Do you realize that the subject of spiritual healing is becoming of more and more interest to this world? And you will notice also, that there are many many different forms of spiritual healing. Many different modes of practice of spiritual healing. And, each one must find what you and I have found; the one that suits our particular consciousness. It is for this reason that we are not organized; that’s one reason we are not organized. Because, I would not have anybody join us with any idea of making a permanent contract with us, or arrangement, because I have discovered that we are individuals, and that each of us has a state of consciousness peculiar to ourselves, and that what may be one man’s meat, may be another man’s poison.

Now, for this reason, in these various teachings, you must be very careful that you permit those who come to you, to find the particular approach that best meets their need. There are some people who respond beautifully to the purely spiritual approach, that is; to those practitioners or teachers, who have been imbued with the spirit, without which spiritual healing, of course, can not take place. But then, there are others who are geared toward mental healing, to occult healing, to healings of different natures. Today, they are mistakenly all embraced in the term “spiritual healing”. They aren’t, as you well know. But this does not mean that any of these approaches may not be the right one for those of the particular consciousness. So it is, your work is not to mix different types of healing, but to abide by those principles that you have been taught, that you have accepted, that you can demonstrate. And, when called upon for help, abide only by that which is yours by nature.

Those who do not respond to you, those who can not accept it in this way, let them find those. Do not interfere with their lives. Do not try to wean them away from that which really is their own. Otherwise you do them an injustice, and yourself. Sometimes we’re tempted. I have had calls many a time from people who have said; “Won’t you come and sit by my bedside and talk truth to me when I’m asleep.” And I have had others say; “Won’t you make a record of a treatment, that I can play or have played when I’m asleep, and have it enter my mind.” And there may be people who benefit by that . But that is not my idea, or the instructions that I have received in spiritual healing, therefor I will not indulge it. And so, I urge upon you; be true to the form of spiritual healing that has met your need, that you understand, and abide with that, and do not force it upon anyone. Share it liberally with those who are lead to you. But when you find those who can not respond to it, and who wish to go further, please encourage it, set them free. Again remembering that, “in as much as you have done it unto the least of these, my brethren, you have done it unto me.” Treat everyone who comes to you as you yourself want to be treated. You have as an example, the nature of the work as it has been performed before your very eyes for these nine years. Take that example, and let it be your example to set before those who come to you.

In these days to come, this subject of spiritual healing will reach many more people. I think I told you about last year, when I was up in Leeds, and found that in that very evening’s newspaper, the editor had quoted one of the Infinite Way books on the very subject of spiritual healing, not even knowing that I was in the city, merely because it had become a part, evidently, of his awareness. So that it was even in a newspaper. As you know, The Mirror Magazine, of New Zealand, is now in the midst of the publication of six of our articles on the contemplative way of life. Do you see what a tremendous public this is reaching, this subject, and what a tremendous interest is aroused? Now remember this; these people whose interest is aroused, if they find you, they will be asking for bread. Don’t give them a stone. Be sure that if any of these people are lead to you, that you pour out of you the love that you know they are seeking. Because they are coming from the same background that you and I have come from; a background of barrenness, of sickness, of sin; a background of wanting, crying, pleading for God. These people will be lead to you. Give them your spiritual fruitage. Give them your love. Give them the highest understanding of truth that you have. Because, the responsibility for the success and the progress of spiritual healing in this age rests upon the shoulders of those who have been spiritually healed. They have no other place to look for what they are seeking. They must find those who, a step ahead of them, a month ahead of them, a year ahead of them, have found spiritual healing, spiritual living, the contemplative way of life. Give it out to them in as pure a form as you have received it. You will then be playing your part, as each one of us is today, you will be playing your part in advancing, not merely spiritual healing; may I say to you truthfully, that spiritual healing is the least of what will be accomplished.

Spiritual healing is only the decoy that is leading the human race to the contemplative way of life, in which they find their life eternal within themselves. It seems that the world will not seek the Kingdom of God within themselves just for the Kingdom of God. And so, it seems that spiritual healing is one of the decoys, one of the ways, evidently, God is using to bring people home to Himself, to the finding of the Kingdom of God within. And so, actually, when you bring about spiritual healing for anyone, don’t think for a moment that that’s what you’ve really done. You’ve brought someone home to the contemplative way of life; to the seeking and finding of the Kingdom of God within themselves. And this is the great attainment.

Thank you. Until seven o’clock, tomorrow night.