God Realization Is Pure Demonstration
1956 Second Steinway Hall Practitioner Class 
Tape 147B
by Joel S. Goldsmith

147B God-Realization-is-Pure-Demonstration

Now then, in this first chapter of Genesis, you have seen the pure creation; the creation coming out of the invisible into visibility and then performing its function through us individually, without any will of our own, without any desire of our own, without even taking thought. Now then, we are told that something happened. Allegorically, it has been spoken of as the fall of man in the Garden of Eden. It’s also spoken of as “the prodigal son experience”. One thing is certain. What happened is this; a sense of “I” was born. A false sense. And that false sense of I became apparent as a manipulating mind; a mind that had a will of its own, a power of its own, and could even create through thought. And strangely enough, on a certain level, it does. Last week in the class, we took up this minister’s work, in which he proved that by sitting in front of a plant and thinking right thoughts, the plant grew so many and so many inches; faster than when nobody was sitting in front of it doing any thinking. But, another group of his students sat in front of a plant thinking wrong thoughts, and the plant shrunk and died. So you see that the power of the human mind is both good and evil. And with the power of right thought you can create something. And with the power of wrong thought you can destroy something. But nothing real. Nothing permanent. Only something of a temporary nature, that if your thought isn’t around to maintain or sustain, is going to collapse. That is why when you mentally make a demonstration of health or supply, you’ve probably learned that next week you have to do the same thing over. When, spiritually, you come into the awareness of God as the health of your countenance, you’ll find very little coming in your way in the way of ill-health.

Once you’ve achieved the realization of God as actual supply, not of giving supply or sending it, but as God Itself being the supply, then is when you don’t have to have treatments next month and the month after, next year and the year beyond that. Because the continuity of God unfolding is going on all the time. Now, just think of this. You have a mental realm, where you can sit and be the boss. You can sit and decide what you would like and then go about mentally getting it. Well, you have witnessed that in the case of men who’ve decided, and women, who’ve decided on having a fortune, or who’ve decided on having fame, or who’ve decided on being president of the corporation, and they achieved it. It can be done. The thing is, look what happened to them after they accomplished it, and then see whether what they accomplished was worth the price. You know as well as I do that there are people who have accomplished positions in life by human planning, scheming, skull-duggery, then after they get there they have to watch their step carefully because the fellow along side of them is planning on getting that same position for himself, and he may be a better planner, he may have less conscience, he may be better at scheming and conniving. Is there a dictator in all the world, or a king or an emperor, who can trust the man at his right and left? Well, you’ve seen that in history. Each one is planning to get that position for himself. Those of you who’ve had experience in the big corporations know what; why it’s even gotten to be called a rat race, because each one is plotting and planning. They’ve been writing movies these past few years about that very thing. Remember that executive suite? Each one plotting and planning to get the job above him. And the fellow in it striving with all might and main to hold onto it, knowing that a half a dozen others are trying to take it away from him. Now, that’s probably necessary to them, where they have no knowledge of any other power but the creative power of their own mind. Well, it’s their scheming, their plotting, their planning, their manipulating that gets them what they want. But watch the difference, when place, position, power comes to you without competition, by an absolute relaxing of the human will, by an absolute relaxing of human scheming, conniving, mentalizing, visualizing, and a resting back. That doesn’t mean to neglect your work. Do every day’s work to the highest of your ability, but let the fruitage come from this inflow of the spirit. Because if you don’t, you’re going to find in religious work a situation that’s far worse than in the business world. You are going to find more competition, you’re going to find more striving and conniving in the religious world than you even — than you are in the business world. You would be surprised how these different religious sects, denominations, fight with each other and contend with each other for followers. You would be surprised, even in the metaphysical world, of the jealousies and the envies that work where each is striving for bigger audiences, or bigger classes, or bigger this or bigger that. Now, probably to them there is no other way. To you, there is. There’s no excuse in the world for anyone on the spiritual path to think in terms of competition. There isn’t an excuse for anyone in the world, for anyone here to think in terms of what some other movement is doing, or what some other teacher or practitioner is doing, because it has no concern for you or me. There is nothing that anyone on earth has that we want. Our only desire is for that which God imparts, gives, reveals, unfolds, discloses to our individual experience. That is why when you achieve the Garden of Eden, once you achieve the realization that God not only is the creative principle of your being but the maintaining and sustaining principle, you don’t have consideration for what anyone else is doing.

