Now, you take Science and Health, and wipe off every bit of print, you don’t need any of it. Just print on each page; “There is no error”. Because that’s all Mrs. Eddy was trying to tell you.” You have that. That was her secret. That was her conviction. That was her sewing to the Spirit. She knew the spiritual nature of being, just through that. And she never got further than that. Never did she use the other writings. Never did she concern herself with them she read them, yes. She got to know them. But throughout her practice, that was her inner conviction. God is, and so this other can’t be.

Of course, you see, once that comes as conviction, once that comes as inner awareness, that’s all that is necessary. Now, you would be surprised that there is very little in the way of truth that anyone need to know in order to do healing work. It is just the point of conviction that comes and sometimes it can be on any one point of spiritual truth. It could be in the nature of the realization of the Allness of God. Or it could be of the illusory nature of what appears as error. Or it could be the both of those put together. But there are other points, and one alone is enough to do phenomenal healing work. Just that idea for instance that disease has no law. A real conviction of that, an inner awareness that; “Well, how could a disease have a law, since anything that’s law must be universally so? It must be everywhere equally present. And if it’s law, there’s no powers breaking it.” And then you go through, and think of those things that you know to be law, like the law of like begetting like, or the law of two times two is four, or the law of H2O. Whatever is law, you’ll find there is no way of violating. Of course, if there were a law of disease, there’s no way of violating that. You would have disease forever and forever and forever.

Now, just to catch that one point, could really make a phenomenal healer of anyone. And so it isn’t the acquiring of a lot of knowledge. We’re not reading all these books because it is necessary to know all these things. We are reading all these books so that they wear down our material sense of consciousness, our material consciousness, and enable our faith and foundation in the Spirit to become paramount. That is why we read. It is, the Orientals say; “You take off this material consciousness like you peel an onion, one skin at a time.” Hardly noticeable at the time, until all of a sudden you find yourself down to nothingness. And so it is with this; every day’s reading, every day’s healing, every day’s meditating, every day’s practicing, is not giving us greater knowledge. Because, all the knowledge we can have about truth won’t be truth in the last analysis.

Truth is our inner awareness. Truth is the consciousness. Truth is the reality. That isn’t knowledge, that is an awareness. And it comes, bit by bit, through the knowledge that we imbibe. Finally something or other happens, and a statement clicks or registers with us. Another day, another one clicks or registers with us. And so on, until the first thing you know, that final transition is made, and we are no longer sewing to the flesh. We’re no longer believing that the body has power over life, or dollars have power over supply, or wars have power over immortality.

After that, raise a question. The question is; “If a person has no metaphysical background, which of the infinite way writings would you recommend to them?” This depends entirely on the circumstances, on what the problem is that’s brought, and what inner leading you have. Always remember this; no matter how difficult it may seem, The Infinite Way is the text book. The Infinite Way contains, sometimes in one sentence or two, the essence of all that appears later in a whole book. And, even as startling as this week may seem to some of us, from the standpoint of “IS”, you’ll find it in The Infinite Way, and you’ll find it in Spiritual Interpretation of Scripture. In fact, I think in the introduction, or note, in Spiritual Interpretation, you’ll find that it ends up by saying, that the purpose of this book is to show that God IS. All the way through the writings, you’ll find the”IS”.

Only now, we have had it in a more concentrated form, and in a specific form or practice. But the principal of “IS” appears all through the writings. So that the book, The infinite Way, itself is the textbook. And, even though beginners may find it difficult, sooner or later that is where they will have to go, if not for the knowledge, for the spirit, for the consciousness of the word. However, there are the other writings that serve specific purposes. For instance, to many coming out of orthodoxy, the 23rd Psalm, the secret of the 23rd Psalm, is a powerful book. On the other hand, the secret of the 23rd Psalm is the most deeply metaphysical and spiritual of all. Because, in it you have the full and complete message that the Lord is my shepherd. It IS. Now, what are you going to do about that? There is nothing further to be done after that acknowledgement. Yet, the beginner finds just an assurance of a God. So, to the beginner, the secret of the 23rd Psalm is a very helpful thing. But, if you have a very advanced student, the secret of the 23rd Psalm comes in again.

Now, there are specific problems, such as human relationship, where we have placed reliance on people, circumstances, so forth. And love and gratitude lifts us way above that. So, wherever there is a need to realize that the full faith, or dependence, or reliance, must be on God, there is the book that will lift one into that thing. Now, many people have trouble with meditation. And The First San Francisco Lecture Series is the text book on meditation.

As a matter of fact, a New York publisher would like to publish that as a text book on meditation, because he has been told by students of orthodox religions that there is nothing better than that book, First San Francisco Lectures, on the subject of meditation. And, of course, it is carried through in some degree in Second and Third Lectures. But First San Francisco Lectures is really a textbook on meditation. Well, other students have some religious background that includes a Bible background. And what could be clearer than Spiritual Interpretations, from our standpoint? Do you see what I mean? And so, we are led. Now, the class books, Metaphysical Notes, Consciousness Unfolding, God the Substance of All Form, and The Master Speaks; I would certainly not recommend to anyone until they had read Infinite Way, Spiritual Interpretation of Scripture and the First San Francisco Lectures.

Now then, a strange thing happens. All Christian Scientists can accept and agree on The Letters as a foundational book. But, one of the strangest things that has happened, is that students who have never studied Christian Science, find The Letters to be the easiest book for them to grasp. A very very strange thing. But especially, I have noticed up in Vancouver, all of the students there, almost none of whom were Christian Scientists, use more of The Letters than any other book. But actually, where Christian Scientists are concerned, The Letters is a wonderful introductory book, followed by The Infinite Way. And of course, in every way the same thing; you are led, as a rule. But that is the way the books shape up.