God Realization Is Pure Demonstration
1956 Second Steinway Hall Practitioner Class 
Tape 147B
by Joel S. Goldsmith

147B God-Realization-is-Pure-Demonstration

Now, every tree in the orchard is one with its source, but no one tree is dependent upon another tree. Every animal in the animal world shares with each other when necessary, plays with each other, sometimes feeds each other, but no one carries the burden or responsibility for another, since each one individually is one with its source. Each one is guided, led, directed and protected. Now, this is the original relationship spoken of as “the Garden of Eden”. This is the relationship in which we could live in a garden, or a village, town, hamlet, or big city, or big hotel in a big city, and yet each maintain our own individuality, our own privacy, or own lives, and yet commune with each other, share with each other, joy with each other, and yet be entirely separate from each other in our mode of life and expression. That’s the original relationship in Eden, where all commune together, where all received life from God, not from each other, where all received supply from God, not from each other, not by taking thought, not by physical labour or mental labour; by virtue of relationship. “Know ye not that ye are children of God? Heirs? Joint heirs with Christ, in God.” That is you individually, and me.

Each one dependent only on that Father principle, that creative principle within our own being. In that relationship then, do you not see, that I do not have to mentally know any truth. I merely have to spiritually acknowledge your relationship with God, and leave you alone mentally. Not treat you. Not throw thoughts out at you. But release you from thought, in the complete realization of your identity as children of God, heirs of God, joint heirs with Christ to all of the heavenly riches. Do you see then, that prayer or treatment has nothing to do with what I know about you, but with what I know about God and God’s relationship to God’s creation and God’s children. It isn’t a directing of my thought to you. That is why, in our work, we never give a treatment to any person. We never call any person by name. We never call any disease by name. We don’t have any difference in a treatment for health, or for supply, or for home, or for employment, we have nothing to do with mentally thinking thoughts about you. We have to do with knowing the truth. And the truth has to do with knowing God, because God is truth. If you were to know the truth, it means you are to know God. And you can’t know God with your mind. That is an impossibility. You can only know God through an absence of thought. And no other way. When you’re thinking, no matter how good your thoughts may be, you’re not knowing God. You may think some good thoughts, and know some statements of truth in order to help you to arrive at a state of consciousness where you can be still, but you can’t know God until you’ve arrived at that state where you can be still, and let God reveal Itself to you.

And, just imagine if I were to ask you in this moment; “What is God?” If you were to answer completely truthfully, you would say; “How do I know? I never saw God. I have no idea what God is. I don’t know what God looks like, or even if there is something that could look like something.” You would have to acknowledge, if you were completely truthful, that you don’t know what God is. I can assure you there isn’t anyone in this room who could answer and say they do know what God is. I don’t say that there aren’t some in this room who haven’t met God face to face, who haven’t communed with God, and who haven’t received God’s guidance and direction. I know better than that. I know that most of you in this room have had some God contact. But that still doesn’t enable you to say you know what God is. As a matter of fact, it isn’t ever given to man to know what God is, and live as man. But what you can do; you can experience God.

