Original Iwihub.com transcript, proofread by Zane Maser

1962 “25” Private Group Master
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 467A

Tape 467A Leading Up To “Malpractice” and “Anti-Christ”

Now, if the beginner were to try that the beginner would go to sleep, or would hypnotize themselves, or would develop a false faith. In other words, a beginner cannot attempt to reach God through the silence. That can only come after you’ve tried every other way and finally have realized none of this is the way. This is the way. And by this time, when you’re silent, there’s no danger of your going to sleep. You’re wide-awake alert. There’s no danger now of any false Gods or any occult realms. Now, you know. Be still. God is not in the whirlwind. God is not in the clamor of the human mind. God is not in words and thoughts of man’s origin. God is in the still, small voice. And so, you can see that it must take all of the reading matter and all of the tapes, just as it takes all of the years of schooling, until we come to this consciousness when all of that drops away; and all we’re left with is the nature of God, and the nature of error, and an inner stillness, and an inner peace.

You understand, at this point, why the mystics had very little to say, why eventually they even left their students and went away; because it seems all such foolishness to keep repeating and repeating and repeating the same things, even if you repeat them in a hundred ways, when it’s all unnecessary. It’s not unnecessary for the beginner. There’s no other way for them to attain it. But, it becomes unnecessary once you have released God. Once you’ve released God, there’s no need for all of these words, words, and words, and thoughts, and thoughts, and thoughts. Now, the need is for inner, quiet contemplation. Now, the need is for inner introspection—just pondering this nature of God within, communing with this Spirit within. Ah, yes, along with this the ability that after four or five years has come to you to look out here at this world and completely impersonalize it, so that when you’re seeing good you’re saying, “Ah, I’m seeing more and more of the divine Nature coming into expression.” When you see evil not personalizing it in the Democrats, or the Republicans, or the Socialists, or the Catholics, or the Jews, or the somebody else but immediately to see, “Ah, yes, the carnal mind, the arm of flesh, nothingness.”

Now, you find at this point that life is becoming simple. As you read in the press, for instance, this greater attempt to have world government without wars. You no longer say, “Ah, the United Nations is something great,” but you say to yourself, “Ah, I see more and more of the divine Consciousness coming into manifestation, a greater and greater desire for mankind to live at peace.” And then, you see the United Nations as just an instrument of that higher consciousness. Or, when you see some part of the world still determined to have war or you see, as in this present shipping strike, the determination of both sides not to settle, each one to have their way, each one, so forth. You no longer blame the unions, and you no longer blame the union leaders, and you no longer blame the Capitalists, or the ship owners, but now you say, “Carnal mind, that personal sense of self that wants to benefit, profit, or glorify itself. The carnal mind.” And instantly, you recognize it not as something that has to be defeated, not as something that we need a God power to destroy; but the moment you have recognized it as carnal mind, you’ve recognized it as the arm of flesh or nothingness, and you’ve met it.

And so, a student who has seriously studied these writings and tapes for five years should be at least at the beginning of that state of consciousness, which has settled down into an inner peace, because they can see the nature of God; and they can instantly recognize the nature of error wherever it appears, even if it does appear as a person, or a condition, or a thing. And, life becomes simpler. Truth becomes simpler. Living the Truth becomes simpler; because at every sign of good in the world, you just have that wonderful feeling, of, “Just think, here’s more and more of divine Consciousness coming into manifestation.” And, at every sign of evil popping up, you just have the feeling, “Ah ha, dear old pal, carnal mind, the arm of flesh, or nothing. Thank God, we’re not going to fight it. It’s nothing.” Do you see that?

Now, I go to this length to bring this to your attention, because this is where we either are or should be in our “25” group work. Now, we should be able after all the other tapes that have given us the specific things to handle and how to handle the specific things, after we’ve known everything that’s in those tapes, when they are all an ingrained part of our consciousness, now we should be in the position that we are with 12 times 12. At first, we had to say 2 times 2, and 2 times 1, and then 1 times 2, and 1 times 1, and then add them up to get 144. But now someone says, “12 times 12,” and we say, “144.” And, we have no processes. But when we say, “144,” it includes all the processes, doesn’t it? You couldn’t arrive at 144 if you hadn’t gone through all of the processes. Now, do you see how horrible it is for a young student to say, “Evil isn’t real.” They haven’t gone through any processes. All they are doing is mouthing, repeating vain repetitions, which they haven’t at all proven, haven’t at all learned. And so it is to me a horrible thing to hear young students openly voicing the most profound statements of Truth, because I know that it’s exactly like a parrot. A parrot, I’m sure, could learn the laws of relativity and recite them, if it had a good teacher. Wouldn’t know a thing about them.

So it is, we have to go through every step that is outlined in these writings, recordings, monthly “Letters.” We have to work with them. We have to prove principle by principle until we eventually arrive at the state of consciousness that sees good and says, “Ah, ah, not a good man, and not a good plan, and not a good group, not a good religion. Ah, here is the divine Consciousness really being lived and manifested on Earth.” Not personalizing it. Seeing it as God in expression. And, by the same token, reading or hearing about all kinds of evil in the world and saying, “Yes, I know thee who thou art. I know thee—the carnal mind, universal belief in two powers, the arm of flesh, nothingness, no power. I don’t have to fight you, and I don’t have to call upon God. I only have to recognize you, and it is done.”

Now, in our work, this stage of our “25” group work, if we have been faithful in all of our specific work, we should now be able to work like this. Supposing there’s a warning in the paper or on the air about storms, volcanoes, cyclones, tidal waves. By now it should be a simple thing for us, at any moment of the night or day, regardless of what else we may be doing, we shouldn’t even have to stop what we’re doing and immediately recognize, “Thank you, I know thee who thou art—nothing, the carnal mind, belief in two powers. Get thee gone,” and feel that you have given it a treatment. Your recognition of its source and of its non-power, if you spend an hour at it, it won’t make it any less real than it was in the beginning, if you have attained that consciousness of instantaneous recognition.