars, of bombs.  And you say to yourself, Ah, you’re the temple of the living God. Your very body is the temple of the living God. You are the Word made flesh. You have no fears for them, for the consciousness that formed them maintains and sustains them.  And what about these germs and infections and hereditary diseases and bullets and bombs? They have only the arm of flesh, nothingness. Remember that word, that statement was made with disdain. They have only the arm of flesh.

Jesus used the same expression in a different form later.  He used spittle to heal a blind man, in other words, nothingness.  That’s the only medicine you’ll ever need, is nothingness. Whatever it is that has the power of spittle is all you ever need to heal a cancer — nothingness.  Nothingness. You don’t need power to heal. There is nothing to be healed. If blindness had to be healed, Jesus would have used something more powerful than spittle.  If there were need for protection, the Hebrew prophet would have said something other than, They have only the arm of flesh.

Now remember that.  All of the enemy that you will ever have to meet in life, for yourself, for your patients or students, is the arm of flesh.  If you give it power, in proportion to your faith, so be it unto you. If you can stand aside with disdain and say, Ah, the arm of flesh, you’re safe.

If you can understand that your religious conviction is the Word of God, then you will understand that you are the Word of God, and your body is the Word of God, and your activity is the Word of God.  And you’ll always realize Self-completeness in God. Not Self completeness because of some egotistic powers, but Self completeness in God. And all other things you’ll say, They have only the arm of flesh.  They can battle with the arm of flesh, physical or mental, but where will it get them? No place, just the same place as the claim of blindness could get itself somewhere. A little spittle was enough to heal it.  Do you see that? Nothingness was enough to heal it, just nothingness. That was saying that blindness isn’t a power. Blindness isn’t going anywhere. It isn’t doing anything. It has only the arm of flesh, nothingness.

In approaching this work you must approach it from the standpoint that there is nothing, and there is nobody, in this universe that has any power whatsoever.  Therefore, you must not wrack your brain to find some powerful statement of truth or some deep truth.

Now we are going to take this with us:  You realize that the healing practice must be based on the premise that that which appears as patient, as disease, as claim or condition, is not power and has no law.

Thank you.  Thank you. Thank you.