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Beginning Steps on the Infinite Way

1962 Tulsa Special Class tape 473A
by Joel S Goldsmith DOWNLOAD PDF

Good evening.

Since this is the first class that I have conducted in Oklahoma, and the first that many of you have attended, I should call your attention to the fact that some parts of this work will undoubtedly surprise you. Some parts of the message may seem strange to you. But the attitude with which you should approach this work is one of no judgement, no opinion; rather that of listening and then learning later the response that takes place within you. In our human experience, before we come to either a metaphysical or a spiritual teaching, we are made up really of a consciousness of good and of evil. Our whole experience, from before birth, is predicated on the assumption that there is good and evil; that there is a power of good and that there is a power of evil; perhaps one power of good and a lot of powers of evil. Certainly in our human experience, evils for most people are more numerous than the good experiences. And so it is that as we come to adulthood, our entire experience is predicated on the belief which we have accepted that there are two powers. There aren’t two powers. It was the acceptance of this belief of two powers that caused all the trouble in the beginning, in the Garden of Eden. I believe there are some superstitious teachings; superstitious, paganistic, whatever you may call it, to the effect that Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden for some sex reasons. Of course this is a fantastic myth. The Bible clearly states the reason. It was accepting the two powers, good and evil. The eating of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The knowledge of good and evil caused the expulsion from Eden, and it is that same acceptance of two powers that keeps us out of harmony.

Now, as we learn of the metaphysical teaching we begin to find a slightly different attitude or consciousness unfolding within us. Because, whereas up until we find the metaphysical teaching, we have this sense of both good and evil, and probably more fear of evil than we have confidence in good. We now make a change. Our consciousness changes, and we become much, much more confident of the power of good, and far less fearful of evil, error in any form. You can notice this in the metaphysical student, that they fear disease less than they did before. They have more compassion on sinners, those who violate what is called “the law”. They have far, far more confidence in the power of good to overcome evil. Sometimes this belief in the power of good to overcome evil takes the form of believing that God heals disease, or that truth overcomes error, discord, or the power of good destroys the power of evil. In other words, consciousness makes a transition, from fearing drafts, germs, weather, climate, food, sickness, temptation. It makes a transition to the realization that there is a power greater than these, capable of overcoming these. Eventually, after some experience in metaphysics, we actually find that this is true, that the application of truth to a physical, mental, moral or financial problem, restores harmony, brings back health, increases supply, overcomes false appetites, sinful desires. And by now, we are working in a realm of the good overcoming the evil. We have an answer to every problem. We have the power of God, or the power of Truth, or the power of Mind. Sometimes it is referred to as the Divine Mind having power over mortal mind, or Divine Power overcoming material power. In some metaphysical teachings you have actually the teaching of mind as a power. Mind as a power over matter. Mind as a power over material conditions. Mind as a creative power. And to some extent, in the early stages of our study, this even stands up and seems to be true. There are many, many, many, many so called demonstrations along this line, as if we had found truth. We hadn’t found truth, we merely have graduated out of what you might call the lowest state of human consciousness, one that is almost primarily material, into a higher one where we approach the mental realm, or mental consciousness.

Now, one of two things happens at this point; we are satisfied that we have found the ultimate reality; we are satisfied that instead of a sick body we now have a well body; or whereas we had an insufficient income we now have a sufficient income; whereas before we were unhappy we are now happier. And there are those who rest at that point and go through the rest of their lives content with turning the negative side of life into the positive, in other words improving their humanhood, improving their human conditions, improving their health, improving their supply. To others, it becomes evident sooner or later that this is not the end, that one has not yet found God. As indeed, it is impossible to find God at that level, for God doesn’t exist at that level. God is not to be found there. Truth is not to be found there. To many, even with improved conditions and improved health and harmony, it becomes evident that there is still a hunger, there is still a thirst, there is still a desire, and it is this when it is realized in you that drives you further, drives you to seek ultimate reality. There are those that did not go through that metaphysical stage, whose drive to know God aright enabled them to skip that stage and find their way right into Spiritual Truth, into a Spiritual teaching or mystical teaching. But the point is that in one way or another the seeker, the one who has a drive in the heart to know God, must keep going until they find God. There is no other answer. There is no other satisfaction in life. You may be assured that the numbers of these is not great. The Master complained about that at Jerusalem.

Many spiritual teachers in the history of the world have found it necessary to be content to have small groups of students ready, desirous of attaining the ultimate realization. Each one decides for themselves how far they want to go. Well that isn’t quite correct. You don’t decide for yourself. Either the drive is there that forces you to God or it isn’t. If it isn’t, there’s no use worrying about it, you’re never going to find God anyhow, so you might as well be content where you are. If the drive is there, it won’t make any difference if you hate the rest of the journey, you’re going to have to make it. And it isn’t an easy one. The Master spoke of it in these words; “The way is straight and narrow and few there be that enter.” And you may be assured that this is true, because the price is very high. It isn’t high in money. When you stop to think of our degree of economy in this country, the price is very low in money. And it isn’t that price that is referred to. And I’m sure that when the Master spoke of selling all that you have, or giving up the great, great valuable pearl for this, that he wasn’t really thinking in terms of how much money we would pay for it, or whether you would have to give up your entire fortune for it. I think he felt really that there wasn’t enough money coined in all of the realms in money to buy this pearl, and so he knew the other price. And of course this is something that you discover very quickly; you can’t buy truth. You can’t buy a knowledge of God. You can’t buy an entrance into Heaven. There is no amount of money that one could ever have that would advance them even one step on a spiritual journey. Money has its uses, but this is one place where it finds nothing for sale.

Truth, spiritual truth, reality, is imparted. Well I might say to you that there are two ways of receiving the impartation. The one happens to very few people. In the entire history of the recorded world it has happened to very few people. And that is the direct enlightenment or illumination received in an individual’s consciousness by the Grace of God. This has happened a few times in history. It has happened a few times so simply and so easily without any effort on the part of the individual. Mostly it has happened through struggle. In the case of the Master, Christ Jesus, until recently no one actually knew for a fact how he attained it, when or where, because his recorded history begins only when he is thirty years of age and starts in his ministry. Before that, we see him only as a boy of twelve, with evidently some intuitive knowledge of spiritual truth. But from twelve to thirty, until recently, we have no knowledge of where he was, what he was doing, who he studied with if anyone. But recently it has of course been revealed.