Whatever is of God is Self-maintained and Self-sustained.  Don’t fight against it, and don’t try to protect it. Realize God constitutes individual being.  You are the Word made flesh. Your patient is the Word made flesh. Then you will not lose face. You will not lose your practice.  You will not lose your student body. Individuals may come or go because of their own understanding or lack of it, but as far as you are concerned, the integrity of your being is sustained unto eternity and in infinity. as long as you realize that you are the Word made flesh.

As long as you realize that you are in the first chapter of Genesis — infinite, divine consciousness, and out of the consciousness that you are is formed your body, your world, your sun, moon and stars, your time and tides, your opportunities, your fruitage.  All of this is formed out of the consciousness which you are. We turn now, in this very minute, from prodigality, from a belief of a separate selfhood wasting its substance, to the realization that God constitutes your being, and it is a Self-created, Self-maintained, Self-sustained individuality throughout all time, all eternity, all infinity.  And then realize that, for every individual, human, animal, vegetable or mineral.

Now you see, that when you are fearing in the practice, or when you are believing that you cannot bring about the desired result, it is because you have accepted a power apart from the One, a law apart from the One, and as a matter of fact, an individual apart from the One.  But if your faith is intact, if your understanding is intact, that ‘I’ Am the Word made flesh, and there is only this one ‘I’ universally, eternally made manifest as individual being, then you will not fear competition. You will not be like these men fearing competition in their work, in their ministry.  No. You will welcome everyone on the face of the globe into the ministry. You will be more than happy when you see a hundred students in your very town practicing the message of The Infinite Way.

When I moved into 236 Huntington Avenue in Boston I was the only Christian Science practitioner in that building, right across the street from The Mother Church.  And for three years I remained the only one, in spite of the fact that the practice was so large I couldn’t take care of it, asked other practitioners to move into the building, because it was impossible for anyone to take care of that amount of practice that was there.  And at first they couldn’t see it, thinking in terms of competition.

But finally one did have the courage to move in, and then a second, and when I left that building there were fifty-two registered practitioners in that one building, and my work hadn’t decreased one single bit.  And I know that most of them in the building experienced an increase over what they had had in their previous location. Now that is the law of increase.

We do not, we cannot, divide activity.  It’s an impossibility, just as impossible as for the Father to divide the inheritance among His sons.  You can’t divide. You can only increase. The more you impart the more you increase. And please be sure of this.  That if you find yourself surrounded with ten working students, be grateful. And if it becomes twenty or thirty, be more grateful.  Because in imparting, you increase. It’s a spiritual law. The more flows out from your consciousness, the greater is visible.

Now, none of this would be true if you did not understand God to be your consciousness, and that your good was flowing to you from your consciousness, not from the people out in the city, not from customers, not from clients, not from patients, not from students, but that your good was flowing from the consciousness which you are.  Do you see that point?

Watch it very carefully because nothing is more destructive to spiritual understanding than a sense of competition, which is really a fear of survival.  And do we fear God’s survival or a separate selfhood? Ah, do we fear the survival of God’s church? No, of our own individual church, of something we created.  No one fears the destruction of the Word of God. No one fears the destruction of the universal church. No one fears the destruction of the spiritual temple.

Ah, but if we have a man made creation we will fear it.  And so beware of building either a practice or a student body by man made means, because you’ll have to set a wall around it first, and then you’ll have to buy guns later.

I’m thinking of a very great man, one of the greatest that’s ever lived, in fact one of the men who should be ranked in the first dozen men who have walked the globe.  His name was Nanak, and he was the founder of the Sikh sect in India, and his teaching is absolutely wonderful and marvelous, absolute and spiritual, mystical, complete.

And Nanak said to his disciples and his followers, Wealth must create its guns.  And so he warned them not to get too wealthy. In other words, not to be too acquisitive, not to set themselves up as material institutes with material wealth.  And in his time and his son’s time and his son’s time, they avoided material wealth. That is, they avoided the acquiring of properties and church edifices and things of that kind.  But beginning with the fourth dynasty they went on until they owned the biggest and richest temple in all India. And it was in the fifth that they had to build an army to protect it.  And then they became a warrior religion, because they had to have armies all over India to protect their properties. Do you see that?

Now of course you can be as wealthy as you like if it flows to you out of your realization of your true identity, because no one then will be envious or jealous of your wealth.  It is only what you acquire humanly that somebody else wants to humanly acquire back from you. That which flows through the Spirit, not only no one wants, no one even knows that you’ve got it.  It doesn’t appear as a material thing, but a spiritual one, and so if you build in consciousness a spiritual church, it will not be invaded, and you will not need an army to protect it. The God or spiritual consciousness that built it will be its perpetuation.

If you spiritually build a practice or a student body you will not have to protect it.  The consciousness that drew it to you will maintain it and sustain it — and remember this — not always as the same names or faces.  Don’t try to hold onto names and faces. Don’t try to hold onto individual patients or students; that is not perpetuating your practice or student body, or church.  That’s trying to perpetuate human beings with checkbooks. Don’t do that.