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141A – Father Consciousness – The Word Made Flesh
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1956 First Steinway Hall Practitioner Class 

Good morning.

Well, you have noticed that in the first chapter of Genesis you have an entirely spiritual creation.  You have crops before you have seeds. You have light before you have sun.  

And by the time you get into the second chapter of Genesis, you no longer find man made in the image and likeness of God.  But you find the woman taken from the rib of a man. And then the children born otherwise. And you wonder what happened to the immaculate creation, the immaculate conception.

Now let us see this.  Consciousness is God. And Consciousness forms Its creation out of Itself.  And you can sit right where you are and watch this happen. You can watch your whole universe form within your consciousness, made out of nothing but your own consciousness, immaculately conceived, needing no outside help.

Actually as you sit here, you can forget your entire past and build yourself a new creation.  Let us say that up to this moment you have had a world of good people and bad people. Now you have the opportunity to form your own idea of creation, your own idea of man, your own men and women who are to people your lives.  And you can do that by realizing first: Consciousness, which is God, which is my individual consciousness, is the source and the law unto my being.

Now what is the nature of my consciousness?  Life. But a life formed of consciousness, therefore an eternal life.  Then you mean that the life of everyone in my consciousness is that eternal life?  Yes. Yes, if the nature of consciousness is life eternal, then the life of every individual embraced in my consciousness is that life which is consciousness, that life which is eternal.  And then I look out and I see you and I say, Yes, yes. That life formed of consciousness is your life.

Now all I have to do is to go out from this room and maintain that state of consciousness realizing, not that each has a life of their own, but that each has the life which is the formation of consciousness, the life which emanates from my consciousness, which is God consciousness, the only consciousness.  

And then you see, that as I would be able to maintain that, eventually everyone who came into range of my thought would partake of the nature of the true consciousness.  And that would result in healing.

Because each one of you sits here presenting the belief that you have a life of your own.  Each one of you sits here presenting the belief that you have a mind of your own, a soul of your own, a spirit of your own, substance of your own.  But, but in the revelation of immaculately conceived man, man formed of the consciousness, which is God, you haven’t.  

You have only the consciousness of God, the Life of God, the Mind of God, the Soul of God, the Spirit of God.  But that doesn’t mean only you. That means man, all man viewed from the spiritual standpoint. And this is the truth.

The truth is that in the beginning was the Word, or Consciousness.  And that Consciousness became flesh, became you and became me, became individual man.  Therefore man is constituted only of consciousness, Life, Spirit, Soul, spiritual law, spiritual being.

Now, as I maintain that, do you see that I form my own world of people.  And even if sick and sinning mortal people come into range of my thought, they are instantly made dead in my thought and re-born of their Spirit, reformed as they really are.

So it is that, if I look out upon this world and say, I need money.  I need companionship. I need a home, I perpetuate that second chapter of Genesis.  Whereas if I return to the first, if I return to the Father’s house, I say, No. God is consciousness.  Consciousness is infinite. Therefore consciousness embodies within itself home, companionship, supply, opportunity, idea.  And therefore, from the consciousness which is God, which is my consciousness, flows out into expression (that is the Word becomes flesh), my whole universe.

My whole universe then is immaculately conceived, and the miracle is this.  I have dominion over it. Since my consciousness is the substance and the law and the cause, my consciousness remains the substance and the law and the cause unto its formation.  And then I do not have to go outside and let people, things, germs, conditions govern me.

I then through grace, through this understanding, through the fact that God is my individual consiousness, I then remain having dominion over my universe through truth.  Not as if I were some individual boss, tyrant, dictator, but by virtue of the fact that God is individual consciousness, and that God is the source, substance, law and activity of Its creation.  

Now of course the very moment that I give power to something other than the consciousness that formed this universe, then have I given over dominion to the ground, or the stars, or the sea, or the germs, or the infection, or people, or opinions and theories, or beliefs.

Now just see this point.  When you are called upon for healing work from a spiritual standpoint, you can’t win if you believe, if you accept the belief, that there is power in person, thing, circumstance or condition, because you will have to find some way to overcome that power or destroy that power.  And then you’ll have two powers battling each other. Your only hope for success is if you understand the first chapter of Genesis, and understand that the consciousness that forms the universe maintains and sustains the universe. And all power forever abides in the consciousness which brings about formation.

In the beginning was the Word, unformed consciousness, then appears forms, but consciousness always is the creative, maintaining and sustaining Principle of Its forms, whether those forms appear as persons, things, circumstance or condition.