Now remember this.  You will be called upon to do healing work.  Whether or not you know it, that is what has brought you to a class of this type — to be prepared for demands that are about to be made upon you.  God would not make a demand upon us that we weren’t equipped to fulfill. Therefore It provides in advance for our equipment, before the call comes.  It isn’t a fact that everyone who first goes through a practitioner class immediately becomes a practitioner, but they begin with their very first class to receive the equipment necessary for when the call does come.

Now some have been called after one class to practice, to heal, others after a second, or third, or fourth class.  But remember this. That from the moment you are called into an activity of this kind, it is for the purpose of equipping you for a demand that is going to be made upon you.  It is no different than if you went to law school. The very fact that you have gone to law school is sufficient proof that you are going to be called upon for some law cases.

Now then, to be properly equipped means first of all, to understand the nature of the work that you are to perform.  The work that you are to perform is not healing anybody, not reforming anybody, not employing or supplying anybody. It is only through human belief that these appearances exist — appearances of sin, disease, lack, limitation.  In truth, in the first chapter of Genesis, there is only a spiritual creation.

Now, how do we come to find ourselves in the second chapter of Genesis?  It is in this wise. A false sense of self made itself apparent in consciousness.  Someone, sometime, somehow, saying the word “I” felt that it meant Joel, John, Jim, instead of realizing that when I say ”I’, I mean Joel, but I also mean Mary, and I also mean Jane.  And so it was that a sense of selfhood sprung up, a sense of a selfhood separate and apart from God — not a separate selfhood. There is none.

There is only one Self, and that is God, regardless of what you may think about it, regardless of what anyone on earth may think about it.  God is the only Self. But we entertain a sense of self, called Joel. And the moment that happens, we have excluded God, and Joel begins to search around for a means of perpetuating himself, living by food and drink, living by exercise, protecting himself from somebody else, and there springs up then in each of us, this sense of a selfhood apart from God.

You have read of this, (you’ll notice it in the animal world).  As you come into the animal world with no fear, the animal automatically loves you, and is friendly to you, and around you, and with you.  But when you come into the animal consciousness with fear, you find the animal on the defensive. And the first thing you know, he may not only defend himself, but actually get aggressively offensive and start attacking you.  Now that is because your sense of self set up in the animal another sense of self, one antagonistic to the other. Whereas, when there was love, that is when there was an absence of fear, there was a unity, there was a fellowship between the human and the animal, and all was well.

Now that same thing happens to us when we come together in, for instance, this type of fellowship.  And there are no mental barriers between us, no one in this room believes for a second that anyone else wants anything of them, is seeking anything.  Therefore the barriers are down, there is a unity, there is a oneness, there are no longer many selfhoods; there is just one, sharing, cooperative joyous Selfhood.

Let someone however, have some idea of gaining something from someone else, getting, achieving, begging, borrowing, stealing, and you would see that wall of defense go up.  And it would immediately be a barrier between us. It is only in proportion as we can meet with the realization of our self-completeness, that we can all unite in one selfhood.

Now let this sense of separateness enter and you have the whole of the second chapter of Genesis.  You have the whole world of antagonism, and not only that, but you have each one then striving to protect and perpetuate the false sense of self which they have erected within themselves.

Through this then, not realizing our true nature as consciousness, God, we believe that we need protection, money, houses, land with fences around it, and we either have it or do not have it.  If we have it, we set up defenses to protect it. If we do not have it, we start out first to earn it, but if we do not find it easy to earn it, we go step by step, step by step into borrowing, begging, and ultimately stealing, and then beyond that into killing for it.  And that is all there is to war. War is merely murder, legalized murder performed for the purpose of getting something that doesn’t belong to us.

Now then, if you are in the first chapter of Genesis, abiding in the realization that God, your individual consciousness, embodies, contains within itself the infinity of being, then it would be an impossibility to have thoughts about someone else, or someone else’s possessions, or any doubts or fears about one’s own being.  And in that case there would be no giving of power to things, because as things came and went the realization would always abide, that consciousness Itself is the Father, the Mother, the creative and maintaining and sustaining Principle of all that is.

Now watch this as you come to your healing work.  Never give power to the external world. Someone says, I need employment.  Don’t enter into their thought and agree with that, and then decide to sit down to do some work to see that they get employment, because then you will be on the level of psychology.  You’ll be on the level of philanthropy. You’ll be on the level of meeting a human need humanly. When someone calls upon you for help to secure employment, your reaction is that no one needs employment, because there is no one.  God is the only One. God is the only Selfhood. God needs no employment. God is the only Selfhood. God is Self-complete. God, your individual consciousness, embodies within Itself the fullness of the Godhead bodily. It cannot need employment.  It cannot have a need of any kind except the need of realizing Its own nature.

You know, when you rightly understand the story of the prodigal son you will have the secret of life at your fingertips.

In the beginning you are the Father.  You are the Father consciousness. You weren’t just a favored son in the beginning.  You were a Father, the Father, the Father consciousness. But you cut yourself off to make yourself a son.  It would have been all right to have been a son in the spiritual sense of sonship, as merely an emanation or offspring of God consciousness, an individualization of God consciousness.  But no, this sense of sonship is separate, and has to receive something of the Father, an inheritance.

Now you know there is no such thing at all in all this world as a son receiving anything from a father, not even a spiritual son receiving anything from a spiritual father.  The spiritual Father is also the spiritual Son. God the Father, and God the Son. The Son is just as much God as the Father, and so that even as a Son we are the Father consciousness, the all-embracing, all-embodying one consciousness, infinite.