Where the Spirit of the Lord is 
1956 Steinway Hall Practitioner Class 
by Joel S Goldsmith 
tape 147A


Now, the final unfoldment that came to me through my experiments with meditation and my early experiences, was this; that when I achieved even a momentary flash of the feeling of the presence of God, the harmonies of my experience began to appear. Supply increased. Health increased. Relationships increased. Greater sense of understanding and co-operation with those around me increased. Greater peace came. Greater joy came. There were lots of times when I didn’t accomplish that realization, when I couldn’t break through to it. And then I knew discordant days. And I knew days of irritation, days of upset, days of lack of peace. But, the moment I could get back and re-establish that inner contact, without ever desiring anything in the outer realm, without ever thinking of supply, without ever thinking of health, just establishing that realization of God’s presence; that presence went before me and made the crooked places straight. And, in all of the years that have gone by since then, that is the only thing that has made the success, whatever measure of success that you bear witness to of the message of the Infinite Way, whatever you witness in this class work or in other class work that you’ve seen, whatever you notice of books published in the United States, in England, in other countries, in other languages, be assured of this; every bit of that has come out of daily meditations which were experienced solely for the purpose of knowing God, whom to know aright is Life eternal.

Now, when you go within for somebody or something, you will have some measure of success, but please believe me that you will fall far short of your goal. You will never achieve an inner peace and an outer harmony until you have succeeded in going to the inner being, your inner self, solely and exclusively for the purpose of meeting and knowing God. “Acquaint now thyself with him and be at peace.” You may call that a formula, if you like, but it’s a good one. “Acquaint now thyself with him and be at peace.” How could you be at peace if you didn’t have health? How could you be at peace if you didn’t have an abundance of supply? How could you be at peace if you didn’t have rightful relationships, all the way from your family up to your nation and across the nation’s borders? How could you have peace if there weren’t peace in every department of your life? And so it means, that if you “acquaint now thyself with Him” and find peace, it will mean peace in every department of your life. If you turn to the within to seek peace, you won’t find Him. And you may find peace in health, or you may find peace in supply, but you won’t find the completeness that you will find if your whole meditation is aimed at becoming acquainted with Him. “Acquaint now thyself with Him, whom to know aright”, remember, “is life eternal.” You see, there’s no way of demonstrating life eternal either, except to know Him aright. Meet Him face to face within your own being, then you will have met life eternal. Try to meet life eternal without first meeting God, and you will never succeed. “Thy will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee.”

That’s another good formula. Don’t keep your mind stayed on demonstrating supply. Don’t keep your mind stayed on demonstrating a house. Don’t keep your mind stayed on demonstrating health. “Thou will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee.” There it is again. Find God, and you find the harmony of your existence. And not only yours, but all those who come to you for some measure of whatever it is that you have found. And now you know what it is that you must find; it must be God. It isn’t a truth, and it isn’t a teaching, and it isn’t a book that you must find. It is God that you must find. And you will not find God, unless you search for God with your whole heart, and your whole soul, and your whole mind, and your whole purse, and your whole body. You have to devote yourself whole heartedly to the realization of God, in order to accomplish it. And there can not be bypaths of seeking God for some reason. You can not go to God to get health. I remember, many many years ago; many years ago, and the lady’s right in this room, who came to me with no understanding of metaphysical truth and wanted to know if God could heal her. And at first, I told her that God could. You have to lie a little bit to beginners. But, as we worked together for a while, this lady wanted to know; why should we expect God to heal us, since we’re not perfect, we’re not good. We’re all more or less sinners, why should we expect this thing of God. And I knew it was troubling her, and then I had to tell her the truth; God really doesn’t heal at all. There is no God that heals anybody. The real truth is, that in our inner being, God is our own selfhood. We don’t need healing. We seem to need healing, because we believe we have a life of our own and we’ve done something wrong with it, or we’ve gotten it into a trouble. But actually, God doesn’t heal anybody. God, being the infinity of being, can you imagine, where God’s power is, if he let us slip out of His grasp? God has never let us out of His bosom. God has never let us out of His power. God has never left us dangling on Earth to get into trouble, so that we afterwards come back and find Him. That is all part of this second chapter of Genesis, in which the mind has created pictures for us which we look at.

Like alcohol sometimes presents pictures to us of snakes and pink elephants. And we look at them and fear them, and then we send for somebody to help us get rid of our elephants and our snakes. We, looking on, say; “Oh, we wouldn’t dare tell this to the man in delivery in tremens, that he has no alcoholic snakes.” We assure him we will help him get rid of them. And he has confidence in us, and rests back a little, and gives us an opportunity to free him of his dream. That’s what happens in healing work. We do say; “Certainly I will help you. I’m going to pray for you.” And that enables the person in pain to sit back and say; “Oh, I know. You’re a good man, and you’re going to God for me. And because you’re a good man, God is going to answer your prayers. He wouldn’t answer mine. Oh no. But Joel, you’re a very good man. God loves you and He’s going to answer your prayers.” Strange, isn’t it, when you face it that way? But it really isn’t that way, is it? The thing is this; that our sins and our diseases represent a sense of absence from God. Our sins, and our diseases, and our old age; this represents a sense of separation from God. Not a separation. If there were a separation, that would mean that God had let us slip out of Its grasp. That would mean that God wasn’t omnipotence, or isn’t omnipotence. So actually, we have never left the bosom of the Father. The same man that came down from Heaven, the same man went up to Heaven, because he never left Heaven. So it is with us. We entertain a sense of separation from God. It isn’t your sense or mine. It’s universal sense. It came down to us from those days they call “Adam and Eve”, or the wandering of the prodigal son. But, we accept it. The moment we’re born, we accept our separation from God. And we start to defend ourselves. We’re warned not to fall down, we’ll get bruised; not to talk to strangers, we may get kidnapped. And so gradually; and we must eat spinach in one generation but we must not eat it in the next generation. All of these things create in us a sense of separation from God.

Now, what happens really when you come to a spiritual practitioner, or healer, or teacher; that individual has come into the realization of oneness with God, has the ability to retire in meditation, to achieve this inner conscious union with God, and you, because you have tuned into that individual, the blessing of the master falls upon you. You remember the woman who pressed through the throng and touched the hem of the Master’s robe and was healed without him even knowing that she was there. And then he said; “Thy faith hath made thee whole.” Well so it is, you reach out through speech, through writing, through telegraph, through telephone, you reach out and attune yourself with an individual who is daily achieving God realization, who is living to some extent in God realization, and that God realization touches your consciousness and frees you from the sense of separation, and you say; “I am better”, or “I am healed”. And that wasn’t true at all. What you should have said was; “I feel the presence of God.” Because that is actually what happened. In the realization of the presence of God, the discord evaporated.