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Living Daily By Meditation
New York 1956
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 178B

178B Living Daily by Meditation

And so, we come back now to where we were last night. And, I want to repeat this for you. Infinity is within you at this and at every moment. All that the Father hath is embodied within you at this minute. All spiritual Wisdom, all divine Grace, eternity, immortality, infinity; all of these are embodied within you at this and at every single moment. All that the Father hath is yours.

Now, let us begin to demonstrate this, to prove it, to manifest it, to show it forth. And, there’s only one way we can do it. The Hebrew Master demonstrated it for a poor widow who was so poor that she was about to lose her son. And, he started with, “What have you in the house?” And, she said, “A few drops of oil.” And, he said, “Pour.” And then, Christ Jesus demonstrated this same Principle when there were multitudes to be fed. “What have we?” “A few loaves and fishes.” “Break and divide.” And so, we are going to start in this very moment, and I am going to say to you, “What have you in your house?” Now, you search around in there, and see if you cannot find a Bible passage of truth, or a mite of love to express to someone, or some forgiveness. Someone, somewhere, sometime has offended. See now if you can find two drops of forgiveness, or some love to share with someone, or perhaps you have an enemy for whom you can say a prayer. Find something in your house now in this minute of our meditation; and begin to let that which you find there flow—silently, secretly, sacredly. Keep it flowing. And, as you do, be receptive to see. Don’t make up statements. Don’t make up thoughts. Be patient. Wait for them to come to you. Something more will come. To some of you already a second something has come, so that there was your original idea or thought, and now there has been one added to it.

Now, contemplate both of those things that are in your mind. Think of their meaning. Think of their possible effect in your life or in the life of another. As you ponder these two things, sometimes gently, but sometimes with an explosion, a third thing comes into your thought. Something you hadn’t heretofore thought about. By now, you should have at least two things that you’re contemplating, possibly three. And, where are these coming from? From within you. Remember, they have always been there, but now you are letting them out, letting out some love for someone, letting out some forgiveness for someone, letting out a prayer for someone. Or, has some truth come to you about which you had never thought before? It was there all the time within you. Now, that within, that within-ness is the Storehouse. That is your individual Storehouse, yet it is infinite, because it is God. The kingdom of God is within you, and you are now drawing on that infinite Storehouse, so that if you were called on to feed everyone in this room now, you wouldn’t have to say, “I haven’t enough dollars stored up,” or “Haven’t enough food in my storehouses and barns.” You’d say, “Yes, yes, I will take what I have and break and share.”

If there is not enough love in your life, it is only because you are not loving enough; and that means you’re not tapping the infinite Source of Love within your own being. Now, let that Love flow out. Let it flow out. Love this world. Love the sun, and the moon, and the stars, and the plants, and the flowers. Love all those people whom you know are working, giving their life blood to bring about world peace. Forgive those that are opposing it. Let Love flow out. The Love that flows out from this infinite Storehouse within you will be the bread of life that will come back to you.

Uh-huh, Truth. One statement of Truth after another, let it flow. Let Truth flow out from you into this world. The more Truth flows out from you into the world, the more Truth you have. All of this is God expressing Itself through you. You, now, are an instrument through which God’s Truth is flowing out into consciousness. You don’t know where this Truth is going or who it’s blessing. You don’t know who’s feeling this Love that’s flowing up from within you, but it isn’t your love. It’s God’s. You are just an instrument through which it’s flowing.

All right. Do you see, now, always begin by realizing that Infinity lies within you. Allness. That you are seeking nothing to come to you. You are never seeking to get, to acquire, to achieve. You’re seeking only to let God’s Grace flow through you. You, the instrument for God. You, the Son of God. Even Jesus said, “I can of my own self do nothing. It’s the Father that’s flowing through me and doing these mighty works.” So do we come, in the same way.

Now, all of you undoubtedly have someone looking to you for spiritual blessings, someone who expects you to do healing work for them, or pray for them. This is the way you begin. Don’t start by saying, “I haven’t enough understanding, or I haven’t read enough books, or I’m not experienced enough.” Start with the two drops of oil you’ve got and say, “All right, I’m going to undertake that which is expected of me. I’m going to pray for your health, or for your supply, or for your wellbeing. And, I’m going to do it in just this way. I’m going to know the Truth about God. How much Truth do I know about God? Well, let us see. One thing I know, God is Omnipresent. The very place whereon I stand is holy ground. Therefore, all of God’s Presence and all of God’s Power is flowing to us in this experience. I know that where God is, there can be nothing but good. In God’s Presence, there couldn’t be sin, disease, death, lack, limitation. In God’s presence is the Allness of good, and God is here where I am. God is here where you are. The place whereon thou standest is holy ground.”

What else do I know about God? Oh, God is the only Power. We’re taught that we must have no other powers but God. So, there can be no power to this condition. There can be no negative powers on Earth. In the presence of God, there is only one Power. God is the all Power. God is the….  Ah, something else comes to me. God, being infinite, God must be the only Life. Well, God is your life. God is my life. If God is life, life is eternal and immortal, without sin and without disease, without blemish. God’s Life is perfect. Your life is perfect, because God is your life. What else do I know about…. Oh, I know, I know God is Love. Oh, well, God loves His child. God loves His universe. God loves His Son. Oh, He gave His Son to this world. God’s Love engulfs us. God’s Love is our protection, our sustaining influence. God’s Grace is our sufficiency. I trust God with your life, your mind, your being.”

And, do you not see how you can keep this up endlessly? You will be knowing the Truth about God. And, the only treatment there is, is the knowing the Truth about God. Keep knowing all of the Truth about God that you possibly can, until something wells up within you, and it says, “Ah, God is on the field.” Or, a release comes, and you’ll know that God is on the field. And then, you watch the harmony that comes in the experience of those to whom you’re reaching out with blessing.

Well, I think that gives you an idea of what The Infinite Way work is like. And, I think it gives you an idea of what you will find in these books that teach us meditation and what the fruitage of the meditation can be. Only remember this. There are no easy paths. There are no shortcuts. It will be the degree, not of our teaching, the degree of your devotion, the degree of your consecration that will determine what fruitage will come into (the tape cuts off here).