We do not quite remember this when we deal with our newspaper news, magazine news, or radio, television. The mesmerism of the world, would tend to make us also rise up in righteous rebellion against those who seem to have destructive powers, or negative powers over others. But here, the spiritual student must be wise. The spiritual student must do that which the others can not do. They must bring healing to the situation. And that they can only do in one way; if first, we recognize that this other, appearing to us to be so unspiritual, not only unspiritual, perhaps un-human; if only will realize that that other is myself. Myself, the spiritual self of me, is the spiritual self of you. That you know. But watch that you also know that the spiritual self of you is the spiritual self of that other. Regardless of name, station, or human appearance. This you can more easily do when you recognize that all power is in God, not in man. Just as, when you are dealing with spiritual healing, you are dealing with the truth that the power is not in the body.

The power of health is not in the body, and the power of ill-health is not in the body. There is no body, and there is nobody’s body, that has the capacity for either health or disease. If you were to think of this body separate and apart from the mind of the universe, you would find that this body could never be well or sick, because this body is just a lump of clay. Divorce it from the universal man, the mind of man, the mind of the universe, and you would have here a lump of clay, that couldn’t get sick, and if it did, couldn’t get well. It is only because we realize that all power is in the source of life, whether we call it God or Spirit, whether we call it the Christ of Man, or the Buddhi-mind. Who cares what we call it? As long as we recognize that we are talking about the spiritual causative principle of life. When we recognize, as we must if we are to do spiritual healing, when we recognize that God has never given over his power to a body, God has never given over his power to a thing, all power is in God; then by our realization of that one truth, we render the body incapable of health or disease, and by our recognition of this spiritual power, we bring to the body God’s power, or Spirit’s power, or Christ’s power, and then this body has no choice. It can neither be sick nor well. It can only express the consciousness that we have entertained of it. So it is when we are dealing with spiritual healing of those who call upon us. We, in our particular activity, do not take into thought the body at all. We have in mind the revealed principles of life. Namely, that God or Spirit is the substance of all form. That all quality or quantity, all power, is in consciousness, Spirit, not in form. Just like the quality of this jar is not in the jar, but in the clay of which it’s formed. The shape that is called “jar” has no qualities. But the clay of which it is formed, is the quality of the jar. So it is with us. “Know ye not that your body is the temple of God?” Then your body can have no quality of its own, but it must bear the quality, the quantity, the activity of the the substance of which it is formed. So it is, that as you entertain, you remember the formula for spiritual healing is “ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” This is the formula.

What is the truth? Well of course, the truth is so clearly stated; “The Word became flesh.” The word “God” became flesh. Therefor, that which we call “flesh” must be of the nature, the character, the quality of God. And by our knowing this truth, we bring this form forth in manifestation or expression. It is identically the same when we are dealing with the problems of business men or government men.

The moment we know that man of himself has no powers, he is merely the instrument or temple through which the power of God is made manifest, we render that individual impotent so far as a negative or destructive power is concerned. Now, you know to what extent we have witnessed that in our work in industry and in government. You know how effective it has been to pray silently. All power is in God, not in man. Remembering; “Thou couldst have no power over me, Pilate. Thou couldst have no power over me unless it was given thee of God.” Once you are able to face temporal power in any form, whether in the form of man, or the form of disease, with that realization, you have no power except that as the temple of God, you are the instrument through which the power of God is made evident on earth as it is in heaven. So it is then, that there is a temptation for us, the same as it is for all others, to accept men and conditions at the appearance value, and judge by appearances instead of judging righteous judgement.

Now, it is a constant practice to remind yourself, as I must constantly remind myself, that these appearances, these world appearances, are not testifying to truth, but testifying only to the man made concepts of life. It is for this reason that scripture forms the entire basis of our work. It is for this reason that only in proportion as you really come to know scripture, and how to apply it in your daily living, that you can make yourself completely free and independent of these universal human conditions.

There are just a few notes to illustrate this point. Living by the word. That is the contemplative way of life. Living by the word. “If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will and it shall be done unto you“. For the word of God is quick and powerful and sharper than any two edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.” Our purpose in coming together, is to experience God, to gain a deeper awareness of God’s presence. The degree of our realization of the presence of God, is the degree of harmony in our daily experience. There are certain steps each one of us can take in attaining this realization; to learn significant passages from scripture, to use these passages for contemplative meditation, to put these passages into actual practice by carrying them in our heart throughout the day, and calling them to mind whenever a need arises.

Now, as an illustration of this; and of course this is to illustrate the changes that you bring about in your life, not by doing anything to someone out here, but by the change of consciousness that takes place within you. Now, let us see how this would work in a specific instance. “Except the Lord build the house…”; and you will remember, of course, I know you do know, that the first page of every Infinite Way book has this passage. “Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it. Except the Lord keep the city, the watch-men waketh but in vain.” Now just think for a moment, what this does do to the word “I”? “Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it.” Our concern for today is; “can I perform all that I have to? Can I succeed in my enterprise? Can I do correctly that which I’m supposed to do? Am I up to this particular thing, or that? Am I able to do that which I should do?” Think of the fears about “I”. Think about the doubts about “I”. And yet, if you faithfully follow this, what happens to that “I”? “Except the Lord build the house…” Immediately, that “I” drops away, that personal “I”, personal sense of “I”, that “I” that is supposed to do something. Because the Lord must build the house. The Lord must keep the city. The watchmen do not keep the city. The watchmen are more apt to fall asleep. But with the recognition that the Lord keepeth watch over the city, the watchman no longer has the capacity to fall asleep.

As we realize that the Lord is building our day, the Lord is building our business, we are but the temple through which the Lord operates, that sense of personal responsibility falls away from us, and we gain this conviction of the Lord. Ah yes, we go on then to the next; “For He performeth the thing that is appointed for me.” Take yourself in memory, from morning to night. And think of how many times it is impressed upon us that we are equal to our tasks, or that the forces that oppose us are greater than our own capacities. The opposition that we meet is greater than our own capacity, or the influence, or the pull of somebody else is greater than ours, or they have a greater economic capacity. All of that is wiped away in our realization; “He performeth the thing that is appointed for me.” “The Lord builds the temple.” “He performeth that which is given me to do.” Then finally; “The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me.” The Lord will perfect that. Again, that “I” drops away.