You can know God, if you can be still and let God reveal Itself to you. Then; then you will still not be able to describe God. But at least you will know that you have known God, felt God, and benefitted by the presence and the power of God, by the effect that takes place in your life. And so, let us come right quickly to this point: In any moment that you experience God, a harmony appears in your outer experience. It may be a physical, mental, moral, or financial harmony. It may be a harmony of human relationship, family relationship, public relationship, community relationship. But this you must know; that at every impartation of God within us, something happens in the external realm of an improved nature. Now, if you catch the message of the Infinite Way, here is the miracle that you must watch for: Never be concerned for healing, whether it’s of a headache, a stomach ache, or a cancer, whether it’s unemployment, or unhappy home relationship, never never take one of those into your thought when treating for yourself or for anyone else, because you’ll get nowhere with it. All that type of work has failed. And its failure will become more marked as time goes on. You can’t mentally manipulate permanently. Now, achieve a moment of God realization, regardless of what problem presents itself to you, and regardless of whether it’s your problem or your patient’s or your student’s, don’t think of their problem, and don’t think of them, think of attaining a moment of God realization, turn within and take into your thought or meditation whatever immediately comes to you about God, passages of scripture, metaphysical statements, until you come to that moment of peace, when thought stops and you are receptive; “Speak Lord, thy servant heareth.” And then, when you have a moment of, sometimes it’s ecstasy, sometimes it’s the deep breath, sometimes it’s the falling off of the weight from the shoulders, whatever it is, you know something has happened even though you may not know what has happened. Be satisfied then. You have achieved your goal. Later, if you hear that your patient or student has been healed of the headache, or that they have found five hundred dollars in the mail, or that a cancer fell away or disappeared, don’t be grateful for that demonstration. Watch out that you do not get hooked into being grateful that a cancer was healed, or consumption, or polio, because if you do you’ll lose the whole benefit of your work. Be grateful that you have achieved that momentary realization of God’s presence. Because, in that realization of God’s presence, anything had to take place that was necessary, whether it was the healing of a headache or the healing of a cancer. It wasn’t the healing of a cancer that took place. It wasn’t the healing of a headache. It wasn’t employment. It wasn’t supply. It was God realization that took place. The other was just the added thing.

Never never think that there’s any difference between the healing of the simplest pimple and the biggest cancer, because there isn’t. The same healing agency takes care of both. And the lack of healing is due, in either case, to the same thing; the absence of God realization. Now, the pimple isn’t going to be healed any more than the cancer is. The headache isn’t going to be healed anymore than polio is, without God realization. But in God realization, the whole work takes place. Now, I don’t know, even after twenty seven years, I don’t know what happens that makes an unemployed person, after they receive help, say; “For Heaven’s sake stop, I’ve got more jobs than I can take care of.” I don’t know what happens in that invisible world. I don’t know what happens sometimes, when people call and say that a mole dropped off, or a pimple dropped off, or a cancer disappeared, or a tumor just faded into space, I don’t know anymore than you do. There’s only one thing that I know, and that is that whenever I have a realization of God, something happens. And, if a person has called for physical health, they have found improved physical health. If it was a mental claim, they received mental health. If it was moral or financial, they received moral or financial… And very often, I didn’t even know what the claim was. Most of the time, as you know, I don’t know what the claim is, I haven’t the faintest idea, because even when you tell me I pay very little attention to it, certainly not enough to remember. Because I do not know anything about physiology. I know nothing about biology. I know very little of the anatomy of the body except the external appearance. And so, it makes no difference if you say you have a pain on your left side. Far as I’m concerned, it may be a deadly heart disease or it may be gas pain. I have no way of knowing. I have no way of knowing if a blister is harmless, or if it’s going to result, as it has in the past with some others, into an infection that results in death. To me, the blister is of equal importance as infection. To me, the pimple is of equal importance to the cancer. Anything that appears to my thought as a sense of separation from God is equal. To me, there’s no difference between a 101 fever or a 105 fever. They’re meaningless because I know nothing about them or what to do about them.

But I do know this from experience, long experience; that even one second of God realization, and I have seen wonderful things happen in this world. Now, the question will arise in your experience as in mine, why it isn’t one hundred percent in all cases. Or why one person, who seems to have very very little interest in truth, gets a great deal more help than another person who is devoting their life to truth. I don’t know that there’s any answer to that. I haven’t one. I have to take each case as it comes and each individual as it comes, and work with them individually until harmony is achieved. But why one is a better healing than another, I have no way of knowing. I only have a way of knowing what my part is. My part is first of all attaining God realization. Secondly, my part is to be able to live so as to stay in that most of the time. If I can abide in that consciousness most of the time, I do not have to go back with each treatment to attaining it. When you’re in it, you don’t have to attain it. It’s when you slip out of it that you have to get back into it. But if you can live in it to some extent all of the time, even sleep in it, you’ll find that there is less effort with your healing work.