by Joel S Goldsmith,

1953 First New York Practitioner Class


Now, it isn’t the hands touching that has anything to do with it. One kiss is just a kiss and another one is more dynamite. The body has nothing to do with that. The body has nothing to do with that whatsoever. That is our state of consciousness that is reflected in bodily reactions. And sooner or later, you’ll realize that that’s true about health. That our conditions of health or ill health on the human plane are only reactions to the state of thought. That does not take us back to the mental science of mental thought for physical disease. It takes us back to whether or not we are in a material state of consciousness or spiritual state of consciousness.

As long as we’re in the material state of consciousness, which is a belief in the power of effect, than the body is subject to any form of discord. The moment we make the transition into the spiritual consciousness, in which we realize that all cause is an activity of consciousness, then the body becomes free of most of its sensations. You see, Paul had that idea in his; “If you sew to the flesh, you reap corruption. If you sew to the spirit, you reap life everlasting.” That’s exactly the difference between material consciousness and spiritual consciousness.

To reap to the flesh, means to believe in substance, law, power, and reality, in effect. But to sew to the spirit means to place all life, all substance, all cause, all continuity, all law and being, in the Spirit. Then, that which appears as effect, is but the effect of the Spirit. And so, to say that sensation is an activity of consciousness, would be to withdraw every erroneous sensation from the body. To say that activity, movement, action, is an activity of consciousness, would be to prevent the muscles from becoming paralyzed. And saying muscles, in and of themselves, can be paralyzed; how, if the activity of muscles is in consciousness? And so it would be, with all the organs and the functions of the body. If you sew to the flesh, if you believe that heart, liver, lungs, can move or not move in and of themselves, and that they are an issue of life, then of course you are in the material sense of existence and you can only reap corruption, sin, disease, and death. If, however, you have made the transition to the realization that consciousness is the law of being and the law of body, then you are sewing to the spirit, and you will reap spiritual harmony.

Then, when the call comes for help, there is no use of answering with a lot of arguments and metaphysical statements, because right up here is the realization all the time; “Who convinceth me of sin? All perfection is in consciousness, not in effect. All supply is in consciousness, not in dollar bills, or oranges, or crops.” And you live, and move, and have your being, in that consciousness. Then, when you’re called upon for help, you don’t have to go through a teaching process. The teaching process is different. In teaching, you have to use every single word of truth, statement of truth, thought of truth, you know, in order to offset that material sense of existence, and gradually wear down and break down that material sense of existence until it has disappeared and the spiritual transition has been made. At some point of our existence, reading or teaching, moves us from sewing to the flesh, to sewing to the spirit. There comes an actual minute of transition, which you would call realization. You would say; “Oh I knew that, but now I know. Oh, before I knew it, now I have the awareness. Oh, that’s different now. See, before that, nine years maybe, I knew that. But now all of a sudden, I don’t know it.

Now I know its soul. Now I have that inner awareness, that inner conviction.” Now that; when that takes place in a treatment, that’s the moment of healing. Any time a practitioner, regardless of how little their understanding might be, would come to a moment of realization on any point, a healing would take place. Any meta-physician that would sit down and think truth, read truth, ponder truth, on any problem, until a moment of realization came, that particular problem would be met.

Now, if that happened often enough in their experience, they would have a moment of transition when the whole of the material scene would be wiped out, and they would have the realization of God. The moment they have the realization of God, then there would be no more need for these realization with every call for help. Just as my friend was able to say; “What does he think I can do about that?” Because he was living up there in that state of consciousness when he knew that nothing could be done about nothing. Had he not been in that state of consciousness, he would have closed is eyes and given a treatment. And it might have lasted one minute, and it might have lasted twenty minutes. But he would have ultimately come to a point of realization and the healing would have taken place. But because he was in that state of consciousness, the healing took place instantly.

Now, the more you study, the more you ponder, the more you read, and the more you practice, the more you meditate, the closer you come to that point of transition where you live in that consciousness. I have told this before. There was a practitioner in Los Angeles who was probably, in point of busy-ness, and number of patients, the busiest practitioner in Los Angeles. And a practitioner from Boston was visiting Los Angeles, and had heard about this man, and had an appointment to have luncheon with him, went up to his office, at twelve o’clock, and had found the office filled. And at one o’clock, people had been going and coming, and the office was still filled, and inside he could hear the practitioner on the phone, two phones going constantly, from one to the other; “I’ll be with you. I’ll help you. Alright, I’ll take care of you.” And finally, it got to be one o’clock, and nothing was happening. Finally, this practitioner came out and said; “I’m sorry, I won’t be able to have lunch with you today, you see these people are waiting. And calls are coming.” Yes, he saw that, and he left. But he called me on the phone; “Joel, something’s very wrong here. Can you have lunch with me?” “Yes.” So we went and had lunch. And he told me this story. And, of course, this man was a man with whom I shared an office in Los Angeles, so I knew the whole story. He said; “You know, there must be something wrong with that practice, because he didn’t give one of those people a treatment. And even the people who came in, and had appointments with him, he didn’t give them a treatment. They just came in, they didn’t get a chance to talk, they had to sit while he was on the telephone. Then they got tired, they went out. Something’s very wrong.” I said; “No no, nothing’s wrong. You just don’t understand. This man has a different kind of practice. He doesn’t have any sick people in his practice.” “Oh, well that makes it different.” Well you see, this man had attained that. He had had an instantaneous healing of tuberculosis, and the very last stages of tuberculosis too. And when he was very antagonistic to both God and Christian Science. But the thing that brought the healing, was that he read the first chapter of Science and Health, the chapter on prayer,. And while he couldn’t make head or tails of it, something intrigued him to such an extent that he read the chapter five times in one night. And out of it he caught two things; God is, and error isn’t. And so, he based his whole practice on that. And when patients came to him, he would say; “Now, tell you what you do. You take your Bible, and rub every bit of print off it mentally, just wipe it all out. You have nothing but blank pages. And on every page, you mentally print; “God is.”” And, he says; “That’s all the Bible is trying to tell you, that God is. There is a God. “