You let each live according to their own right. You live in your conscious union with God. Accept that which God sends to you, whether of patients or students, whether of supply or of dollars. You’ll find that applies in your healing work. It is no concern of yours what or how much or how little a patient or a student may give or not give for healings or for teachings. Your function is to be so consciously at one with God that healings take place. When healings take place, supply automatically takes place. Not necessarily from or through the person who received the benefit. They may not be in the position, at that moment, to express gratitude adequately to their sense or your sense, in terms of dollars. But that doesn’t change God’s ability to maintain you and sustain you in infinite abundance, regardless of what anyone’s means may be at any given moment. That is why you never connect the thought of gratitude with a person. Never do you think in terms of what this individual gives or does not give, you think only in terms of your attaining the God realization to bring about the revelation of harmony. In that God realization lies your supply. And if it isn’t in or from the source or avenue that you think it should be, it will be from others, so don’t think in terms of through whom it should come, or when it should come, or why it should come. Never think in those terms. Never connect your supply, or the idea of your supply, with any human beings. Never permit yourself to think that your supply has any relationship to human beings, because it hasn’t. Your supply has to do with your consciously realized relationship with God. Then your supply will flow abundantly. You may have a hundred people today, and supply from only one. You may have only one person tomorrow, but supply from a hundred. You have no way of knowing this. It isn’t your function to know. It is your function to live in God realization, in that first chapter of Genesis. When you are so consciously one with God, as a sunbeam is one with the sun so that warmth and light flows through each sunbeam without any relationship to the sunbeam on your left or the sun beam on your right, when you are expecting the unfoldment in your individual experience as a direct result of your conscious union with God, now you’re not expecting it from husband, or wife, or teacher, or student, or patient, or neighbor; then you will find the real meaning of living in the Garden of Eden, in the first chapter of Genesis.

The moment you move out into the second chapter of Genesis, you will have to begin thinking thoughts. And they won’t be good thoughts, because they’ll be trying to draw something from somebody else. You see, we had a lesson, an unforgettable lesson, back in about 1932 or 3 – 3, I guess – when a man who had been very wealthy and who through the depression was reduced to nothingness, came and told me that a man owed him a large sum of money from his prosperous business days; such a large sum that if he could collect it, he could live throughout the rest of the depression without worry, and could I help him collect it. Spiritually. And you know the anwser; no of course I couldn’t. I don’t know anything about collecting debts spiritually. As a matter of fact, I don’t even know if it would be spiritual to collect it, because the man might be worse off than the one wanting to collect. So how can I judge what the situation is? No. But there is a way, spiritually, for you to have abundance, or harmony. And, with meditation there, it was revealed that the answer was in the Lord’s prayer; “Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors”. And before the man left the office, he saw that and he agreed that he would make no attempts to collect this debt. That as a matter of fact, he would forgive it. If the man wasn’t ever able to pay it, that would be alright too. If the man ever did pay it, that would be alright too. But now, he would not look to that man or to that amount, that he would be willing to forgive that debt and begin with nothing, looking only to God. And the result of that man’s demonstration was enough to convince me for all time, that the secret of supply does not lie in getting from each other. In forgiving each other our debts of obligation to each other, and seeking only to the… It’s pounding in. Just like yesterday, where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. When you get the realization of the spirit of the Lord, there’s freedom from lack and from limitation, and sin and disease, and all these other things. And there-in is this morning’s lesson; where the spirit of the Lord is, where the consciousness of God’s presence is, there is liberty, there is freedom from sin and disease, and death and… Do you see that? There’s nothing to this whole Infinite Way but that; where the consciousness of God’s presence is, where the spirit of the Lord is. It’s a miracle working thing that the minute you let go thought, the minute you stop trying to get from each other or through each other, the minute you stop depending on each other and holding others in dependance to you as if they couldn’t get along without you, as if the Grace of God wasn’t their supply, the moment you release yourself from them and them from you, and realize – here is the secret; where the spirit, the consciousness of the Lord is, there is liberty.

Now, what is your function and mine? To attain that conscious realization of the spirit of the Lord. We have no other function. We have no other duty. If I, through this inner meditation, can feel the spirit of the Lord in me, it makes you free in the degree of your receptivity.