Original Iwihub.com transcript, proofread by Zane Maser

1962 “25” Private Group Master
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 467A

Tape 467A Leading Up To “Malpractice” and “Anti-Christ”

Supposing it does come over the air and the paper that it’s the flu season or the polio season. Why should that strike terror to us? Why should we have to sit down for an hour? Why after these years of Infinite Way study and practice and “25” group study and practice, why shouldn’t we be able to say, “Ah yes, here it comes that belief in two powers,” and dismiss it? Supposing there are more threats of war. Why shouldn’t we at this stage of our unfoldment be able, even if we’re about our business or our housework, or our taking a bath, or anything else, when we get the news, why can’t we, say, “Yes, but they have only temporal power,” and shrug it off? They have only temporal power.

Now, I am not saying to you that a young student should dare do this. They must go through all of the processes until they have attained the consciousness. And the reason is, and never forget this point, because here is a third principle, which must never be forgotten, “The natural man receiveth not the things of God.” The natural man is not under the law of God. And so it is that the natural man, the young student, their words and thoughts are powerless. They have no power to nullify the appearance. They have no power to bring the grace of God into expression. They are still the natural man who is not under the law of God, neither indeed can be. It is only when you have developed the fourth-dimensional Consciousness that error is nullified. You don’t even have to voice anything. You could look at error rolling down and smile at it, and it would fade and fall away, if you have attained the Consciousness. You would not have to fight and bring yourselves to a point of realization. If you’re in the fourth-dimensional Consciousness, you could say, “What did hinder you? Pick up your bed and walk.” You cannot say that from the third-dimensional consciousness, and that is why all of these young practitioners who are not achieving the healings and wonder why, since they know the same truth that everybody else knows. The reason is it isn’t that knowing the truth that does it. It’s attaining the fourth-dimensional Consciousness of Truth. It is only when you can, when you have arrived at the place where evil is not real in your consciousness that you can do the great healing works and accomplish this world work.

Now, most of our students who have been in these “25” groups are not doing good work. And, I’m sure they must wonder why, because they have these tapes, and they attend the meetings, and they know the books; and they do not realize that the reason is they haven’t worked with them long enough or faithfully enough to have attained that actual consciousness where they can look out here and just smile at error knowing that it is a universal belief in two powers, not ordained of God, therefore, nothingness.

Now, when a person conducts an Infinite Way meeting, it makes no difference whether it’s a tape meeting, “25” meeting, healing meeting, Bible meeting. It is not going to be too fruitful, except in proportion as they are able to look out from up here and see the divine Consciousness of God as the consciousness of every individual; and, at the same time, see all of the evil sitting out there, the sin, the disease, the false appetites, the lack, the limitation, see all of that as the carnal mind, not to be treated, not to be worked against, not to be fought, not to be overcome, but to be recognized—the carnal mind, belief in two powers, arm of flesh, nothingness. As you sit up here, you’re not stating it. You’re not declaring it. It’s back here in your mind; and each time that you are aware of something beautiful out front, love coming up, friendliness coming up, gratitude coming up, there’s a smile there. You’re seeing it as the divine Consciousness, not as that particular person.

In the same way, you’re bound to see sickness out there. There’s a load of it in every meeting, sickness, false appetite, sin, lack, limitation, unemployment. But, in proportion as you can sit up here and see all that and inwardly smile, “I know thee who thou art, that universal belief in two powers, that carnal mind, or the arm of flesh, or nothingness.” They must go out uplifted. They must go out healed, those who are receptive. And that’s what gives you your power. Not what you’re saying. Oh no. It’s the consciousness you have attained back here. It is so unimportant what you’re saying. Most of it isn’t even heard out there. Most of it couldn’t be repeated back to you fifteen minutes later. In fact, I’ve heard people come out of lectures and say, “Wasn’t that beautiful? Wasn’t that magnificent?” And somebody said, “What did you get?” “Oh well, I can’t tell you exactly.” Five minutes after they got out of their chair, they couldn’t tell you what they heard, and I suppose the lecturer must have thought, “Oh, I gave a wonderful lecture.” There are no such things as wonderful lectures. There is only the state of consciousness of the individual. When that’s there it really makes no difference what was said.

Now, I am preparing this tape so that the “25” groups can occasionally review the other tapes and keep fresh in their mind all of the different principles that must lead up eventually to this consciousness and make sure that they work with each specific thing until they do arrive at this place. I have told this story to some of the classes that in my first year in the practice a case came to me from a tuberculosis sanatorium in New York State of a girl who was in the death shack. That is the shack out on the grounds where they place them just before they’re to pass on, because some of those passings are very difficult and noisy; and to keep them away from the other patients they place them out there in the shack. And, I was asked to take that case, knowing that it was at that state; and, of course, to me it was a welcome opportunity for practice. And I took it, and for three weeks I had a very rough time, because I would get a message of improvement, and then a message of slipping back, and then a message of great improvement, “Oh, I’m sitting up today,” and then another one of sliding all the way back again. And, it was nip and tuck for three weeks. At the end of three weeks, there was such marked improvement that this girl was moved back to the hospital buildings out on the porch veranda where they had beds, open-air beds.