In this way, does the kingdom of God come on earth as it is in heaven and in no other way.  The kingdom of God on earth will not be established by covenant. It will be established by mystics, those of spiritual wisdom who have made contact with God and through this contact, can bear witness to the fact that now are you the sons of God.  Whether or not the appearance is there, witness to that at this moment: Now are you the sons of God. And we say that with love for you: the Jew, the Gentile, the Protestant, the Catholic; to white, to black, to bond, to free, to Russians, to Americans, to all nations upon the face of the globe.  Now are you the child of God. I discern that with my spiritual wisdom. Do you have eyes and do not see? Do you have ears and do not hear? Yes, I have eyes and I have perceived that you are the son of God. I have ears and I have heard of my Father that you are the son of God. Indeed I do welcome you into the brotherhood of Christ, into the household of God.  You who are my neighbors, my neighbors near and my neighbors far. To you I give recognition of divine brotherhood. Call no man on earth your father, for there is but one Father and that Father is in heaven. Now we no longer live by bread alone, but by this word of truth. This word of truth in your mouth is the bread of Life unto you. It is the source of your supply.  This word of Truth in your mouth. You no longer live by bread alone, but by divine grace and the divine grace is the knowledge of God in the midst of you. The divine Sonship. The divinity, I. The divinity in that word, I. The great secret of the world is in the word, I. Before Moses, the Krishna of India recognized there was but one I, one ego, one infinite, divine Being and the Advaita teaching of India, which was the absolute teaching of India, still reveals there is but one I, one ego, one divine Being manifest as your being and as mine.  

Moses recognized this in his realization.  Oh, I AM that I AM. I AM that I AM. And on the recognition of that I AM, he was enabled to lead his people out of slavery, out of bondage, out of ignorance, out of illiteracy and make them a recognized nation on the face of the globe to the extent, that even to this day, their teachings are embodied in the scriptures of the world.  Their teachings are embodied in what we call the Christian Bible, Old Testament and New Testament together, all what we call the Bible. And it was Moses’ great revelation of the I AM that gave such power of truth to their teachings; that even in the midst of the misconceptions of their teachings, those teachings remain with us today and became the foundation of the great Master, Christ Jesus, Who declared also I AM that I AM.  The kingdom of God is within me. The Father within me doeth the works. Thou seest me, thou seest the Father that sent me, for I and the Father are one. This divine I within me is the Son. God the Father, God the Son. God the Universal Fatherhood principle. God the individual I of my being. We are ONE. And God has endowed this individual I with all the power of God and all the Presence of God that we ourselves may be a light unto this world of darkness.  

‘Now, this I that I AM, does not battle with the world.  It stands still and watches the salvation of God as the falsities, the errors of the world evaporate, disappear.  Do not fight the evils of this world. Stand still in the realization that God is infinite power and the infinity of that Power, makes of none effect any other scheming power or any other claim of power, or any other suggestion of power, or any other temptation to accept as power anything other than the I that is within your own being.  As long as you can secretly and silently declare I, you are secretly and silently declaring the Presence and power of God right where you stand. And so, in the midst of hell, in the midst of sin, disease, temptation, lack; in the midst of war or rumors of war; in the midst of falling bombs, close your eyes and silently and secretly declare,

Thank you, Father.  I AM. All that God IS, I AM.  

All that the Father hath is mine.  I and the Father are One.

This truth is the life of the world.